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  • gaurangig 1d

    If God was a painter and the world his painting, would he feel something like this?

    It's Monday and I woke up with a start
    A dream of mine had inspired my art!

    I decided to pick up my brush
    Put up a canvas on the easel in a rush!

    I mixed some colors on the palette
    It was time to show my true talent!

    I put blue strokes, shades of azure and sapphire
    I used gold and orange to draw a ball of fire!

    Doing this took all day and I was tired
    I stopped for a break, smiled, a world I had sired!

    It's Tuesday and I woke up bright and early
    Put on a flowy robe shining pearly!

    I went to the Easel, inspired some more
    Took some more colors from the store!

    Today, I decided to play with green
    Picked up a new brush clean!

    Lush green trees and lime green grasslands
    Added emerald spots to make a few islands!

    Tuesday went in viridescent hues
    Now I was done with greens and blues!

    Wednesday, I woke up to tunes of a cello
    Inspiration today was the color yellow!

    It was time to give my new world
    A ray of hope, sunshine pure gold!

    I made some daisies and dandelions
    Yellow brought some brightness to the eons!

    I gave the world some sparkly fire
    With yellow, the volcanoes erupted higher!

    The day ended on an amber tinged sunset
    In the dark skies, I put some blonde trinkets!

    Bright red I took out on Thursday
    It would bring life to my world of clay!

    In red, today my canvas would flood
    As I made tiny hearts pumping blood!

    Today I made some pretty rose petals
    And also gave life to the mere mortals!

    Red I used to color cupid's arrows
    And love was born in the green meadows!

    Friday I dedicated to the color black
    Night was needed, so darkness I stacked!

    Black I used to color the irises deep
    From which sorrow and happiness would peep!

    I also made some clouds dark
    Arrival of rain, they would mark!

    Black was draining on my mind
    And I decided to break for the night!

    Just like that, it was Saturday too soon
    And I decided to color the moon!

    All that day, I used some white
    Made the colors of the world bright!

    White clouds I drew for the angels to dance
    White lilies I made, just by chance!

    I mixed some white here and there
    And my world now looked fair!

    Sunday was here, the week was over
    I looked at my painting and felt clever!

    But then my eyes fell on the palette
    So many colors were on it left!

    Then I saw what the picture lacked
    I made some flowers pink, violet and lilac!

    Still some colors were left on the plate
    With gold, I made the heaven's gate!

    Then I dipped my brush in colors seven
    And a lovely arch I drew even!

    Thus I made a rainbow on the last day
    It was such fun, with the colors I played!

    Soon I showed my art to the saints
    They were clearly impressed with the paints!

    And so, I made my art in a week!
    Whenever you have time do take a peek!


    #painter #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    God's painting

  • gaurangig 2d

    Ghungrus I wore
    Before I could walk
    Bols I learnt
    Before I could talk
    I came from a legacy
    Of the Gharana of Lucknow
    Angarkhas and Churidars
    For me my mom sew
    Acchan Mahararaj, Lacchu Maharaj
    My family and my teachers
    I learnt from them
    Making art my future!
    I took the art
    Of kathak worldwide
    Making my country known
    Made my heart fill with pride!
    I danced as an artist
    With all my passion
    Classical was my style
    It never went out of fashion!
    I gave my life
    To the promise of my art
    The new artists
    With my blessings, they start!
    I danced for decades eight
    And finally the curtains closed
    Now I will start anew
    In the Almighty's court!


    #tribute #birjumaharaj #dance #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Pt. Birju Maharaj

    The Indian Classical Dance Maestro is lost forever. A tribute to the greatest Kathak artist of all times! May he attain peace and continue entertaining Gods in heaven!

  • gaurangig 2d

    Two hearts #2

    Two hearts met in a gallery
    And went for a stroll
    One was broken and scarred
    The other was whole...

    The whole heart pointed
    To the many scars
    'You look ugly'
    He said to the broken heart!

    The broken heart just smiled
    And walked on silently
    The whole heart confused
    Followed pensively!

    'Look at yourself
    Aren't you ashamed?'
    'These are just marks
    Of wildness I have tamed!'

    'What wildness, pray tell me'
    'I was young and loved deeply
    But it broke me many times
    And yet I couldn't live lonely'

    The whole heart pondered
    Just for a moment
    He did not know what to say
    Thinking for a suitable comment!

    'But if you broke once,
    Why did you attempt again
    This falling in love
    It caused you such pain?'

    The broken heart said
    With a very serious tone
    'Fall in love once
    And you will know!

    The euphoria of love
    Is a different feeling
    Its as if you are elated
    It fills your entire being!

    It makes you dance
    And sing and twirl
    It makes you giggle
    Like a little girl!

    It makes everything
    Beautiful and pink
    It makes you beat harder
    In an abyss you sink!

    The abyss of happiness
    It takes you to the moon
    It makes you fluster
    And it makes you swoon!'

    The whole heart looked
    As the broken heart talked
    And turned around
    And started to walk!

    'Where are you going
    Are my scars so repelling?'
    'Oh, no they are beautiful
    Tears in my eyes are welling!

    I am going in
    Search of love now
    I will get a couple scars'
    Whole heart said with a bow!

    Broken heart looked on
    With a beautiful smile
    Whole heart had finally grown
    It had taken just a while!


  • gaurangig 2d

    Two hearts

    I see two hearts
    One whole one broken
    One a symbol of purity
    Of pain, the other a token!

    One has loved and lost
    And put back with glue of hope
    The other has yet to endure
    Doesn't know what it is to cope!

    One is the epitome of strength
    It's scars talk for themselves
    The other is protected with care
    In self care, it still dwells!

    One shows the true meaning of life
    It has belonged and separated
    The other is still nascent unripe
    It's virginity is still celebrated!

    One shows how you can be whole
    Even when shattered into pieces
    The other looks promising
    A brand new cloth without creases!

    The broken heart makes art
    The kind that inspires poetries
    The whole heart can't give you that
    It's just a thing very ordinary!

    I see two hearts
    And I choose the one broken
    The scars of love's loss are pretty
    I know love's language unspoken!


  • gaurangig 3d

    #brave #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    The bravest thing I have done was to leave my child in school on the first day, the first time that he would be away from me and on his own!

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    Mom's brave heart

    To hold a new born
    For the first time
    It takes a brave mom
    To welcome new life.

    To let go off the finger
    And let your child walk
    It takes a brave mom
    To decide when not to balk.

    To see off your kid
    Walk into the school gates
    It takes a brave mom
    To smile, when her heart aches.

    To let your baby
    Get lost in the world
    It takes a brave mom
    To let go of the hold.

    To carve out a piece
    Of your heart with a knife
    It takes a brave mom
    To see him start a life.

    To see your heart beat
    Outside your chest forever
    It takes a brave mom
    To willingly the pain endure.


  • gaurangig 3d

    'I' here stands for every liberal woman
    'He' stands for the patriarchal society

    When a woman survives in a patriarchal society, thrives, succeeds and lives with self respect, I think that is bravery!

    #brave #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Born a woman, in a man's world
    To be born, it took courage
    I take strength from Ma Durga
    And I need Kali's rage!

    When touched in a crowd
    I look him in the eye
    I hit him with my sandal
    Oh! How brave am I!

    I defy the odds
    Laid down by generations
    I wear leg dividing clothes
    To his mind, a trepidation!

    I don't hide behind veils
    I let my hair down in the wind
    He can't cage me anymore
    Freedom isn't a sin!

    I work hard and I work smart
    I balance on life's wheel
    I show him I can do it all
    Without him too, I am complete!

    Bravery is to swim against the tide
    I do it every day
    I don't care about him anymore
    As his chivalry I slay!

    To be a woman in a man's world
    A lot of strength I crave
    To walk with my head held high
    Don't you think I am brave?


  • gaurangig 4d

    Every home has a bread winner, who makes it financially possible to survive... but every home also has a bread maker, who uses those finances to turn the house into home.
    This is the portrait of my mom...and of every home maker out there!
    #portrait #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #mom

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost

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    The bread-maker!

    Tresses of her curls
    Falling on her face
    She takes my hand in hers
    And walks through life's maze!

    Her hazel eyes covered
    With dark lashes long
    Tears hid beneath a smile
    Showing her facade strong!

    Her acqiline nose
    As straight as an arrow
    Her deep thinking thoughts
    Appear as her forehead furrows!

    A little dimple covers
    Her tiny stubborn chin
    Shows her confidence
    And determination within!

    She loves like no one else
    Tell her rosy lips
    Smiles they always carry
    Erupting at the tips!

    Her slender fingers move
    And art they make everywhere
    Dancing, drawing, baking
    Doing everything with care!

    Her strong legs carry
    The burden of the family
    Bustling about each day
    She makes the house homely!

    She is my mother
    The sweetest being ever
    For everything I am
    I am indebted to her!


  • gaurangig 5d

    #wod #song #awaarapan #miraquill #writersnetwork

    My favorite song- "Awarapan Banjarapan' from the movie Jism. Everytime I feel lost in life, strangely this song brings me on track, reminding me of how rebellious minds work!!

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    Void in my heart

    The deep void in my heart
    That no love can ever fill
    My barren patch of soul
    No passion can ever till!

    There are embers in my eyes
    Like the midnight burning sun
    I walk on a lonely path
    That is destined to burn!

    I've chosen my destiny
    Even when I know
    The perils of my being
    Seeds of sorrow I sow!

    The soul wanders alone
    On roads less traveled
    As I walk besides
    Mysteries I unravel!

    Mysteries that will lead
    To lost secrets within
    Of a time when I was
    Capable of breathing!

    Of a time when love was real
    And my heart beat for you
    When I was a young lass
    And my soul was brand new!

    Alas! All that is lost
    As I walk in retreat
    I have followed this abyss
    On this one way street!

    The world that I live in
    It's a shadow of what it was
    Cold and frigid as night
    Yet warm as hell's canvas!

    The deep void in my heart
    Will forever be
    I walk on in a trance
    To the ends of eternity!


  • gaurangig 1w

    Broken home

    With blood on my temple
    And bruises on my knees
    I stand tall waiting for the day
    When someone will find my keys!

    My open wounds agape
    With curtains will be closed
    Some fresh paint on my scars
    Beautiful, I will pose!

    Some lush thick carpets
    Will seal my cracked heels
    A child's colourful nursery
    Is all it takes to heal!

    The cacophony of cutlery
    Will help me forget my screams
    Some cosy comforters on the bed
    Will help me finally dream!

    The sleek modern electronics
    Will help me grow young
    The flat screen TV's pictures
    Some songs on the sound-system sung!

    Someone will cover the bathroom
    With Flashy colored tiles
    And I will forget my sorrow
    When the laundry sits in piles!

    The cellar will fill with wine
    Tasty and delicious
    All the partying with me
    Will make me less malicious!

    The roof will be covered some day
    With Mangalore tiles red
    That day, I will know
    I am not yet dead!

    I am waiting on my own
    Forlorn and lost in time
    Because you abandoned me
    For no reason or rhyme!

    But I still stand tall
    Because I still have some hope
    My heart beats still strong
    Someday, someone will make me home!


  • gaurangig 1w

    Sun n Moon- BFFs forever

    It happened once
    The universe was born
    A big bang sounded
    As the space time was torn!

    A big fiery ball
    Was also born that day
    But pieces of him
    Across the land lay

    One tiny piece
    Was a sliver white
    Her name was Moon
    At night she shone bright

    A part of his heart
    She lay across from him
    The blue Terra in between
    She danced on a whim!

    She teased them both
    Playing peek a boo
    With her betwixt them
    She hid the Sun from the Moon!

    But Sun wished to see
    His friend, slivery white
    So he eclipsed the earth
    And in the day, it was night!

    And thus they meet sometimes
    The stars shining bright
    It's a beautiful sight to see
    The Moon reflecting Sun's light!

    Its a friendship like no other
    Transcending distance and space
    Celebrated by the celeste
    Giving Moon its phase!

    I wish I had a friend
    Like the Moon is to the Sun!
    With her I would be happy
    With all my sorrows shun!