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  • gauravksingh 60w

    Smiling faces and hopeful eyes
    Cursed part of stardust
    Battling with unconquerable demon
    Their childhood is getting lost
    Flowers haven't yet bloom
    Are draped in layers of dust
    Hands made for cars and dolls
    Are playing with plastics and rust
    Dreams dying in the eyes
    Tears dried in quenching thirst
    Empty stomach unaware of Ice-creams
    Loaded with chocolate crust
    In time to sleep with calm
    Their heart drenched in fear of rain burst
    Feet begging on roads
    Breaking bones of wanderlust
    Instead of cuddling teddy bear
    They surviving scorch and frost
    A small step of humanity and a kind heart
    Can increase the count of smiling faces
    And world can be a beautiful piece of art.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee a read❤️
    #unicef #poverty #writersnetwork #pod

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    Smiling Faces

    //We are blessed enough
    To have a beautiful home,
    Stomach full, and good dress.
    But many lovely souls out there
    Is not having access to even to
    Liveable life. //

    ---- Our small steps together
    can make it possible ----


  • gauravksingh 63w

    He was quiet,
    Prefer to be swathed in loneliness
    An avid observer,
    Who over-feel every emotion.

    His poems were like sun,
    Spread light while he burn.

    His mercurial notes,
    Are so dense as Mercury.

    His way of expressing love,
    Is a true reflection of Venus.

    His closeness to the nature,
    Lead you to explore more on Earth.

    His positive vibes are so strong,
    Make you feel like guarded by Mars.

    His imagination full of miracles,
    Will brings fortunes of Jupiter.

    His views are so unbiased,
    Make him the Scion of Saturn.

    His words will take your heart,
    And teleport to the home of Uranus.

    His illusions hold realities,
    That reveal the truth of Neptune.

    His thoughts on life,
    Take you close to yourself as Pluto.

    His love for his own scars,
    Will make you look gorgeous as Moon.

    His weaving of emotions,
    Are add-on of constellation in Andromeda.

    Sparks from his ink,
    Will let you to touch the Galaxies.
    You will definitely fall in love with his verses,
    Yes! His ink-pot holds the Universe.


    Dedicated to all the writers out there.
    Keep writing, Keep shining, Keep Rocking.✒️����

    Gracias @writersnetwork ��
    @mirakee @readers_novella @writersbay
    #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    //Sparks from his ink,
    Will let you to touch the Galaxies.
    You will definitely fall in love with his verses,
    Yes! His ink-pot holds the Universe. //

  • gauravksingh 64w

    //One who lost in labyrinth the darkness
    Can overcome by your own light. //

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readers_novella

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    With the ink
    Rolling out of my copious veins.
    I wrote a letter,
    To the boy quivering
    In my room's deep darkened corner.
    Frozen by the blizzard
    Of defeats in past.
    Wearing the masquerade
    Of false emotions to hide the pain.
    Perplexed in engima of the self.
    Now you are tired
    From explaining everyone
    I just want to let you know
    Its time to melt down the ice
    With your own shine.
    Wounds that are still fresh
    Will heal by your own platelets
    Its time to remove the mask
    And reveal your real smile
    That no one else can fix me
    Its only you.

  • gauravksingh 65w

    We were so close
    Lost in the peace of wild
    We wrapped in galaxies
    Under the blanket of night
    Next to vehement bonfire
    In the company of fire-flies
    The breeze flowing slowly
    the willow dancing in joy
    You dressed in lovely red
    Moon hide himself in sky
    Your face is glowing more
    than ever gold can shine
    And I can't stop myself from falling
    in your deep inebriant eyes
    Playing with the curl of your hair
    I kissed your rosy cheeks
    While my heart wishpers
    that you are only mine
    You blushed and smile
    The way my heart sparkle
    Diamond will never shine
    Your jaw dropping beauty
    Demurring any filter
    Filled my grayscaled life
    With vibrant shades of color
    And holding your hand in mine
    We danced together and
    nature get painted in our color
    We get beyond of every boundary
    Beyond the limitless sky

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Lost in the peace of wild
    I felt the touch of true love
    Its the end of the shivering winter
    And arrival of glittering spring
    When nature will be draped
    In vibrant shades of color.

  • gauravksingh 67w

    It's raining outside
    Pane shine on every drop
    I get myself settled on chair
    Eyes closed, ready to draw
    Not with brush and canvas
    This time using pen and paper
    If you read between the lines
    You can imagine her
    Word by word, I sculpted
    Every beauteous note of her
    Amalgamation of
    Rhymed verses and metaphors
    The one I can't refrain
    Myself to adore.

  • gauravksingh 67w

    When we leave a place,
    We leave something of ourselves behind
    Soft blankets of umpteen memories
    So warm, that keep our souls bind
    Hands still carry the aroma of white flowers
    That grown and nurtured in oasis of mind
    And the mnemonics of past relived
    As spark glitter from burnt forests ashes

  • gauravksingh 67w

    Echoes from the deserted corners of heart
    Evoking perpetual ripples in myriad of emotions
    Proliferant mind weave raving bits of thoughts
    Poet passionately spill the ink on paper

  • gauravksingh 68w

    Today, night is so rare
    When seven stars aligned in layer
    Draped in vantablack shade of terror
    And blood emulated by moon's glare
    Grylloidea aren't bewailing anymore
    Unsought stillness blended in the air
    Wolves howl, conjuring the atmosphere
    One light fulgurating at distant corner
    And night getting horrific with every hour
    Chilling waves potentially freeze ossein
    Crust mutilated in infinite fragments
    Febrile lava erupting on the streets
    Avenues mobbed by thirsty vampires
    Cursed demons of cosa nostra,
    After ages spawning out of hell-fire
    Damon spewing out its brimming rage
    And creepy Satan is primed for the voyage
    Innocents are blessed with invisible veneer
    But no one can save the sinner
    Dare to take a step ahead
    You will find the death behind
    And the play of bloodlust will continue
    Until dawn bloom it's new sunshine.
    Sleep well.. ����
    Good night.. ����

    (����50th �� post... ��)

    #pod #wod #limitless #dark #voilence #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee
    Thank you so much �� @writersnetwork ����

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    Devil's Night

    You will find the death behind
    And the play of bloodlust will continue
    Until dawn bloom it's new sunshine.//

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  • gauravksingh 68w

    Happy 72nd Republic Day to ���� India
    #acrostic #wod #freedom #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee
    Thank you so much �� @writersnetwork for like.. ❤️

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    reed from septic abstracts of imparity
    esurrecting the pedestal of integrity
    mbracing antithetic colours of diversity
    ndowing aura of accord and amnesty
    eprived of verdicts by ill-psychology
    reintate towards upholding humanity
    esmerizing mistral of eternal ecstasy

  • gauravksingh 68w

    Seven of dusk is what
    Shown by the constant clock
    Sitting tired on the roof
    Staring to moon upward
    Sky seems sappy, slowly
    Swathe in obscure cloak and
    Stars slit catastrophe
    Not sure about the syllables count in above.. ��

    @writersnetwork a like for this.. ❤️. Anyways I'm happy �� .

    #acrostic #stars #wod #pleiadespoem #catastrophec #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    tellar nebula ardent to combine
    emptation of ages emanating fruits
    mour of atoms spawning glare
    hapsodic giant escalating edges elicit
    upernova explosion then engulf its own.