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  • gazal11 95w


    I think loosing friends are not very difficult, but loosing one of the closest friend who is toxic is!


  • gazal11 106w

    If a girl

    If a girl is hating the idea of falling in love or she is hating that over lovely romantic song she always used to hear, because of you, can you imagine how pathetic you are as a person ?


  • gazal11 106w

    The girl you took granted for..

    So one day this girl, whom you took for granted, will move on. Not in a romantic way for sure, but she will find her happiness on her own, will cherish life and might see things differently that you failed to do as a partner. That day she won't consider you as a loss. And this shit will hit you in the worst possible way!


  • gazal11 106w

    Subtle Speed

    Having your heart and mind running in a subtle pace is another peace therapy.


  • gazal11 107w

    Waqt Aur Log

    I wish I could travel back in time,to live moments where I could have simply walk off the conversations that was toxic.
    Could have left people who choose to be toxic and instead I could have answered back on some situations, where people mistook my silence for my weakness.
    I wish I could.
    But it's never too late to start fresh.
    Never too late to remove toxic people from your life. Never too late to be picky about your circle.

    Choose you, choose peace. Over and over again.


  • gazal11 116w

    Pyaar ginane se nahi badhta, jatane se badhta hai.


  • gazal11 133w


    I guess you are an adult when you feel like talking to someone, but then you keep quiet and let it pass.

    May be you change your priorities from rock climbing to reaching office on time.

    May be from trekking the highest peak of the mountain to reaching the benchmark set for the project.

    And may be by just lighting a light on Diwali than decorating the entire house, because you are too tired and exhausted to do something that gives you happiness.

  • gazal11 134w

    What if we get 24 hours of our life to see all the people who adore us, silently looks up to us, gets inspired by us.
    Will this not bring more peace to our heart ?


  • gazal11 135w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Exhaustion

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    Be patient. He is your husband. He is your GOD.

  • gazal11 135w

    Happy Life?

    You know you have a happy life when you return home after long day and a four-legged hooman is waiting for you and wagging his tail!