Lost are my pieces, in this darkness that harbours them.�� ||19||

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  • girl_in_white 25w

    The emptiness is darkest to the smothered hearts, and loudest to the forlorn souls.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 55w

    A smile painstakingly stretching her cheeks,
    leaving a trace of bliss in it's wake,
    she starts her day,
    with a facade nobody could break.

    Soft laughter and whispers leave her lips,
    the twinkle in her eyes catching the sun,
    while her shadows lounge in the evening shade,
    on the horizon watching the last rays run.

    The darkness embraces the roof,
    faint pleas reach the walls,
    with a crease in her brows
    and a tremor through her limbs,
    into a wakeful slumber she falls.

    Darker than a moonless night a silhouette hovers over her,
    with a deafening cackle it whispers in her dreams,
    the regretful days and guilty nights,
    grinning as they turn to screams.

    The early birds chirp at the first light,
    the breeze softly dances through her hair,
    she gets on with her everyday jaunt,
    wearing a veil so dense nothing could tear.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 56w

    She catches sight of the vibrant aura the girl walked around with,
    but her bruised eyes hoax her with grays.

    She watches her glide along the doors,
    her crude fingers grazing the knobs,
    each opening into a blissful day.

    She feels her mind fluttering with hope
    as she watches the girl reach the other side of the door.

    Her feet hover over the threshold,
    to follow the girl beckoning her.

    Gray hues fill the corners of her sight,
    the howl of the wind piercing her ears,
    as she closes her eyes, painting the girl she once recognized.

    Plunged into the void again,
    looking around for a sliver of movement,
    she catches sight of something striking,
    but hoaxed are her eyes by the grays.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 74w

    Ebony clouds hover high above, embracing the evening.
    Drifting below the ocean's face, a spectator I am,
    onlooking the spectacle, as the storm takes its first breath.

    The soft whispers of the daunting abyss underneath me,
    the deafening roars of the beasts riding the storm above me,
    striking the surface ceaselessly,
    yet I remain unscathed, submerged, for I am but a spectator.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 83w

    A crown of white lilies adorned her head,
    with valour marking her every breath
    and a buoyant skip in her stead,
    off she went to her date with death.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 86w

    In the bellowing storm they sat, side by side
    their shadows embracing the dark,
    their soft breaths caressing the strident wind,
    their souls tending to each other's wounds,
    their woes silencing the roaring tempest,
    with their fingertips grazing the rain,
    and the raging night easing their pain.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 95w

    In the tender arms of the lilies,
    her tears slumbered during summer,
    dreaming of the dreary clouds of memories,
    swaying in the balmy breeze.

    The grey sky emerged as the warmth receded,
    hanging clouds yearning to rejuvenate.

    Amidst the roar of the sky, cried the lilies,
    letting her tears bask in the chaos,
    as the tales of her heart harmonized
    endlessly throughout the night.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 101w

    The serene smile that graced her lips shined through the stars,
    the deafening whispers of her dreams echoed in the wilderness around her,
    the alluring moonflowers sang the desires of the juvenile heart,
    and in the splendour of the night, her soul thrived.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 118w

    A blithe sunflower
    that survives a vicious storm,
    marks faith.

    A shuddering fire
    that burns through the windy night,
    marks perseverance.

    A frail breath
    that fights the toxic terror,
    marks strength.

    A vanquished soul
    that rises amidst the wreck,
    marks triumph.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi

  • girl_in_white 120w

    Thunderous yet meek,
    chaos resides in every soul.
    Only the conquerer sees her beauty,
    with poise and control.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi