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  • go_win_the_hearts 5d

    Perhaps, Sun and Moon came to the earth
    same day, same hour
    to teach friendship, preach love
    together day and night everywhere.

    Perhaps, days were nights early on
    and nights were days.
    Both did roll, ruled the sky
    breaking silence all the way.

    Played, laughed and then they quarrelled
    at the end of a certain day.
    Moon was proud of her beauty,
    Sun said he's a mighty guy

    Both went to the lord of the earth
    and grumbled the same
    one after another
    begging justice in their matter.

    The Lord was bright, who had framed them light,
    too was aware of their ground of fight
    handed out one the charge of Day,
    another made incharge of Night!

    Days went by, nights passed
    none saw eachother's face, alas!
    Sun repented, Moon regretted
    Wasn't paltry that stupid act!

    Friendship is a bond of faith
    Ego ruins it, wise saith.


    @writersnetwork #friendship

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    Friendship is a bond of faith!


  • go_win_the_hearts 2w


    The last star marred in fright,
    sun shone bright
    The hazy rather lazy moon
    went up, disappeared from sky
    not bidding bye
    But pledge to wedge
    between day and night
    in foggy light
    again in my yard
    to sing song ding-dong
    so long
    until stars are frightened
    by the brightened sun,
    vow to row poetries
    in my silvery, shivering Garth.


  • go_win_the_hearts 2w

    Let letters bud,
    words sprout
    Let life springs
    in happy spins
    Let poetries wet
    barren, wilted desert

    Let sweet symphonic
    be the happy new year!


  • go_win_the_hearts 3w


    You shied, I smiled
    You and I in a photograph
    hung right on the wall!

    You smiled, I laughed
    You, our baby and I in a photograph
    framed neatly on cupboard.

    I hate to take any photograph
    since you crossed my threshold!

    All smiles and laughter
    stored in albums hurt me, dear
    Am left with tear!


  • go_win_the_hearts 10w

    My malignant melody
    Powerless poetry parody
    Burns barely baseless
    Chaotic cruel comedy
    My malignant melody!


  • go_win_the_hearts 12w

    were your
    slap and love

    was sagacity
    later, just audacity!


  • go_win_the_hearts 12w


    No, nothing happened good to me;
    neither the life nor poetries!

    Nothing had been well!
    Even, couldn't I collect some
    pain or pleasure
    neither in heart nor in a glass-frame
    Barely a tinge of remorseful ineptitude
    that hung from my listless visage.

    Have tried to mend
    for better errday
    but have shattered completely
    in each trial,
    getting myself before me!

    Nothing had been propitious.
    All words in my poetry diary
    bite bitterly sweet like mad snakes
    No, nothing was fertile;
    neither piercing smiles nor charming tears
    that I used to write in poetries
    under Dear Dark Moon!


    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Getting myself before me!


  • go_win_the_hearts 12w


    रेगिस्तान बना उपवन
    मुमकिन है, कविवर!
    तुम्हारे कलम से बहता सृजन!!

  • go_win_the_hearts 15w


    Once, the Lord of Harvest
    blazed like cruel fire,
    burnt the forest dense
    being so despair!

    They gave him wine sweet,
    offered goods all dear
    Neither worked pleas
    nor all warm prayers.

    Three days like hell
    jungle was on fire
    levelled all beasts
    and wild fruits entire.

    Then spoke the Priest,
    "Hail, ho kind God!
    I shall pacify you, giving-
    my girl beloved."

    The priest's young daughter
    was publicly brought
    with due rituals
    was she then slaughtered!

    Eftsoons came a cloud
    bursted out several days
    Stopped the burning fire
    saw they sanguine rays.

    Each year a girl
    was offered to the God
    to please the agry soul
    with the holy sword.

    Ages went by
    following the killing game
    One day folks felt
    their act was full of shame.

    Chief God was called
    one day in the chief priest
    Scolded him badly all
    in the holy feast.

    Then he assured the crowd
    being in human frame
    never a maiden be hurt
    further in his name.

    The lord of Harvest did want
    the first crop have they all
    So, now offer the rural folk
    new pumpkin instead a girl!


    Myth abridged from Folklore.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #social_g

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    A new pumpkin instead a girl!


  • go_win_the_hearts 16w

    One muddy hut old,
    housed two older souls
    and a lovely life
    enough for the husband-wife
    Some pain and fear
    few smiles and tears
    love between them
    trouble had no name
    One for another
    lover, beloved
    no promise struck-
    things great to pluck.
    Morsel of rice
    with nothing nice
    the meals they ate twice
    But were umpteen peace
    in all hugs and kiss.

    Came there a Strom
    uninvited alone
    Lingered the days of rain
    ran out their grain
    Nothing there to eat
    none there to treat,
    no one to meet
    or to stand and sit
    Bloody cold and fever
    became strong and severe
    Old lady couldn't tolerate
    before twas late
    man went for doctor
    but returned he never!


    #kept @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Things they preserved over the years were Love and Care!