hues of cry

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  • gousia_tasleem 5h

    It is too late, He said
    Come let's go.
    Holding tears back,She replied
    I haven't met my homies yet.

    Dread and painful eyes spoke
    Leave me for a while
    I will come with you
    When this darkness will pass.

    I am sorry, can't delay
    He said, in a very polite way
    It's your time to leave with me
    Come, it's getting late.

    Tears shedding down now
    She is saying, it's time to leave now
    Is this her dream ?
    Or she is leaving forever now

  • gousia_tasleem 1w

    You lavished me with limitless blessings
    Every breath and beat is a blessing
    You raised me in a Muslim family
    Being a Muslim is a blessing
    You made me a follower of Muhammad (peace be upon him)
    Being his(peace be upon him) follower is a blessing
    You love me more than 70 mothers
    Your love is a blessing
    You are as close to me as my jugular vein
    Your closeness is a blessing.
    You call me towards you many times in a day
    Those calls are blessings
    You guided me towards righteous path
    This guidance is a blessing
    You bestowed me with the sight to read the devine book
    This sight is a blessing
    So which of your favours I can deny?

  • gousia_tasleem 2w

    Every snowflake falling tells me
    You are here you are here.
    Cold breeze whispers in my ears
    You are here you are here.

    Swishing under the snowing sky
    I surmounted the cold waves
    Just to see your sight
    And make you mine forever

    I am a wayfarer walking barefooted
    On this white coverlet.
    Waiting here to see you saying
    I am here I am here.

  • gousia_tasleem 3w

    My love for you is beyond imagination
    You are ingrained in my heart
    I have lost myself in your love
    In you I found peace and harmony
    My heart talks only of you
    How shall I not think of you
    When you rule my mind and heart
    Your seperation is unfathomable
    Let's no more think of severance
    Let's accept each other wholly

  • gousia_tasleem 3w

    کس نے کہا عشق اذیت ہے صاحب
    عشق خدا ہو تو لزت ہی لزت ہے

  • gousia_tasleem 3w

    Can I befriend you?
    I asked the bright moon?
    Which is far far in the sky!

    I am waiting for her reply
    Will she accept me?
    I asked one of the stars!

    Lonely sitting near a tree
    In the darkest night
    I'm looking for her sight!

    I wish I could tell her
    How much I adore her
    I call her my moon my moon!

    Will she accept me full of scars?

  • gousia_tasleem 4w

    اس دل کی آواز سنیں کبھی
    اس دل کی آرزو پوری کریں کبھی
    آپ کو دیکھے ہوئے اک عرصہ ہوا
    یوں نہ ہم سے روٹھا کریں کبھی

    ہم آج بھی شدت سے چاہتے ہیں آپ کو
    ہم آج بھی مسرور رہتے ہیں خیالوں میں آپ کے
    آپ کے عشق میں مستغرق ہوگئے ہیں ہم
    یوں نہ ہم سے منہ پھیرا کریں کبھی

    آج دل نے اک تمنا کی آپ سے ملنے کی
    آج دل نے پھر سے آہ بھری
    آپ ہوۓ نہیں دیدہ ور آج بھی
    یوں نہ ہم سے روپوش رہا کریں کبھی

    برسوں پہلے غوثیہ نے التجا کری
    اس کی دعا مستجاب کریں ابھی

  • gousia_tasleem 4w

    I was cradling her to and fro
    She started giggling and hit the cradle with her toe.
    Her milky teeth were shining so bright
    I was staring her whole night.
    She held my finger in her little hands
    She was wearing beautiful bands.
    All of sudden cradle chain broke down
    She fell wearing a crown.
    I tried to take her in my lap
    But she had breath her last in a nap.

  • gousia_tasleem 4w

    My heart has holes
    It's crying for you
    None knows it's aliments
    It wants you, it needs you.

    My love for you is unexplained
    When I try to write and explain
    Pen breaks down, words give up
    How shall I explain now my love for you?

    I tried to scour the mirror
    But it still reflects you, your love
    I'm calling you beloved
    Come let's lit the lamp of love again.

  • gousia_tasleem 4w

    She is in the war and cease
    She wants to sit alone to find peace
    She is stressed she is lost
    She is scared of this frost.

    Her screams are echoing
    Suddenly she hears someone mellowing
    A sparkle blew with rays of hope
    She thought she can now cope.

    She wishes to change her haunting past
    As she has become so vast
    She pours so many tears
    As she has so many fears

    Her heart is broken and torn
    She is longing for a peaceful morn
    She has scratches on her skin
    She wants a wise inn.
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post @elusive_me

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