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  • grangergirl87 20w


    How do we chose
    When we are spoilt for choice?
    How do we sort out
    though my precious hearts?
    I never understood, why they ordered us to chose;
    Between love and faith.
    to chose from good and best.
    I loved them alike..the good with all its imperfections.
    Honestly I liked good more.
    Just a tad bit more humane.
    More close to my heart.
    Yet they asked me to chose...
    Keeping me at the verge of dilemma
    The confusion settling in my heart.
    Why we have to chose
    From my today's and tomorrow's?

  • grangergirl87 23w


    The clouds gather,
    Spreading a canopy of impending apocalypse overhead.
    The tall corn grasses sway in the whispering breeze.
    A small wooden hut stands on the lonely meadows. It's red tiles standing apart in the cloudy backdrop.
    The little river runs across in its jingling rhythm splitting the green spread, gleaming like a silver ribbon.
    Somewhere a woman calls their livestocks to return home.
    The cloud growls, in preparation of its upcoming thunderous entry.
    Few drops of rain start falling over the ground.
    The little girl comes running out of the lonely hut, spreading her little palms, catching the raindrops in glee.

  • grangergirl87 24w

    #first time# my first

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    First time

    I stood there rooted looking at the Victorian building, an epitome of scholarly excellence.
    It was my first day at med school.
    Clad in white coat I tiptoed in the large anatomy hall, butterflies in my stomach.
    My mouth dry, eyes widened in awe,
    as I looked around in nervous palpitations.
    The mounted human skeleton sneering at me, the galleried seats making me dizzy.
    Then some others came,
    Kids like me, in one and twos,
    the same naive dreams etched on their faces.
    We gathered together, exchanging pleasantries, beaming in relief, the wave of familiarity sweeping over me.
    And there I found my second home to be cherished forever.

  • grangergirl87 24w


    He left. He left suddenly,without a proper goodbye.
    She stood in the driveway, staring at his slowly retreating shadow.
    A note clutched in her fist.
    "I must leave" the words in his familiar scroll inked on that square piece of paper.
    She blinked ,a solitary tear trickled down her flushed cheeks.
    She stood in the driveway.
    Like a statue, no emotions blooming on her pale white face.
    The winter breeze whispered in her ears. "I must leave" echoed through the damp grey evening sky.
    She stood in the driveway, petrified.
    All these days, their happy times, the laughter, his voice, promises and then this sudden withdrawal playing before her eyes in a loop.
    It's easy to leave. It must be for some.
    Putting all those memories and promises in a square sized note, crumpled and lost in its misery.
    The evening breeze whistled, the shadows darkened around her.
    She stood there still, motionless, acknowledging the fact that she has been abandoned, once again!

  • grangergirl87 24w

    Me and my musings

    I laugh heartily, like a toddler andcry equally hoarse.
    I amuse and abuse likewise.
    I love like the first rain of summers,drenching my man in its abundant glory. My hatred flows like raging lava engulfing every bits of loveliness.
    And when it's all over
    I forgive and forget.
    Atleast I want to.
    My anguish carving its way through creativity.
    Pain transforming itself into passion.

  • grangergirl87 24w

    Powered by AI

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    Silly me

    The morning sun shines through the curtains, kissing my slumbered face. I stir under the blanket, rubbing the sleep off my eyes.
    The first rays of the winter sun hugs me tight,pulling me off the last night's dream.
    Dream it was. Such a beautiful dream.
    I was a little girl again, running after the butterfly hovering over the wild flowers.
    The wild flowers, with their delicate petals and exquisite wild fragrance drawing me close to inspect them with curiosity. Their veiny leaves beckoning me to their lush green luxury.
    I looked up. Something moved in the bushes. I stared intently trying to hear the subtle scratching noise.
    It was a squirrel. God how I always wished for a squirrel to come in our garden.
    I loved squirrels with their tippity tappity toes running around through the foliage at a lightening speed.
    And here it is now, the little mischief maker raising itself on its cute hind legs observing me with clasped hands infront, like a praying monk. I slowly inched forward and it vanished in a flash into the bush again.
    The dream shifted. I was standing by a river,the mist coming up in the dusky twilight, swirling in its eerie silence.
    I was standing alone, looking at my wrinkled hands. My hands were empty, holding the shadows of memories ghosting me forever.

  • grangergirl87 24w


    As evening turns into night, the mist of memories condense to form a soild wall I bang upon desperately.
    Desperate to grab a chance to reach this illusive sleep.
    Myriads of fragmented pictures of yesteryears form clouds of regrets and reminiscence, firing my neurons in an eccentric way.
    I bang upon the closed gate of peace , again and again, just to get a glimpse of oh so illusive sleep!
    The nights turn darker, denser than before.My scream doesn't reach its abyss of indifference.
    The pieces of my soul gather up their last ounce of life to conjure up some dreams from thin air.
    I close my eyes, the pieces form a tattered map to the delusion of enigmatic future.
    I close my eyes and drift into the heady flow of subconscious.

  • grangergirl87 25w

    The defeated healer

    Her healing touch cured many.
    She immersed herself in caring for all,only to be hurt in return.
    Yet she went on, healing and brushing the woes away from heavy hearts, tired souls; secretly believing goodness is rewarded with good, only to be proven wrong every time.
    Bleeding inside, oozing from the hurtful words she collapsed finally, a sculpture with no heart anymore.
    They don't care, they don't cringe at the thought of hurting the healer heart.

  • grangergirl87 25w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Pity

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    My heart heaving in self pity

  • grangergirl87 25w


    Winter approached spreading a damp chill everywhere.
    The wild flower blinked in disbelief as the snow claimed the ground like a sugary blanket.
    The poet inside her stirred and yawned,like each year, to start a new journey of literary wonders.