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  • gugun_xiv 9w

    This poem is inspire through Life journey where a young boy is at the edge of giving up but holding on. It is about him who had hard time thinking about Life when nothing seems to make sense. The boy re-gain a new hope after he realise it was God's Grace that lead him through the Ups and Downs. The message is to never give up yet to hold on and trust God in the process. And to stay humble and be Gentle.

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    Beyond the stars!!

    Beyond the stars, Beyond the universe
    Above the rulers, Above all
    Mightiest of all, O Holy thee
    Creater of Heaven, Creator of me
    I bow down my knees on the ground.

    Lord, you know in and out of me
    My strengths, My weaknesses
    When I would fall, Where I won't
    Places I seek you and when not
    Lead me Lord for the rest of my life.

    I made this far by your Grace
    And your grace will lead me on
    I all in you, In Christ my debt is paid
    A sinner yet a great saviour
    All to thee I commit my spirit.



  • gugun_xiv 19w

    Try everything!!

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    Better Better Better
    Keep trying nobody's born a loser
    Better Better Better
    The heart desire something that sparker.

    Fighter Fighter Fighter
    You are born to be a winner
    Fighter Fighter Fighter
    You can be the greatest ever.

    Let them talk,take time to listen.


  • gugun_xiv 30w

    Hithei Hileh!

    Semtil akipat nasem jouse, "Apha e", nati,
    Vandum chung hihen Leinoi hijongle,
    Ahoi in, Na jemchoisel e, O Thengchungnung!

    Hinlah nasemsa nasem bang'a ahoina kana
    Mupha ji poi Pakai.
    Hithei hileh? Na loupina asang in mu'ing kate.

    Muthei hileh? Tahsan in kahin galmu nom e.
    Chung Pathen,Hetthem theilou hetthem ding kanom ji e.
    Na Van Chihnan Sollang neikhun.


  • gugun_xiv 35w

    Do you?

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    Young, wild and free

    Lost in the beauty of the wood.
    Lost soul in the midst.
    Couldn't it be more beautiful
    Just the calm, free and wild forest.

    Young days good days gone too soon
    Maturity Responsibility coming on
    The wider the younger the greener
    Just waiting for time to pass by.

    Happier Healtheir Wealthier, isn't?
    Joy,peace and calm, all I want is.
    Beauty, fame and duty, they just fade
    Would you be young to live freely?


  • gugun_xiv 41w

    All I want

    If I were to give the finest present to Mom, I would give her the best son she has ever had.


  • gugun_xiv 43w


    Nothing is as important as the basics we learn as a child.


  • gugun_xiv 44w

    Can you hear me?

    Among Million stars, I would call out your name.
    Among thousands of Galaxy, I would choose you.
    Your presence makes me whole.
    Would you let me stay with you?
    Coz you are my shelter and my comfort.

    I love to sing unto you, deep within.
    My heart is in peace when you are around.
    I am fill with Joy when I know you are near.
    If love could be number My love for you is eternity.
    Coz you are just amazing just the way you are.


  • gugun_xiv 44w

    What not why not?

    You could be Super star.
    You could be traveller.
    You could be politician.
    You could be racer.
    What not?

  • gugun_xiv 45w


    Her voice is my peace.
    Her smile is my joy.
    She is one in a million.
    But, I am none in her want.


  • gugun_xiv 47w

    Kadam thei a Kahat na

    Kadam thei a Kahat na,
    Tang louva eipui hui Pa,
    Kadam ding dei a hung thi a,
    Tonsot thina pal galkai dinga,
    Nakhut a neina kai thou e.

    Sim le Mar kahei na a,
    Lhahsam nan eituh jing a,
    Lhasam kit loudia hat dinga,
    Na anglum a nei choldo sah in,
    Hatchungnung atil abul jong nanga.

    Vangchung dum kaven,
    Leinoi nasem sa kaven,
    Ka hina ima hilou kamui,
    Nasemsa nalung toh jilou,
    Na ngailutnan eina kan ahi bouve.

    Tu le achaina nigei dingin,
    Van kipana chu melchih tange,
    Lei lungdonna nung-ngat tange,
    Kinepna chu ki-o det jing inge,
    Hichu ka Pakai lunglam hinte.