I'm jealous of the way I love my child

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  • haley_falls 66w

    Underneath the layer of anger and disbelief lied the pain and hope. I wish.. if I could cut the cords

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    #hope #is #not #real
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    She knows not how to love,
    not her man nor herself.

  • haley_falls 83w

    Happy Birthday Rohit Gurunath Sharma
    I feel blessed to have watched him play live and to watch his 162 against WI in Mumbai was one of the best memories of my life!

    The only man with three double tons, today's leading and favorite Indian opener, MI CAPTAIN, the husband to gift century every anniversary, the caring father and there are never ending reasons to love this man, our beloved HITMAN! ��❤️��❤️��❤️��

    #birthday #rohit #hitman #cricket #india #century #mumbai #indians #mi

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  • haley_falls 95w

    Somedays I am weaker than a petal;
    While in the others I am the dragon in the battle.
    Somedays I crumble with the breeze;
    While in the rest I reign the hurricane with an elegant ease.
    Somedays I wonder who to be,
    And then there are days when I align with infinity's id.

    I like this one personally.

    #travel #love #friendship #nature #inspiration #life #diary #thoughts #poetry

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    Somedays even I am a memory to myself.

  • haley_falls 103w

    I have lived stories,
    So good enough to be lived twice
    And just as bad to be never told.

    Came back with something new. ��

    Why wait for new year's to be new you? ����

    @infiniteexpressions kudos Infinity �� ��

    #stories #good #bad and #memorable #love #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #thoughts #poetry #diary

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    I have lived stories..

  • haley_falls 104w

    Sometimes quiting is the solution.. quiting on people who are not meant for you, quiting on situations you need to walk away from, quiting on conversations cum arguments that drain you, quiting on habits that hold you back from getting your life back together, quiting on lies, impure intentions, the so-called isms, and quit on everything that is not aligned with you and your soul. And freeing up you to yourself, your intuition independent of external drive. And you just be FREE

    #quitting #inspiration #motivation #inspiration #thoughts #life #diary #poetry #love #travel #nature #friendship

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    Sometimes quiting is the solution..

  • haley_falls 104w

    Hold my hand
    Walk me to the shore,
    I am drowning now
    Walk with me a bit more.
    Maybe later
    We shall cut the path
    But for now just walk along.
    Here I am yearning for you
    Gasping for a forever more
    Regardless of the truth..
    Here I am, here for you
    While watching the sunset
    Beneath the blues.

    The past shall fade in time but what about the dreams I wish to weave till the end of the line?

    I don't know... What life has to bring or for that matter, why shall I even bother to wish because the things that I hoped for are the first to leave?

    Questions and questions and sleepless sleepless nights..
    You granted me my wish as I always had craved for not just my heart but my soul to broken.. #thanks

    #hurt #heart #blues #love #life #poetry #diary #thoughts

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    Here I am, here for you
    While watching the sunset
    Beneath the blues.

  • haley_falls 104w

    Sometimes missing you is the only thing I know even though I know it is wrong in every way possible. Few days back I saw our videos where I was truly happy and you seemed to be in love with me. Haha. But it is okay. You have left. While here I am counting my hurt, you are celebrating your new life. No I don't want to hold you back from happiness. You deserve it, so what if it comes at the cost of my own happiness, so be it. You stay happy. And I stay hurt. Maybe some day I would be free or accept it all like my second skin. I don't know. What I did wrong. Why am I not enough. How I failed to know that this point will come too where the eyes I trusted lied and looked away so carelessly that I choked and it took me a while to breathe back. Honestly I am still all choked

    #pain #is #real
    #smiles #are #temporary
    #my #mind #is #fucked
    #lost #my #sanity #love #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Sometimes I just love how I melt at the thought of you.. until it burns.

  • haley_falls 108w

    My dearest Nisha,

    The feeling to love and be loved helps in survival, more than that it makes us live the life to the extremes. I have had my share, of whatever the life had to offer me be it the crazy escape from the grief or the soothing embraces. Nothing of what I had loved lasted. But does it take away the significance of it all? To me, the things that happened, for good or bad, are the pearls decorated by me in a garland that I'd like to call as, my life.. made of ambitions, emotions and my insanely insane intuitions screaming "do it." And I truly am happy and in peace.

    So what about everything that has to come for me now?
    I shall take it with the way I have always, passionately, with my weird emotions going haywire and my insanely insane intuitions screaming, "do it my crazy brave girl." That's me.. And it couldn't be any better. ☺️


    I dedicate this forever to me.. cheers to my happily ever after.. ☺️�� #love #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary

    I don't know why, but I thought to tag you, perhaps you can relate? @maverick_d_aece or maybe I thought we both needed it ������
    And my sweetheart of course, my infinity.. @infiniteexpressions ☺️��

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    I like the sound of forever with you.

  • haley_falls 108w

    Let it be, let it be..
    Morning morning Mirakeeans ❣️

    May you be strong as my coffee today! Have a great one! ��
    My favorite one.. ��☕

    #broken #coffee is #love

    #writrersnetwork #poem #quotes #inspiration #love #thoughts #diary #morning

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    Broken & The Coffee

    She liked her heart broken
    And her coffee strong.

  • haley_falls 109w

    A true man stays against all odds for his lady.
    So here is my notion of a true man and his bride.

    Man and His Bride

    He held her hand right
    And when it came to crossing the puddle
    They both plunged,
    With each other in sight,
    A little they struggled,
    One more than the other
    While seeing their lover in pain,
    But they made it to the other side
    And o' how they made it with the smiles!
    Soon came the other,
    The Man still her held her hand,
    Only this time tighter than before,
    With the falls and strides
    They crossed one at a time.
    They burn and they heal.
    Together they face everything,
    All the hurt and the zeal.
    Laughs and tears decorate their wedding life.
    Just like the moon and the moonlight
    They stood by each other no matter what,
    For he was a true man and she a proud bride.

    #love #man #bride #wedding #life
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee #life #poetry #thoughts #friendship #love #diary

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    Man and His Bride