life goes on..this shall pass too�� army�� https://youtu.be/W4lHLH_-NCc

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  • hanshu 18h

    Life is like a wave, rain happens or storms it goes on.

  • hanshu 19h

    Dreams( strange)

    How strange is this no?
    When we are sleeping and kind of living somewhere else,
    We saw what's in our subconscious mind as computer memory,
    But they all are just strange,

    Sometimes they feel like real,
    Sometimes they don't make any sense,
    Psychology said that sometimes we dream our future or sometimes we saw what we are thinking about,
    But how nice no? We forget after getting up the dreams even they are good or bad,

    I wish life is kind of like that where we can forget the bad incidents,
    Kind of escape from some events,
    Like we escape after waking up from our dreams,
    But that's not real and it's true it's never gonna be if it does then it will be strange.

  • hanshu 1d


    It's hard to predict, where life will take you,
    It's hard to ignore, what you went through in life,
    But you can stay, where life is with you now.

  • hanshu 1d


    I feel this nostalgia when I read my old poems..,
    It just takes all my thoughts back in front of me..,
    It's what's in my box of memory..,
    My words always keeps my feelings.

  • hanshu 1d


    When I left my house and came to a different city to study,
    I pack my every necessity,
    But I can't pack my memories,
    I left there my childhood memory,

    But even I am here I get some flashbacks,
    Life is not the same but when you unlock your box of flashbacks,
    It's the same nostalgia you feel,
    The same story and the same smile every time for the time which never comes back,

    Even life unfolds many pages of your new chapters,
    When you read your old notes,
    You feel like you lost someone or something in those old notes and come to a new,
    And the nostalgia you get the next time when you read these new notes when these become old is what you pack with you.

  • hanshu 4d

    #painter #pod #wod #qod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Do you ever wonder how different your life would be if some things didn't happen?��

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    I am the painter of my life,
    And I am a beginner,
    I only think now what if I didn't paint my life the way I painted it..,
    It would look so different.

  • hanshu 1w


    You are always brave enough to handle every situation in your life..,
    Many time you proves it and make everyone else wonder,
    Brave enough to have an opinion and smart enough to know when to give an opinion or when not..,
    Brave enough to tackle your everyday problems with courage..,

    You are always brave when you look back in your past whatever you think you can't go through..,
    Look at you now and that thought becomes past now..,
    You are brave enough to tackle another problem and goes on..,
    It's your fear of fear that let you down, don't fear just let it be or go for it.
    You could, you can, you will do it.

  • hanshu 1w

    Portrait( me)

    A girl who is willing to live her dreams,
    You only see a real me when you are close to me..,
    A girl who lives in her imaginations and simply watches the sky every eve and become amazed..,
    She loves to see birds and keep her dreams flying..,

    Her life starts from a sweet story,
    Added with new stories happen to turn this story..,
    But when reality hits her dreams become faded..,
    But she loves to live in her dreams and continue to live on..,

    I am awkward, clumsy, weird, kind, imaginative,
    But this is me,
    Take it..,
    Or leave it.

  • hanshu 1w

    My favourite line from my favourite Hindi song! Aye Zindagi. #song #miraquil #pod #wod #qod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Oh life!

    The season of sorrow is a guest,
    Sometimes you are bad,
    Sometimes you are good,
    It's hard to predict,
    Oh life!

  • hanshu 1w


    What makes a house a home?
    Mom, family, little happiness,
    Only these things can make a house into a home,
    A home is a place where you are comfortable in your craziness,

    A home is a place that cannot be compared with the outside world,
    Where you can be you with lots of silliness,
    Homs means comfort..,
    Which you can never find in the outside world.