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  • happy_soul_29 75w

    Happy Women's Day ❤️

    When the rays of hope starts
    diminishing into the darkness
    You are the image of determination for all
    You are the definition of strength during pain
    Your care lights up️the Home
    Your smile calms down the worries in heart ❤️
    You are an example of sacrifice
    We are blessed to have you in our's life


  • happy_soul_29 118w

    Truth of Life

    Expect Less
    Care Less
    You'll Be Stress Less


  • happy_soul_29 120w


    I Don't Miss You
    I Miss
    The Person I Thought You Were
    I Don't Loved you
    I Loved The Person You Pretend To Be


  • happy_soul_29 133w

    People Don't Change
    They Reveal Who They Are

    I Don't Regret The Past
    I Just Regret The Time
    I've Wasted With Wrong People

  • happy_soul_29 150w

    You Are Sunshine ☀
    In Dark Days

    Even on my worst days
    You make me happy and Glad
    You make me forgot every
    Reason that makes me Sad


  • happy_soul_29 177w

    Let it go

    If you want to be free, Stop locking yourself
    Into the prison of your past
    If you want to see the light, Stop holding yourself
    In the darkness of your past
    If you really want to move on...
    Release the Heavy Weight from your back
    You will never allow a thief
    To enter your home and live there rent free
    So why do you allow?
    Thoughts that Steal Your Joy
    To enter and live inside your mind


  • happy_soul_29 179w

    Circulation of Feelings

    Have you ever hugged
    Someone in between a
    Conversation and started
    Crying just because you
    Have Fear of losing them.

    Yeah! That's the person
    Whom you can't live without


  • happy_soul_29 182w

    Stop Holding Grudges

    Past Grievances are Overrated.
    You Don’t Need Negativity In Your Life &
    You Definitely Don’t Need It Over Something
    That Happened Long Time Ago
    A Grudge Only Affects The Person Holding It.


  • happy_soul_29 187w

    Individuals Getting Away

    They Stood
    By Your Side Always
    They Didn't Walk Away
    But You Pushed Them Away


  • happy_soul_29 191w

    Good Morning

    Don't Make Others To Loose Your Spark
    That Makes You "YOU"
    Stay Weird!
    Even You Might Accused of Many Things In Life
    Don't let being normal, be one of them
    And Makes Another Day in Paradise