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  • harinivasini 63w


    They say wait for the time to comprehend,
    And unfortunately when all rhymes
    We call it The end.


  • harinivasini 148w

    Dear Walcott,

    I think we both sail on the same boat,
    Though geographically not so remote.
    Unlike yours,
    This story of War,
    Unfortunately is not with rifles or bullets,
    That assures freedom
    From this life to the fullest.
    It is the collision of emotions,
    amidst the social pretensions....
    Scattered as parts of whole,
    indecisive to choose opinions at poles.
    Externally awakening with a smile,
    Internally undergoing a trial.
    Conflicted between the orthodoxy and progression...
    Clutched in these contradictions,
    Should I ? Remain as usual deafen ..
    To these unmentioned tension.
    The deceptive lense of this World,
    Picture perfects life as a carnival,
    Deep down,
    Mourning for the soul's survival.
    Fatigued by this life of filters,
    Intrigued inbetween the fetters .
    Hiding behind the mask of anonymity,
    Comitting suicide of ones own identity .
    This internal colonisation,
    Makes me an outsider to my self.
    Like your unanswered question,
    Parelled to my confusion,

  • harinivasini 166w

    Why, is it always fine?
    To fall in line
    Sing the common refrain ....
    Born to be unaligned
    With an undiminished shine
    Your enforced views,
    Neither, can make me confined
    -nor Rightly define. ...

  • harinivasini 178w

    Dear me

    The blissful thought
    That,made me caught
    Doleful memories
    Continues to haunt ...
    Drifted towards different turns
    Written to never return .
    Once, what had been
    Reduced to reminents
    Of nothing between ....
    Marked to be done
    All of a sudden ,
    Something lurking hidden
    Was reviven.
    Thought to be the end
    Now, given a hope to mend.
    Dubious ,
    Whether this is true ?
    Another weather of blue
    Iam destined to imbue ....
    Dear me ,
    Please let me know ,
    Which way to go?

  • harinivasini 183w

    Vithai aga iruntha pothe
    Engalai vatham seiya thunintha vanjagargal
    Sathaiyaga velliye vanthathum
    Vittu veikka minjuvaargalo!

  • harinivasini 184w

    Caramel coloured cure

    Whirling were my memories
    Tracing back to our sweet reveries
    Embracing moments
    Of an unending story
    Evaporating in the aroma
    Of a rejoicing melancholy ....
    The caffeinated sip
    makes me drown
    In the swirl of profound thoughts
    Unbound .....
    Blend of blissful ache Into one mould
    Leaves an everlasting savour
    At every hold
    Taking me to a nostalgic tour
    In form of a caramel coloured cure ....

  • harinivasini 187w

    He invades every corner
    Makes you
    The miserable mourner
    His, very invocation
    Shudders your intonation
    Unable to awake
    Into, bits and pieces
    He will make you break
    Inculcate ,
    To endure the piercing ache
    Transform and create
    The invisible to invincible
    Known by various names
    Resides in his domain
    Popularly called as pain .....

  • harinivasini 191w


    Dawning our life with pitch black fate
    We are the one's
    Rightly called, the inanimate
    Living every second of life
    That seems to suffocate .
    We carry the fatal job
    Amidst the mocking mob .
    Life without insurance
    Death as an absolute assurance.
    We make their place secure
    In return
    They honour with the term impure;.
    This horror ,
    Continues as an endless elegy
    Aggravating without any remedy .
    They yell about our smell
    Forgetting that we are the one
    Who ,daily dwell and descend into this hell.
    Leading a life of living dead
    We do this to earn our daily bread.
    A minute before you cover your nose
    Remember that this is something
    We unwillingly chose
    Everyday facing death so close
    Unaddressed are out daily woes.
    People who are well dressed in suit
    Unnotice ,
    Our absence of gloves and rubber boots.
    Cleaning their waste with our hands
    So bare
    Using the same to feed ourselves
    In despair
    Our unfair treatment goes unaware .
    The attitude of Man as a whole
    Threaten us more
    Then the dangerous manhole .
    The filth that stinks in the gutter
    Seems better,
    Compared to the way
    Other beings treat us with bitter.
    Everything goes unchanged
    Including our name
    That is already stained
    Our everlasting pain continues to remain .
    With a little hope for our day of victory
    That will change our history
    From untouchables to intouchables...


  • harinivasini 193w

    My soul

    You paint me in colours
    When, Iam grey
    With your celestial stay
    You fill my hours with gay
    Keeping my sorrows away
    With you, Iam sealed
    My darkness is healed
    You are like masterpiece of all art
    I'm just an artist
    Unable to fathom your beauty
    With a mortal heart ....

  • harinivasini 194w

    The day you realise
    It was all
    Lies in disguise
    Agonised by her eyes .
    Disappointed by the walls
    In search of doors .
    Forgotten ,
    The door long open
    Melting with million emotions
    With a love unspoken
    Waiting to be
    Unlocked by the chosen ....