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  • harleen_kaur_7331 12w

    Bikhre se hai zindagi,
    Kaash koi samait lai bina koi sawaal kiye.

  • harleen_kaur_7331 26w

    We are living in a world where we are busy in doing useless stuff, showoff and comparing ourselves with others. Have you ever questioned yourself why we do so, what we know about others exactly nothing we don't know what they are going through. We try to find peace in materlistic things that is why half of the youth is going through anxiety, depression and heart break. Why don't we take some time out of our busy schedule and have a conversation with our family and friends, spend time with them. Peace begins with a smile. So let's get it a try

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    Why we let the behavior of others destroy our inner peace?
    We always misunderstand the meaning of peace.
    Peace doesn't mean to be in a place away from trouble, worries, noise and hardwork, peace means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

  • harleen_kaur_7331 28w

    Khud se naraaz se hu,
    Bss yuhi beawaaz se hu.
    Naa jaane bina kahe kaise jaan laite ho mere haal,
    Iss baat se hairaan se hu.
    Koi kaise karr sakta hai itna pyaar,
    Iss sawaal se pareshaan se hu.
    Ab Tu hii bta dai kaise tere ehsaanu ka hisaab du,
    Mai toh tere saamne
    Khule kitaab se hu.

  • harleen_kaur_7331 79w

    It's okay if i am not with you when you are happy but i will make sure that i will always be with you when you are angry sad Or feeling frustrated.
    Letting go is easy but i want to hold you forever
    I come back to you after every argument because you feel like home to me
    There is a madness in loving you and m loving it

  • harleen_kaur_7331 82w

    Kon jaane kab maut ka paigaam aa jaye
    Zindagi kii woh aakhri shaam aa jaye
    Usse phle kaash Tu mere wajood mai kuch aaise uttar jaye
    Kii dekhu jab bhi aayena tu hii tu nazar aaye❤


  • harleen_kaur_7331 83w

    Choor dia maine usse azaad aik parende kii Tarah,
    Laut Aaya toh smj jauge mere ishq Mai kashish thee,
    Warna samaj jauge Woh Mera thaa hii nhi

  • harleen_kaur_7331 90w


    Uss jaisa mote poore samundar mai nhi,
    Woh cheez maang rhe hu jo mukadar mai nhi.
    Kismat ka likha toh sbko mill jaata hai maula,
    Kuch aaisa karam krr mill jaye woh jo kismat mai nhi

  • harleen_kaur_7331 91w


    Loog roop dekhte hai,
    Hum dil dekhte hai.
    Loog sapne dekhte hai,
    Hum hakekat dekhte hai.
    Loog aap ko duniya mai dekhte hai,
    Hum aap mai duniya dekhte hai.

  • harleen_kaur_7331 91w


    Koi khushiyu kii chah mai rooya
    Koi dukhu kii pnah mai rooya......
    Ajeeb silsila hai yeh zindagi ka
    Koi bharose ke liye roya
    Koi bharosa kar ke roya

  • harleen_kaur_7331 94w


    Radha ne shri krishan se pucha kii,
    Pyaar ka asli mtlb kya hota hai?
    Unhune haskr kaha kii
    Jaha matlab hota hai,
    Waha pyaar hii kaha hota hai!!