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  • harshalb 1w

    From a girl,
    Who has never held a tulip,
    But has often thought to silence the lip,
    Its the poor flower that has not yet met
    The colours of this girl,
    She has many,
    Like the sky,
    But always assumed to have one,
    That too blue,
    Like the sky.

    This girl has never felt,
    What it feels to know,
    That she has found her place,
    In this world.
    She is still searching,
    But she thinks of ending it all often.

    She recently understood
    The Tulips,
    The answers,
    Exist only in this world,
    What a pity,
    She dreams of heaven often.

    Her favourite dishes,
    Her dogs,
    The wind she loves,
    Scents of candles,
    Her love for sunsets,
    The cocktails she likes,
    The beaches that dance for her,
    The animals she has only seen on screen,
    The libraries she can't wait to see,
    The books she is still to hate,
    The movies she has to watch,
    Everything she loves and is yet to love
    The End.

  • harshalb 13w

    It might not be your cup of tea
    You don't get to question what keeps someone warm and away from being cold and numb,
    You question it because you don't know what will keep you warm on a rainy day,
    You are so cold, maybe find your tea..
    Instead of wasting that low cold energy

  • harshalb 23w

    Does it creep in and disconnect you from self
    Are you disconnected when it sees the doors open and creeps in?
    Slowly..getting in..
    And then sitting in every corner of that heart, you turned into a room for gatherings, leaving the door open for all.
    Now all of them want to kick the heart out,
    Make space for their party,
    No wonder your heart finds place in your throat to beat,
    It knows it can't stop,
    You have to stop them!
    So How Do You Kick Them Out?

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    Anxiety (Part-1)


  • harshalb 23w

    Nothing changed..
    We did..
    Feelings remained,
    Nobody expressed!
    Trust went away,
    Questions were never asked,
    We trusted the insecurities!
    I sat with my assumptions,
    You slept with your ignorance,
    We never held hands again,
    We got busy holding our differences,
    We could never see the love again.

  • harshalb 26w

    I live thinking someday this will end
    I live fighting all this overthinking
    I feel my heart in my throat everyday
    I breathe believing peace will touch me someday
    Trust me
    It takes all of me sometimes to stop self from drinking to feel nothing,
    Somedays I feel nothing and it takes my all to make self cry,
    Its exhausting really.
    I am tired of self,
    How can I expect others to not feel the same?
    Atleast they can leave,
    I am stuck with anxiety.
    And honestly I am awesome,
    I laugh with my eyes,
    I speak from my heart,
    I care and love,
    I have a lot
    These thoughts crawl in and oh everything crippels
    I live thinking

  • harshalb 28w

    Jo koi sunna ni chahta
    Sunne vala samjhna nahi chahata
    Vo maine jee liya
    Ab mai kehna nahi chahti
    Usey dohrana nahi chahti
    Usne mere lamhe ko jee liya

  • harshalb 30w

    I felt brave for the breath I took,
    When every heartbeat just choked me,
    It went so fast,
    I felt it in my head,
    I am brave,
    I smiled through the thoughts that killed me,
    They told me to kill me.
    I stared at the fan,
    Thinking how hard it can be,
    How hard can it be when ending it ends my pain.
    I told people who love me the most,
    I will be food to the killing thoughts,
    I felt brave,
    When I took a walk.
    I know I came back and cried,
    Broke down infront of the mirror,
    Thinking there is no way out,
    I felt brave when I stopped taking the pill.
    I felt brave
    When I did not freeze,
    Instead I cried,
    It hurt,
    But I realised,
    I did not freeze,
    It can last forever
    I know I will fight.

  • harshalb 36w

    The memories,
    Came rushing,
    With that school logo,
    Oh so carefree,
    Everything was a mystery,
    But still,
    Everything was nothing less than a dream.
    No blood on hands but in veins,
    No cuts on soul but peace and rains,
    There was nothing,
    But still everything was so serene.
    I wished for a second to go back,
    I craved for the body that had no scars,
    But then I came back,
    I am here with all of it,
    Those days and these,
    This has made me, the me I am.
    The scars are all people see,
    They don't know that those scars never hurt,
    Like their words always do.
    These scars are friends,
    That saved me and wished me well,
    I am grateful I have my forever with me

  • harshalb 37w

    Remember that life,
    Seems like It was not mine,
    It was so so long ago,
    Feels like a lie.

    That carefree life,
    When you lived,
    Lost in mud and swings,
    But so close to self,
    Questioning everything,
    Learning to laugh on self,
    Making the most of everyday,
    Remember buds?

    Now you have turned into flowers,
    You die everyday,
    You please people with your looks,
    Lost in words and masks you play,
    You forget,
    Your blessings,
    The way you can sway,
    You know bud,
    Try to remember those days,
    They won't come back,
    But you can learn to unlearn,
    For those carefree days.

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    Remember that life?

  • harshalb 40w

    When someone trusts you and you feel it will never go away but it does..
    You know
    You don't give much
    For them to trust you..
    You know you are the mess they shouldn't be cleaning
    You start trusting yourself,
    You stop self from the bad,
    But to them,
    You are still that loser,
    Who couldn't win,
    Who was always defeated by thoughts,
    By the past,
    So in saving you they show you
    That you cannot be trusted
    And you lose self once again,
    You tried your best,
    You stopped
    You just
    Shared with them
    A part of you.that you
    Put your life in to leave behind
    Now you sit here
    With that part of you
    And nothing.