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  • harvest_of_mind 15w

    Rainy days special.

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    Drizzled ceaselessly from evening to morn,
    abated slowly with blossoming dawn.
    Puddles in evening were murky and rippling,
    by morning, filled with aqua shining.

    Out in the morning, for a pleasant walk,
    in slant-view, puddles reflected the world stark.
    Exited as a child.. strolled near,
    world disappeared, bottom seen crystal-clear !

    The angle of view is of vital importance,
    perception indeed makes all the difference.
    An angle of mind shows world of matter,
    shift of angle reveals the spirit and creator.


  • harvest_of_mind 24w

    Dedicated to the Farming community

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    Mind needs tending like a field,
    to grow the crop desired.
    Firstly, ploughing is the need,
    to loosen the surface lethargy,
    to break the deep notional pan,
    to weed-out the negative thoughts.
    Then, sow the good ones in soft soil,
    to allow deep root penetration.
    Followed by fertilization with inspiration,
    irrigation with hard work,
    discretion & vigil to protect the crop..
    from pests and predators,
    constant weeding of creeping doubts.
    Then, the initiative and boldness..
    to make the final harvesting move.
    Last but not the least..
    to avoid post-harvest-rot of arrogance.


  • harvest_of_mind 26w

    World-drama on home theatre

    Karma wind blows...
    forming waves on my surface,
    creating mind, maya and world.
    I am the ever peaceful..
    dark and cool bottom-bed,
    unattached to the waves.
    Drama is enacted on my surface,
    I am the spectator..
    ever-content in my eternal stillness.

    Waves rise and fall in thousands,
    galaxies are born and crumble,
    enacting the cosmic play.
    The widest screen of universe..
    makes-up my home-theatre,
    and i watch in amusement..
    from my peaceful bottom-bed.


  • harvest_of_mind 34w

    Savage destiny

    If wishes were horses..
    beggars would ride.
    If hard work & calibre were horses..
    I would indeed ride.
    But alas ! Destiny is the horse..
    I cannot tame, I cannot ride !
    One day surely, I shall arrive at scene..
    with destiny galloping, myself astride !
    (Amen, Inshallah).


  • harvest_of_mind 39w

    One-way mirror

    We look into the home-mirror,
    for hours.. decorate ourselves,
    to get the best presentable appearance.
    Then to our surprise.. we learn,
    it's actually a one-way mirror !
    Installed by our prankster sibling..
    who sits on the other side,
    watching in amusement our silly antics !!
    At last, all decked-up, we go out..
    deal and interact with the world,
    trying to present our best part,
    to be liked and admired by all,
    unknowing that God sits on other side..
    of one-way mirror,
    watching quietly our enacted drama !

    And who is the 'prankster sibling'..
    on the other side of home-mirror ?
    Our original image.. The very own soul..
    of which mind is the xerox copy,
    and decorated body.. a poor copy's copy.


    Mind's posterior smeared with shiny Maya..
    making it one-way mirror.
    World-image reflected in it crystal clear..
    making it appear like absolute truth.
    Soul sits on back-side of mirror..
    watching in amusement the enacted drama.

  • harvest_of_mind 41w

    Umbilical cord

    I am amazed
    at the wonderful design of God !
    He delivers us..
    but never breaks the umbilical cord.
    Ocean brimming with His mercy..
    surrounds us from all around.
    As a devotee's heart is heated...
    He comes rushing like a monsoon cloud.
    As heat of longing peaks and braces,
    He surely showers cooling graces.

    As the flower of devotion blooms...
    and fragrance fills the air,
    He like a bee.. appears from nowhere.

    In distress.. He is at our beck and call,
    like a ever dependable dearest pal.


  • harvest_of_mind 43w

    Essence is same as in my Sacred fig.
    Describing the spell of Mother Maya.
    @writeforjoy @jigna_a @flame_ @shrihari_nandini @ira_neer

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    Mother enchantress

    Master of stealth,
    past-master of camouflage,
    ace sneaker,
    adept at disguise.
    Impossible to grip,
    slippery as snake,
    hard to trap..
    cunning as fox,
    tough to exclude..
    sneaker as cat.
    Feigns innocence..
    conceals dagger,
    pretends frality..
    invokes sympathy..
    grabs by neck !
    Buttered tongue..
    coaxes to indulge,
    divine enchantress,
    enthralls creation,
    mesmerizes soul..
    casts the spell.
    Bewitched brains,
    captivated intellect.

    Slowly comprehending..
    games you play,
    your game is up,
    bag of tricks is over.
    In infancy, as mother..
    in emotional hug..
    you held me tight,
    in youth, as mate..
    your endless charms..
    i had to fight.
    Now here i am..
    in full command..
    of body and mind,
    intellect sharp as razor,
    discretion piercing as laser,
    mind unwavering, still..
    as if in a freezer.

    Your appearance..
    getting too familiar,
    disguise works no longer.
    I can tell, it's you..
    from 100 yards span,
    from just a back-view,
    from glimpse of shadow,
    a look at your feet,
    your voice..
    nay, a mere whisper..
    sound of anklets,
    merely the foot-steps,
    your fragrance,
    nothing can escape.
    You can fool no more..
    give up..
    I can spot you..
    before you sneak..
    into interiors of mind.
    Devoid of renewal,
    delusion is exhausted.
    As magical mist thins..
    the truth shines through.
    Your magic is dispelled..
    as darkness before light.
    Darkness engulfs..
    till light shines not,
    your spell looms..
    till you are taken as truth.

    Frequently envision now,
    flashes of truth,
    getting often..
    peep behind the screen.
    Awaiting full blast of truth,
    enough of sweet falsehood,
    yearning desperately for..
    pure truth, bitter and naked !


  • harvest_of_mind 43w

    This was the original thought which was later converted to the post Transformation.

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    A bridge

    I am a bridge... old dilapidated,
    still putting-up resilient stand,
    spanning over river of time..
    across a deep ravine.
    On my one side are vast plains,
    on other side.. a mountain range.

    Watching since decades..
    water flowing under me relentless,
    reaching the destination.
    Enough water passed-by..
    to fill an ocean !

    From ocean, it evaporates,
    cools-up above the sky..
    and falls on mountains,
    flows back to me..
    passes under, to meet the ocean.
    The process revolved full-circle..
    many times, right in front of eyes.
    I stay transfixed, cursed by God,
    to stand-still, bear..
    and serve one and all.

    Oh God ! Liberate me,
    make me animate,
    allow me to flex muscles..
    let me tussle and wrestle.
    Allow me to test my might,
    let me flap the wings..
    let me take the flight.
    The freedom to struggle..
    to achieve what i deserve..
    i demand, as a matter of right.


  • harvest_of_mind 48w

    Father's day

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    An old man

    An old man out in the cold,
    bodily frail, mentally bold.
    Takes-up the royal challenge daring,
    the crowd left gaping and staring !!
    Stands waist-deep in freezing river water,
    watching night-long a lamp in watch-tower.
    Far-off lamp not lent warmth of physical kind,
    but gave inspiration & hope to desperate mind.
    The loved ones may not be always near,
    to provide material comfort and care.
    But quietly radiate blessings, hope & inspiration,
    like a distant lamp or star... at mental horizon.

  • harvest_of_mind 49w

    Inspired by the dependable, great Indian monsoon.

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    Monsoon magic

    Intensity of my longing raises the heat,
    clouds from my lord come rushing..
    to shower blessings and douse the flames !