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  • harvest_of_mind 55w

    @flame_ This is summerized version of earlier post 'Omnipresent depression'.

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    Depression to elevation

    Neither riches, nor cozy bed,
    nor tangy taste or earthly beauty...
    will ever satisfy a human mind.
    Neither power-weilding emperor's sword,
    nor all the worldly achievements you hoard.

    The restless mind searches for contentment in matter,
    Spirit alone provides peace... lasting forever.


  • harvest_of_mind 55w

    @flame_ 'Nanak dukhiya sabb sansar' (Says Nanak, 'The whole world is in miserable sorrow'). Translated in modern terms, should perhaps read as- ...the whole world is in depression'.

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    Omnipresent depression

    The poor are depressed for lack of wealth,
    the indulgent-rich, yearn for health.
    Stressed workers long for leisure,
    too much leisure is boring without measure.
    Students make excuses to skip schooling,
    in vacation, find home sickening and ailing.
    Achieving goals too early causes disorientation,
    delayed success exhausts patience, causing dejection.
    Life w/o challenges results in disinterest,
    life full of obstacles produces distress.
    Easy fulfillment of all desires dries-up excitement,
    non-fulfillment causes maddening frustration.
    Daily mundane chores cause depression,
    leaving comfort-zone induces nervous resignation.
    Uncertain future makes the anxiety rife,
    future known would take-out the juice of life.
    Some are depressed for lack of freedom,
    excess of liberty has ruined some.
    A few are depressed at relentless competition,
    lack of it fizzles-out motivation.

    A cursory solution seems optimal balance,
    to avoid extremes like deadly poison.
    A balance of riches, workload, struggles,
    and optimum of enjoyment and rewards.
    But the optimal-balance starts troubling soon,
    man wants excitement, balance may go for walk-on-moon !
    Like, with delicious meals served on platter..
    mind wants green-chilli-challenge to flatter.
    Deeper insight is- In widest spectrum of conditions..
    none is content with available options.
    Far-off lands appear lush green,
    own possessions have no sheen.
    Mind long for 'this', give it 'this'..
    now mind wants 'that', arrange for 'that'..
    it changes again the desired object !
    Problem is obviously with fickleness of mind,
    not with conditions of any kind.
    Rather than changing our conditions,
    we need to tackle our monkey-mind.
    Be content with things at hand,
    know that, desires are endless..
    and greenest is our land.
    The deepest solution is control of restless mind,
    like taming a beast of savage kind.
    Control the mind to peace lasting,
    peace provides glimpse of soul lurking.
    Mind lastly merges in its source forever,
    and is teased again by matter never.
    Amen !


  • harvest_of_mind 58w

    Inspired by adwaita philosophy, which would put no less price on any one than the whole universe. Each one of us is worth the whole universe.

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    I longed to know my worth,
    I was part of a rubble-pile,
    then, used as a stone in construction.
    For ages, i was part of an edifice,
    till it fell apart,
    i lost my identity again.
    An official found me by the way,
    fancied my shape.. for use as paper weight.
    I spent decades as burden on papers,
    till the office was shut-down,
    and i was sold as scrap.
    A goldsmith passed-by the scrap-dealer,
    he dusted me, his eyes sparkled.
    He exchanged me for a gold coin,
    scrap-dealer thrilled at good deal.
    At last i was glad to know my worth,
    I screamed-out in excitement -
    Am i really worth a gold coin ?!!
    Goldsmith smiled, "You are priceless !
    The biggest raw diamond ever..
    worth the whole universe !!"


  • harvest_of_mind 62w

    @jigna_a @shrihari_nandini
    Inspired by Adwaita philosophy which professes equivalence of soul and God.

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    True identity

    Infatuated by moon every night..
    one day I was lifted off my feet,
    and drawn through miles,
    like a fly, to the flame bright.
    There in the heavenly environ,
    I drank deep from the lake of elixir.
    I plunged, lost the senses..
    and spent time unknown.

    After long hours,
    I felt the darkness gathering,
    and elixir turning to water.
    The sun shone on the other side..
    and moon lost all it's charm.
    I kept brooding the whole night,
    and the next morning..
    took flight towards sun..
    at the first sight..
    realising it to be the power..
    behind the bewitching moon.
    Moon appeal was to heart,
    Sun's to the rational mind.

    Sun was scorching,
    I sweated like a fountain.
    I burned, I pushed-on,
    Sun was forbidding, threatening,
    I pushed-on.
    Finally, I merged in the Sun,
    and became one with it.
    Now, I realized my true identity,
    the beauty of moon is because of me !
    I am the sustainer of all life,
    the source of all energy !
    My light shines through all,
    lending charm to the beautiful,
    and bewitching the beholder !!


  • harvest_of_mind 63w

    Fictitious ego

    A decoration light's bulb-series is lighted,
    one bulb shines bright,
    the other one emits dim light,
    one twinkles off and on,
    another one is burnt and gone.
    Some are proud of their shining hues,
    a dull one is depressed and rues.
    Bright ones radiate with arrogance,
    flickering one's esteem waxes & wanes.

    A rose bud opens the baby eyes,
    glances at self and near-by.
    Develops sense of self-hood,
    then compares self with neighborhood.
    Looking at green buds, was filled with pride,
    beholding the prime ones..
    surged the jealousy tide.
    Watching the diseased.. was filled with scorn,
    seeing the wilted ones.. arrogance was born.

    An individual feels identity, ego and will,
    designer knows.. same life-line connects one & all.
    Same energy through all swirls,
    uniqueness comes from circuit-twirls.
    Sense of freedom is a magical illusion,
    as dark moon creates radiating delusion.
    Absolute freedom belongs to soul alone,
    percolates down to mind...
    to create a relative clone.


  • harvest_of_mind 67w

    Dedicated to all the underprivileged, deprived by... man, destiny and God.

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    Weed shall bloom

    I am a weed,
    unwanted, uncared for.
    Millions of my brethren perish..
    by hunger and thirst..
    forced upon us..
    by man, destiny and God.
    We are called invaders..
    in the privileged land,
    dispersed by elements..
    and nature's hand.
    The world stands against us..
    calling us pirate's-band.

    You destroy us by millions,
    but millions rise again.
    You may deprive me, kill me..
    all your efforts are in vain,
    I stand resolute..
    I shall resurrect again !
    You may try your best..
    to push me to doom,
    but by the will of God..
    I shall bloom..
    one day i shall indeed bloom !


  • harvest_of_mind 71w

    Belated thoughts on Basant Panchmi

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    Baseless ego

    There flies a large kite,
    proud of it's might,
    cuts off others strings..
    with effort slight.
    Floating like a majestic eagle,
    moving with poise regal.
    There, the other one is sharp & quick,
    proud of it's maneuverability and wit.
    One takes pride in it's crafty shape,
    other is proud of the colours it drapes.

    Size, might, shape and hues..
    are bestowed by the creator,
    thrust is given by wind, direction by plyer.
    The hidden plyer.. with tiny tugs..
    plays the game,
    the myopic kite cannnot see the plyer..
    and 'I am the doer', so it exclaims !!


  • harvest_of_mind 81w

    Water symbolises mind.

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    (stress induced) Slumber

    Fluid is my natural state,
    playfulness is my very trait,
    flow keeps me energetic..
    cheerful and sparkling clean.
    As my recklessness is checked,
    as my flow is blocked..
    discipline is enforced,
    or I am forced to rest,
    I get gloomy and stale,
    then loose the zest,
    and grow depressed...
    enter into.. the slumber deepest.

    Re-channelling idea is bright,
    but tougher to do than advised.
    Dammed water may be re-channelled,
    not the recalcitrant mind.
    To make an untamed mind 'still'..
    is indeed a daunting task.
    a still-mind slips into slumber fast.

    Lethargy pulling-in like a quagmire,
    still... i sit in spell-of-stupor,
    knowing well the consequences dire.
    To pull-out of stupor..
    and get energetic again,
    is a struggler's established bane.
    The ideal state of reined energy,
    ready at beck and call..
    is an order.. tallest of tall !!


  • harvest_of_mind 84w

    @shrihari_nandini An attempt to explain origin of universe and Maya. According to Adwaita, God.. seen through mind, appears as matter.

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    Beam of God

    The beam of God divine..
    enters the prism of mind,
    scatters into rainbow of universe..
    with hues, names and forms diverse.

    The dead matter obeys laws as sacred-lines,
    mind defies the laws... physics defines,
    the conscious bestows freedom of action..
    to change the future destined.
    Mind gets the lively shine...
    as moon borrows light.. and glows pristine,
    or as a gem by external light... dazzles bright.
    Mind's glow percolates through soma,
    soma moves around with lively aura.
    Mind alas.. gets captivated by panorama--
    .. the spectra of colours and lively drama.

    Beauty of matter is obtained by-chance..
    or is derived from efforts of mind.
    Mind's freedom is limited by matter's bind.
    A very few desire to find...
    the original source of freedom--
    The spirit... sans another, one of the kind,
    ...beyond apparently live body and mind.


  • harvest_of_mind 87w

    In response to query by my little sister @flame_ 'Does God listen to our prayers?'
    God did listen to prayers of Dhruv, Prahlaad, Draupadi, but not to instant prayers. Years of devotion, spiritual-living were at the back of it.

    खुद खुदा के बीच में,
    बड़े जतन से उसारिये...
    भौतिकता की दीवार।
    स्वार्थ के पाषाण हैं,
    भोग-भाव का गार।

    इन्द्रिय-सुख में लिप्त रहें...
    दिवस होए या रैन।
    फिर दुहाई ख़ुदा को दीजिए,
    फेर लिए क्यों नैन ?

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    Immersed day and night in sense-pleasure,
    we raise impregnable wall of matter..
    between self and the creator.
    Ego is the rock-solid foundation..
    Pursuit of beauty, comfort, melody, taste, aroma..
    are materials of construction.

    Then in times of need, we raise hue and cry..
    ‘Why God has left me high and dry’.

    Praying at eleventh hour is of no avail,
    Almighty cannot breach the wall…
    even if he can listen the wails.