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  • hash_sassy 1w


    Faking a smile is easier than explaining why you're sad

  • hash_sassy 1w


    Fight Fear with Faith

  • hash_sassy 2w


    There are 5 stages of grief
    Depression and

    Well I like to add one

  • hash_sassy 2w


    The books I read to fill my loneliness
    The songs I hear to feel love
    The movies I see to fill my dreams

    I want him to love me like the boys in my books
    I want him to feel for me like the boys in the songs do
    I want him to see me like the boys do in the movie

    I know these are just fantasy
    But just imagine it coming true
    Just imagine
    I would die to experience this in my life

  • hash_sassy 2w

    Happy new year y'all

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    New year

    Fresh start
    A new novel
    A new story
    A new adventure

    Love and

  • hash_sassy 5w

    #JAX# like my father

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    I need a man who's patient and kind
    Gets out of the car and holds the door
    I need to grow old with someone who makes me feel young

  • hash_sassy 6w

    Love is our own little part of insanity

  • hash_sassy 7w

    By unknown writer

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    They say that love is friendship that is caught on fire
    But ours is struck by lightning

  • hash_sassy 8w

    By unknown writer

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    His words

    You'll always be my lightning rod

  • hash_sassy 8w


    Lovin' him is like driving a new Maserati dow a dead end street
    Faster than the wind , Passionate as sin , Ending so suddenly

    Losing him was BLUE, like I'd never know
    Missing him was DARK GREY,all alone
    But lovin' him was RED