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  • hasnath_mubeena 63w

    FACE: (the first petal of hydrangeas)
    Ripe my heart open
    with your favourite poetry
    without uttering a word.
    The empty lips and your
    deep stare erase all details
    of my existence.
    Take me under the same tree,
    where the horizon of colors sink,
    like a pale truth.

    The empire is falling apart
    from yesterday's handwritten letters.
    We crave for love like a broken kid,
    but do we feel all those immeasurable
    amount of lives our breathe touches.
    Autumn leaves withering like
    yellow snow, this desert will see blooming
    flowers and smiles of a book.

    Paint your own face, fill the tints
    of your heart, let this world walk in
    like a niche for the nomads.
    Folly be the voices calling you back
    to the darkness behind the curtains,
    For it has been sent, to eat a little bit
    of your fear.

    Let go of the grief, flaws and splinters
    of glasses piercing your eyes.
    To the horizon we belong and it is

    The horizon is sinking.
    And now we've been holding
    eachother, let us fly.

    The horizon is sinking,
    let the ship's anchor reach the depths
    of your nerves.

    The horizon is sinking,
    also the distance between you and my pulse.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha

    #pod #face #artjournal #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 69w

    I'd love to write poetry on everything that labels your ignorance. Maybe our stomach is like an ocean, yearning for the secret wisdom. I've been watching your madness slowly finding a cause to fight. Where to find light before the Big Bang? I want to rebel against my Coffee for keeping me high when my feet and eyes are tired of overspoken matters. It's not where you belong or how you should be, it's you and who you're in your own mind and it makes you brilliant. The journey seems to have a potential to flip the sunset. O dear soul, the October is here on the door. © Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha

    #pod #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee
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    Exams khatm for now

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    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 71w

    Why people write about heart breaks often?
    Don't they realise that the only thing that
    night loss from the day is "Light and noise"?
    The chaos of the world on one side
    and the agony of not making art on the other.
    Holding back all the words that is scorching
    my throat is a bizzare journey to madness.

    The footprints were remanats of the coffee stained
    journal, spilled with some reverie.
    Maybe this sea will bring peace someday,
    let the storm howl, it looks like a glass spread
    reflecting everyone sitting along the Marine drive.
    Wake up tonight, this reckless moonlight
    seems to have a life full of wailing memories.

    I always think about future everyday,
    in the hope of earning it one day.
    Remember, everything has a page
    on it we can shed some colors instead of emptiness.
    Breathe slowly, for this air is filled with love.
    This bag tucked in the corner of the room
    isn't bleeding with justice for all your pain already?

    The vermilion streaked sky is hiding a secret
    you won't believe what living in space feels like
    If I'd say, about all the strayed satellites sending
    back the signals, the existence of you and me
    is real, for sure the dying stars gives its spark
    to the universe, from where it all started.
    Breathe slowly, for your lungs is gasping for the sun.

    Breathe slowly. Just Breathe. Breathe.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha

    #pod #writersnetwork #pathosplant @writersnetwork @mirakee
    PC: @hasnath_mubeena

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    Dear Pathos,
    Aren't we already breathing in same phase?
    Stay connected to my nerves, breathe slowly.
    Breathe the celestial soul inside my fingers.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 72w

    I don't wanna go home tonight,
    for it has started turning like a cliff of the mountain.
    Maybe I should catch the fire and pet it,
    I hope it'll never burn me like my heart does.
    Maybe this evening is not meant for the first sip of coffee
    Or the last bite of truth, which I don't wanna gulp.
    You know what is more painful than
    the splinter of consciousness stuck in my eyes?
    Everything I urge to write goes down the ally of
    reader's mind, who is oblivious of my story.

    I don't wanna go home with the same legs
    those are shaking since long, like a puppy left in snow.
    Maybe, this world wants me to hide all my emotions
    and is willing to kiss the weakness behind the facade.
    I feel free when I write, I feel free when I write, I feel free when I write.
    Maybe, my words are nomadic birds,
    they search for warm nests in someone's life.
    You know when I cry under the shelter of happiness, even if the cocoon of anonymity is cleaving?
    Everything I dream must be written on air and engraved on gold, at least I crossed someone's memory for a while.

    I don't wanna go home tonight, darling.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha

    #pod #writersnetwork #home @mirakee @writersnetwork
    ( Writer's block and exams)
    Picture Credits: ©hasnath_mubeena

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    This drop of water don't wanna
    mix with the ocean tonight.
    The cleavage of your heart is coated
    with stars, zipping all the blackholes inside.
    I feel free when I write. I am free when you read.
    I want you to be free like your name.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 76w

    A Reverie:
    I swim in the vast desert,
    like an angler fish escaped
    from the depth of a mirage.
    When I see you, my pupil
    enlarge to swallow the
    demon behind your poems.
    One more grain of sand
    is left in the crannies of my nails,
    where you can paint Van Gogh's "Starry Nights".
    Whenever the person in my mirror,
    travel back in time,
    she brings me cassettes
    and lyrics of all the summer albums.

    Don't forget my heart,
    my smile and this tale.
    For this ocean in front of me,
    speaks the language of selkies.
    Can you feel the glitches
    in this air, that siege your abode?
    I'm like the wave driven by the
    storms and scattered like dandelions.
    I grow wild, bravely like Bougainvillea.
    I'd still let you go like you never
    belonged to my shore.

    The neighbors on my window,
    the cat walking on the tallest walls
    and the hydrangeas blooming in my soul
    will always remember you.
    Not like an unsealed/unhealed
    wound, but as you love me,
    still and always will.
    You're not the pain slung
    on my ribs, you're the reverie
    sneaked into a poet's metaphors.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha

    Picture Credits: @hasnath_mubeena

    #pod #writersnetwork #reverie @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    An empty handed mermaid,
    pearls in the chest and
    a golden cascade filled with
    scriptures of love, are all the medicine
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 78w

    Dear August,
    I love the way you wear Monsoon like sweater knit by a mother. People celebrate you as you're the symbol of Freedom, but you're a fighter who made peace with my soul. There's still some hope left in the wrinkles of your eight months old eyes, when you smile behind a sunflower on your face. This year, you're a different person from my vintage journal who speaks about humanity and coexistence. Whenever someone asks me what you smell like, I show them my heart. How gradually you sneak into our lives and build a home in a nook of our world and leave without any adios like scintilla. This year is bizarre like old albums filled with unknown faces, but you're here like the rainbow after the rain. You're a dream that appeared in one of my eyes, the other is anticipating the unbound mystery of healing the time. I know you are here, and would never turn me empty-handed. I can't love you enough, so here I'm to unwind my drenched nerves and tie them like a bracelet around your hands. Come let's find unique ways to love each other in 31 golden days. You are the immunity of the year. You sell Coffee as souvenirs.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha
    #pod #august #writersnetwork #eidAugust2020
    Thank you so much for this ����@writersnetwork

    Thank you so much �� @mirakee
    Piece inspired by @mariah.javed (ig)
    PC: @hasnath_mubeena

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    How to unlearn all the patterns of hate?
    Call me "August" I'll write your name
    on every flowers that's to bloom tomorrow.
    I know my past is forgetting me like
    words of a sacred book and hymn.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

  • hasnath_mubeena 79w

    Dear Mirakee,
    I walk through the memories and embrace the frozen path under my heart. When I don't write anything, I think of every possible feelings and happiness to write. Hence, the halcyon days and the bottled up emotions find an abode somewhere under a green sky. Poetry is not an abditory, in which the pain dissolves. It is a niche of life, time, love, secrets, everything between the wormholes and whiteholes. Nostalgic is my soul, about a the bricks, leaves and air of curiosity town. If I have the might to change anything, I'll carve my name on this moment Beautifully with a chisel of courage, a hammer of existence on the granite of fear. I'm just a sentence on everyone's tongue and a fire in your eyes. I'm with you when I'm under the spell of metaphors of a classical poetry. I still crave for a home in your heart.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha
    #pod #writersnetwork #famliy @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • hasnath_mubeena 79w

    Like one of my blind eyes, through which the world seeded my imperfections, there's is a mirror deep down inside everyone of you. You see what you think, I see you as a person from tomorrow who is afraid to accept the change, because you see yourself as oblivion. Every art is soliloquy of the artist and so you, and so me.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

    #you #writersnetwork #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • hasnath_mubeena 84w

    Smile For Yourself, First!

    There're days when a triple shots Espresso won't kick in.You just feel empty, tired unreasonably. Things doesn't turn our way, they fall apart over and over. Before collecting them all, please collect yourself which is more important than anything. We often get so much lost in this uncertain world that, we forget living our life to the fullest. This is injustice to ourselves. Let not the external negative elements affect your mental strength and faith. Always believe in your first instinct! Be there for yourself first, before you can be there for your loved ones. Don't let your soul sink in confusions and chaos created by this materialistic world. You are the wall, hence you can paint numerable masterpieces. You deserve more good things than what you go through today. Just have power to cross this darkest phase of life even if you can't see a tiny light on the other side. You Matter always no matter what! Your happiness depends on the way you think about things.
    Stay alive to live the good, brightest days you always deserve. Smile for yourself, first. You've come all this way, through the toughest/hardest/heart-wrenching years with more courage. You deserve the happiness.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena