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  • hazel_nut_sucks 6w

    Beck yi Jin and Na hee do

    To everyone who has seen this drama (spoilers)
    I started this as a way to escape the alone time in a new city and ended up reliving and understanding my past memories.
    The drama conveys the most important of growth phases people experience, from fighting for the manga books to retiring in your career.
    The drama talks about the smallest of things that we miss. It proved that a drama doesn't need to have so much kisses to be a good drama.
    It made me cry and laugh a lot in its mere 16 episodes. It made me realise then when people breakup it's necessarily not anyone's fault and the fact that the little supports can take you to greater lengths when it is right. Sometimes it's good to let things go and you will find something to hold onto for long if you find that something.
    It's the stupid laugh and crazy fights that make the memories worthwhile. The untold stories and the missed hugs will haunt you forever but it is okay to dwell on these things and move on.

    This is one of my favourite dramas , so i can't be a reviewer for this drama

  • hazel_nut_sucks 12w

    A little place

    The knot in the shadows of the dark room
    Made way to the night light
    The knot has its weird significance, a mundane task that required a lot of effort
    The knot was to be made in the curtains it was a jugaad for non slidables hooked ones.
    The knot now served a purpose of this prose which may seem ignored but has its own little place.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 12w

    Pain and Misery

    Is pain and misery inevitable,
    Is it important for pain to be felt to experience peace
    I disagree you can't love when you are broken
    You don't have to always be burnt for the ice to sooth you
    Something bad will not enhance the nature of goodness
    That is itself a broken and miserable concept.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 13w

    What should I write

    After reading the editor's choice section i thought it's been days since I wrote i should pen down some thoughts
    But then the same old question came back "what should I write"
    "What do I know"
    "What do I believe"
    "Does my thoughts matter"
    "Is my writing good"
    Then I closed it again and the train of thoughts stayed
    It stayed as deep as my under confidence
    It never haunted because I have out grown the ghost under beds
    So it just stayed like those small pimple that always bumps and pains when you move your hand around but you can't break it, because you wait for it to cure by itself as it will be so painful when you force it
    It stays and pains and after a time you ignore it, and then you forget forever
    Now as you have forgotten it is hard to say is it gone or grown you never know...

  • hazel_nut_sucks 14w

    Being Drunk

    I guess this is what being drink feels like
    sitting by the window, listening to a slow ballad song ,
    having a unknown peace without the crowding of thoughts
    which has been there till the last second and
    finally able to clear of all fears, anxiousness, and doubts
    left only with the clear sound of the music on the flow
    with a rose filter on the back and a faint smile.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 16w


    I am scared when people ask me what will you be in 10 years
    I am scared because I am expected have two answers
    When I say I would prefer peaceful personal life people say don't you have aim in life
    When I say I want to be successful in profession they say success comes at a cost
    I wonder why is there a situation when I have to choose
    Why is it always a preference
    I am scared when people ask me what will you choose, when I say I want both.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 19w

    Does the moon feel relieved and grown after every new moon day
    Do the earth feel old after a whole rotation
    Do the trees think they are experienced after spring season
    Then why does the human think they have achieved it all after a day of passing.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 20w

    Not the same anymore

    New year's used to be so celebrative, with wishes and treats
    Now it's just about wanting a little more peace and sleep
    New year comes with a new slate they say
    Now it's just about finding some chalks on the way
    New year's eve was a day of aspirations
    Now it's just about reminding "No more confusions"
    New year eve was a day of cure
    Now it's just not that same anymore

  • hazel_nut_sucks 21w

    Never Give Up

    She rolled her eyes after hearing this the thousandth time,
    "One more time anyone says this, I am gonna strangle them and say now try not giving up".
    This is the point people miss you can't think about the positivity, motivation when you are drowning in the sea. Whatever you are doing is just keeping you alive. You don't tell the person who is in ventilator that everyone has the same time you can run stop being lazy. That is stupid and murder at the same time.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 21w


    Initial stage was the confusion
    Intermediate stage was realisation along with confusion
    Final will be giving up