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  • heartords 17w

    You know since it is
    Your birthday today
    I came here for a picnic
    And write about things
    I somehow got lost in
    Imagination where we...

    We going somewhere on rickshaw
    and sitting together
    I will be smiling
    Smiling like an idiot
    Looking at you
    How am I supposed to stop myself?
    From gazing at you and
    Not making you feel awkward. Huh?

    Would you ask me to stop staring at you?
    and When I still cannot stop
    would you say "oh goddd!
    That's why I did not want to meet you!"
    While rolling your eyes to the sky?
    Or are you planning to stare me back
    With your evergreen innocent eyes?
    Because I am not the only one in love, right?

    I wonder if you'll consider me a lunatic
    For the way my eyes would be glued at you
    Or you'll be blooming all red
    With love my eyes be gleaming of.
    I know you'll feel love yet
    Won't say a word but
    Could you just blush a little more?
    Just that I know you're liking it.

    We’ll go to some park
    With amazing sights all around
    Would you find it romantic
    If I still be looking at you?
    I wonder how I'll be able to ask you
    For your hand while walking
    Amidst the green lush.
    Would you be holding hands or
    Hesitate out of shyness?
    I know you love me too
    But I too am shy enough to ask you
    For everything that I can /should do unasked
    Afterall we will be meeting for the first time.

    Or will you surprise me
    And show a different you?
    The one who is madly in love with me
    The one who doesn't care
    To hold back her emotions.
    Will you say it all?
    Which you never really expressed
    And wondered if I could still understand?

    Would this wind blow strong enough?
    To push you into me.
    Or this little insect will scare you enough?
    For you to jump onto me.
    Will you try to resist or
    Help the nature to its cause?

    Would I already be starting to miss you?
    Though your hand will still be in mine?
    Would you wipe my tears with your hands?
    Or you will be the one crying
    That this day shall never end?

    Would you hug me so tight?
    That I would stop inhaling air
    But your body odour?
    I'll store it in bulk because
    With you I never know the next time
    We will be together...

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    A day with you ❤️ (caption)

    Would you like to bring my poetry to reality?

  • heartords 19w

    Not a good state to be in.

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    You stay silent for so long
    That when you try to speak
    Your very own voice
    Sound foreign to you...

  • heartords 19w

    Are you?

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    You look beautiful but...
    Are you?

  • heartords 20w

    and the truth is we all will never have that innocent pure love

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    We definitely had something real between us
    But only I can call it Love
    It's too pure of a word
    For you to even understand...

  • heartords 23w


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    ये मौसम अचानक क्यूं बदल रहा है..
    कहीं छुप-छुपके तुमसे तो नहीं मिल रहा है?

  • heartords 23w


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    What category am I?

    i read somewhere that
    An Introvert is one deriving energy from within
    An Extrovert is one deriving energy from others.
    I let people drain my energy,
    What category am i?

  • heartords 24w


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    क्यूं दिखाई वो दुनिया
    जो सच नही थी।
    जो तूने बताया दुनिया को मेरे बारे
    वो हक़ीक़त नहीं थीं।

  • heartords 32w

    For some I am the relief
    For some I am the escape
    Alas! People often use me
    To portray themselves a beautiful landscape.

    For some I hide their guilt
    For some I cover their shameful act
    For what they never understand
    One day I’ll pay you back intact.

    For some I am a convincing tool
    For some I may not seem very cool
    I was never meant to exist
    Now I just am used to make people fool.

    For some I am
    the only way they talk
    For some I hide
    Their true identity with a white chalk.

    For some I am the boon
    To some I immune
    from their deserved danger
    also for what they can
    Continue pretending angels.

    All corrupted hearts
    Says my acumen
    And I am the reason
    They call themselves humans…

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    it all lies within Lies...❤️

  • heartords 36w

    I'll find my peace internally, eternally ��️

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    One day gloomy
    Other happy for no reason
    Hating self so much
    Hoping for a change of season.

    Not being able to
    Look myself in the mirror
    Watching boats sail by
    Wondering how to cross the river.

    Elated for the progress I made
    Yet it’s like I never took a step ahead
    I was part of a special trade
    Lifeless life yet denied death...

  • heartords 38w

    Now that I look back
    The guilt grows gross
    The hell I lived
    While you built cosmos
    I wasn’t part of.

    Now that I look back
    I saw it raining today
    Small drops, loud sound
    Just over the blood
    Shimmering through wounds
    That you once carved on my soul
    I was fooled and I was clowned.

    Now that I look back
    All those promises
    Promising Forever
    Nows and Nevers
    Highs and Lows
    The good The bad
    Happy or Sad
    Seems like the most
    Terrible dream I ever had.

    Now that I look back
    It makes me so sick
    You made me hate me
    Made people do hate me
    You used to shame me
    Frustrate me, Hallucinate me.
    Your words fascinate me.

    Now that I look back
    I still am not over you
    Seems like I never will
    Maybe I’m not strong enough
    I ain’t a sage sent from up the hill.

    Now that I look back
    You seemed unaffected
    evoking my fears
    Or my incessant tears
    Be it my health
    Or my career
    I hope you enjoyed
    My destruction’s premiere...

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    if someday you wish to come back, my arms will be wide open but just not sure if I'll be able to hold you back tight