When love comes, there is no divergence. Paused ❤️

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  • heartsease 2d

    There's a salvation when,
    your feet don't long to melt in
    the footsteps of chaos and
    you share this breathing space
    word by word on a blank leaf.
    A home you made,
    a temple it looked;
    where whole universe is draped
    in an explicit cloak of a rhyming

    There were times when,
    the world was painted in green
    except for the blue skies and
    sapphire oceans, where we made
    love in epilogues of rainbow and
    loosened-letters called stars of
    Moon did brightened,
    twilight borrowed some hues;
    when the geometry of our souls
    was drawn amidst the syllables
    of a beautiful poetry.

    There's a closet opening in
    my arms, of flowers that smell
    of hope and books that read
    self-worth when sunshine wraps
    around me and clouds leak pride.
    A wound I kissed,
    It bloomed into a rose;
    where scars are sown and raised
    as strength into the empty spaces
    of a free-versed poetry.

    There's peace in silence when,
    the words turn down to ashes
    but are still sung upon in poems
    admired by each passerby.
    A dream you weaved,
    a beauty that flourished;
    where the midnight rustle of leaves
    and the blow of air is treasured
    in the collection of poetry, and
    in a touch of moment with ink
    I understood,
    Everyone becomes a poet.

    This is perhaps the #end of me :)

    @writersnetwork it is never late to mend right? Thank you ❤️

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  • heartsease 3d

    I was fading into darkness
    until poetry brought me a sun,
    little did I knew metaphors
    don't make your soul glow
    until you yourself choose to burn.


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    The breeze of October feels
    little cold these days and I'm
    wandering in the fields of words,
    for winters are already reserved
    by wordsmiths.
    But my mind seems to be warm,
    it's a battlefield where millions
    of thoughts are fighting against
    each other to settle their king-
    dom over my tongues tip.

    My frozen heart is fathomed
    under the bright summer sun
    but my allegories succumb in
    front of those winter chills
    which make me rest upon the
    boulevards of imaginations.
    Leaves have turned viridescent
    till now, orange already bade
    adieu brushing my skin with the
    hope of another reincarnation.

    The war is left half played
    because some days it rains down
    or summer comes too soon and
    moreover I need frost to stabilise
    my turbidity.
    But the revolution is more about
    raising lilies and jasmines on the
    the porcelain of my battlefield,
    making them my muse for eternity.

    And the breeze of October feels
    little warm on days when I walk
    on road which take me under the
    shelter of sunkissed poetries.

  • heartsease 3d

    You looked at the vigilance of my feathers
    and exclaimed it'd take ephemeral flights.
    But darling you failed to see,
    this bird has splattered poetic wings
    to travel beyond heights.

  • heartsease 4d

    Smoking and drinking is injurious for health.


    I've even lost the hope for getting ec on my posts (+_+)

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    getting drunk
    over red tequilas,

    fall in
    love without sigh.

    smoking cigars
    of half-burnt flowers,

    oozing from
    poetries get-me high.

  • heartsease 5d

    I've watered poetries everyday
    before they bloomed into conflicts,
    and here's my un-nurtured heart
    breaking into healed fragments
    of twenty-six.

  • heartsease 5d

    शश्यापि पतति तस्य सौंदर्यस्य पुरत:
    यदा चक्षुषे साकम् तम् अहम् लिखामि।
    नैकम् शरद: परिमृज्
    द्विगुणा नि:श्वसनम् अस्माकम् कथाम् विना।

    Even the moon falls in front of his beauty,
    when I write him with my eyes.
    Not a single autumn pass over
    without breathing out our stories twice.

    My first attempt to write a poem in Sanskrit ❤️

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  • heartsease 1w

    A threnody

    I blink in the eye of morose,
    trespassing the aftermath of
    carnage, the soil reeks of rotten
    blood and brewing forlorn.
    The golden sun settles on
    the forehead of warriors while
    pain camouflage,
    I thought that peace would
    stay forever: I was wrong.

    I burn on massacred battlefields,
    where flowers aren't plucked
    but slaughtered beneath feet
    turning their homes into barren
    lands. Winds blow away
    withered petals and eulogies
    are sung upon,
    I thought inhabitants be sheltered
    forever: I was wrong.

    I stand and recall last spoken
    words of a father, son and
    spouse choked inside throat
    while wrapping in the arms
    of motherland. Life looked like
    half burnt cigarette, there was
    much to offer but it snatched
    back, I thought that love would
    last forever: I was wrong.


    @writersnetwork do you think this belong to refrain? Anyways thank you ❤️

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  • heartsease 1w

    Your smile is a lie to the world
    but a womb of belief to me,
    that settles inside my throat
    choking it each minute, every hour,
    imbued with subtle waves
    flourishing the ripples of forever,
    when my heart and voyage are
    bequeathed in thunder-storms.

    Your smile is a lie of utmost
    human thought that breaths
    with a frolic imagination when
    my sky is suppressed in anxiety,
    where clouds darn wails but
    your lips etch a rainbow over
    horizons that are dipped in
    midnight scrutiny.

    Your smile is a lie as explicit as
    the eternity of autumnal leaves
    deceptive yet crucial to transpire,
    an amalgamation of ache and
    sentiments wrapping the truth
    in veiled reveries like ashes
    preserved from the burning fire.

    Your smile is a lie like the sun
    that rise to slumber till evening,
    that weave hope from moments
    like picking out meaning from
    idioms. It's an arrow to my
    fragility some days but today
    it's the charm of my poetry.


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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    Your smile is a lie to the world
    but a womb of belief to me,
    which raises cherry blossoms
    on the backyard of my thoughts
    sailing against the raging destiny.

  • heartsease 1w

    #mondo changed

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    What is yellow?
    Flamboyant daffodils of Wordsworth
    teaching you to bloom upon solitude.

  • heartsease 1w

    Let me tell you, about my muse -
    a woman festooned with
    bloomed lilacs, her hairs unfurling
    into mauve sky and womb
    embroidered of pastured lands.

    She's the concoction of earthly
    being and celestial entity,
    liberating moon to wander in
    When sun sets in her palms and
    metropolis thud onto shores,
    birds inhabit betwixt her ravines
    in plurality.

    The reveries you paint on stars
    are tapestries of her, which gets
    plucked into meteors to stitch
    each hue breezing into existence.
    On empty lanes beneath the
    clear sky, she stands as sunlight
    and not a streetlight, illuminating
    boulevards of bleak divergence.

    There blows a soft wind
    which bereaves your anxiety
    when exhaled smog of chimneys
    ebbs out of her lungs.
    Unaware of industrial kissed
    zephyr, she nurtures her field
    with nightingale melodies and
    a mother's crooning rhythm.

    Some days,
    she's a rural mosaic
    unfathomable as poetry.
    Some days,
    she's a typhoon
    which can't be fathomed
    for eternity.


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