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  • heather_ 5w


    The fragrance of the mist
    The cold -warming breeze
    All are lost somewhere
    And I will get them back
    never again.

    Last winter
    In the month of December
    We got together
    You promised to hold my hands

    It's not even December
    But we are not together
    All the fake promises
    Have wilted like a flower .

    I already know I will get you back
    Never again
    So I will fall in love
    Never again.

    It's 12 at night
    And I am still alive.


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    Never again


  • heather_ 19w

    My brain is not working nowadays ... Hope y'all are fine
    I see Mirakee added some updates ...
    Well bye ! Have a great day ahead !

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    Cold blue sky
    Bid me good bye
    There are beautiful hues
    But I am lost in the blues.

    I closed my eyes
    I saw the sun rise
    Nothing is clear
    There are wet tears .

    Suddenly thousand of memories
    Going through my heart
    My body got freeze
    Is this death ?

  • heather_ 26w

    You are beautiful . Don't care about what others say . You are pretty. Believe on yourself :)

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    U- urbane
    G- great
    L- lovely
    Y- youthful

  • heather_ 31w

    If you're suffering from some mental health issues and you are totally alone you can write a diary . your diary will be the person with whom you can share everything.

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    When a person is helpless,depressed ,lonely,anxious, have no one to talk about their feelings, bounded with this pain they can't help themselves nor the society does to them. Its easy to judge people and say rubbish about them instead of knowing whats going inside them . those helpless people have nothing to do but end their life by themselves.

  • heather_ 31w

    Once a wise man told this.
    By unknown writer

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    Love people when you still can
    Follow your dreams when you still can
    Life is too short.

  • heather_ 35w

    To ,

    Hey! How you doing? I hope you are alright. I heard that you are not feeling good so i decided to write to you. Don't feel sad its fine. Everything will be okay just trust in yourself. Don't end it and don't loose now or else you will regret it. What are you doing now? I am sipping my coffee and looking at you. But you are not looking at me . your lying in a corner and crying the whole time. Why? Why do you always care about what others say and why don't you look at yourself. You are special. There is only one you. Don't feel sad. Common stand up . you can do it. The world is beautiful don't give up just by seeing one dam of garbage. Within the trashes there are flowers in the world too. Now stand up and do it. My wishes are with you. And don't worry I care for you :).
    From -

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A letter to myself


  • heather_ 35w

    You don't know me
    But you're afraid of me,
    Am I this horrible?
    Am I this Bad?

    Don't be sad
    I am not bad
    I won't harm you
    I care for you.

    I am not a bad guy
    "I just want to say you hi."

    You don't come close to me
    Oh ! I am so lonely.

    Just need friend to play
    But they think I am a prey.

    Just because I am a little different
    They don't like me they go away from me.

    I have no bad intentions
    Just come a little closer.

    "Don't be afraid
    Just wanna tell you hi "

    God always takes good people ��

    Happy birthday to this lovely charming angel. ������
    She wanted to be a mother but her dream didn't came true . I hope she is doing good there. Happy birthday Sulli . We love you ❤

    (Lines in quotations (") are inspired by the song goblin by Sulli. Stream it or listen to it . it won't be meaning less or waste of time)

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  • heather_ 36w


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    Some dreams never come true ,
    But they can be true if we want them to

  • heather_ 36w

    When I will not be here
    Promise me
    You will take care
    Of yourself.

    When I will not be here
    Promise me
    You will not cry
    Thinking about me.

    When I will not be here
    Promise me
    You will not miss me
    And will go with flow.

    When I will not be here
    Promise me
    You will love me
    As you do now.

    Holding tears is more tough than college entrance exams ��.

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    When I will not be here


  • heather_ 37w

    Springs call

    Blossoms in the trees ,
    Gathering of honey bees
    Near the flowers ,
    Birds taking a shower
    In the fountain
    Frost free mountains.

    Offsprings are coming in the branches of trees
    The cold dead winter going with the hiss
    Sun shining brightly in the sky along with clouds
    Children screaming loudly in the joy of getting away from the bounds.

    River flowing ,
    Birds chirping,
    Clouds yelling,
    Sun shining,

    Caterpillar turning into butterfly
    Little sparrow having its first fly
    More blue getting in the sky
    The dreams becoming more high

    That's what spring feels like
    The aura of spring making me hype
    Shattered pieces of my heart
    Getting together again
    I feel like I am being born
    A G A I N !

    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork

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