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  • heather_ 46w

    She is beautiful as heather,
    She shines like a star ,
    With the two hands
    She controls her whole world .

    She is soft as cotton ,
    She is like a queen,
    She will find a solution for your problem
    With her steady brain.

    She can fly
    She can shine
    She can care
    She can be scared.
    She can be angry
    She can be lovely
    She can whatever she wants to be
    She just needs a chance.

    She is an allrounder
    Yes she is an woman.
    She can be your mother
    Your sister
    Your wife
    Your girlfriend
    Your bestfriend
    She will never disappoint you
    She is allrounder.


    Happy women's day my fellow lovely women .... Keep on shining you were born to shine . I know I am late its already 12 but we don't need a particular day if we give the women the respect they deserve than every day is women's day. We all need love and respect that's all.


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  • heather_ 47w

    From a page of my diary.

    Well bye I will not be active for some days/weeks... Exams are coming.. Sorry if I didn't /don't check your posts you tagged me in or I saw but ignored .... Goddamn I wanna kill that person who invented exam after I kill the founder of valentine's day xD ... Bbye ��

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    Its okay to feel low ,
    But its not okay to feel useless .
    Don't worry
    You're perfect
    In your own way.

  • heather_ 49w

    I gotta share my journey of being a kpop stan . I am a stan since 2019 . I started listening to kpop from november of 2017 but I wasn't a big fan though. Once I was listening to gangnam style and after that I got Ring Ding Dong by SHINee in my recommendation I listened to it I liked it . After that in december 18 I heard that a star left. I was pretty much sad .but I forgot about it as I wasn't a fan of kpop. Than in 2018 I totally forgot about kpop. Than In 2019 my friends told me to listen to BTS I listened I remembered all . I started to become a stan and a big fan since than . now I am really glad that I am a Kpop stan. If I forgot about it totally I would've regret about it.Now I wanna say something about my fav groups .Idk why most of this are girl groups.

    Because of BTS I became a stan again I will thank them forever. They taught me how to love myself and told me how important I am.

    SHINee is always special to me . but after a time stopped listening to them. Because I keep on feeling the absence of my bias. And sometimes I really feel sad. But they are the first kpop group I ever listened too.

    blackpink taught me how to stand again. Doesn't matter how much hard the time is you can always start again .

    twice told me that I am one in a million and how to express love .Twice made me feel special.

    redvelvet's concepts are really so good they are just too unique and sometimes creepy.

    I am a new forever glow . but their song give me confidence of different level and they're just so energetic.

    same with Mamamoo they are queen of confidence. Their concepts are unique from one another.

    Not gonna make it more big. But will make part 2.

    SARANGHAE ������

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  • heather_ 52w

    �� DePResSeD PErsoN ��

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    Its always easy to judge people than understanding them.

  • heather_ 52w

    Learning from life ��

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    Don't give people so much attention
    That they leave caring about you ,
    Sometimes you should make them feel

  • heather_ 56w

    Happy Tae Tae day !��✨
    Happy birthday
    To an weirdo
    To an alien
    To a Cutie
    #taehyung #V #BTS

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    Aliens are always rare
    Some of them are very precious

  • heather_ 56w

    That here refers to love.

    Bakwas ��
    (My current fixed caption )
    P.C - Pinterest

    This is something I thought after listening to Gashina (by Sunmi) Try it ... Its very nice.. {My suggestions }

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    If you want me to shed tears for that,
    Then I don't want your love bae.

  • heather_ 57w

    You are not a winner until You win from yourself,
    you are not a loser until you believe that you can win.

  • heather_ 57w


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    We all are actors ,
    We all act to be happy holding our tears inside.

  • heather_ 58w

    Suddenly remembering someone .....

    Goblin did something to me actually ��
    Suddenly completed the drama and now I m like going crazy .... Always listening to Stay with me and remembering someone... Goshh.. I m talking too much now a days ... Sorry for wasting your time ���� maaf kardo is nanhi jaan ko....

    PC: pinterest.

    #goblin #mirakee #repost

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    I keep on dreaming about you
    Even in the darkest night of my life,
    Even when its tough times I think about you,
    Because you give me strength to fight my fears ,
    Even if you are not beside me
    I feel loved whenever I think about you.