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  • heclamation 15w

    Winter stories

    Cold cold days are near,
    When sun doesn't want to rise,
    Cold breeze is what, sky only wears
    With a sprinkle of droplets it applies

    When the coldest of hearts
    Are tried to be kept warm
    Just as the day finally starts
    The light starts to take a turn wrong

    Night is the quitest time
    It brings the mind to think
    How lonely and how we're left behind
    Even though the mind is shrinked

    The smokes reveal their true dense colours
    The fire isn't hot anymore
    The vision slightly blurs
    Winter gives us a chance to explore.

  • heclamation 25w

    Let you go

    What happened is not what I thought
    Ain't really happy with what I got
    I guess I'm left in isolation to rot
    Is this the ending? I hope not;

    Though you must know
    It's hard to let you go
    To me a never ending love this world owe
    "Where did the sunlight bestowed by my virtues go"

    Just when times started getting good
    Bad luck came our way, strong it stood
    Perhaps the dream came to an end
    I heard reality has a message sent

  • heclamation 27w

    I see the agony,
    And I see the pain,
    The burning of souls and the hearts
    Will it ever end?

    What remains now is hope
    To just feel the heartbeat when we wake,
    Perhaps this all will end
    Afterall there's wellness in God's will.

  • heclamation 28w


    When I felt the chills over me,
    That's when I knew,
    Something was missing within me
    And I'm addicted to you.

    When I felt your instant need,
    That's when I realized,
    From no one else can I be feed
    And now I'm facing an inner demise

    When I felt that I'm obsessed,
    That's when I accepted,
    To you can I get the only rest,
    And for you only have I existed.

  • heclamation 32w


    These falls come to me in the form of illusions, leaving me questioning the fact if it was real or just a confusion.

  • heclamation 33w

    I love you and it's not a dream
    As unreal as it may seem
    It's perpetual, you may deem
    We both flow, like water in a stream

    As I sit through the night
    Desperate to feel your touch
    You come in every imaginable sight
    Know that this heart craves you so much

    At some point I have to question
    Why your each memory leave an impression?
    Are these marks worth going on for?
    Is your love slowly becoming an obsession?

  • heclamation 36w

    Why don't we give it a thought,
    Are we thinking or are we not?

    What has become of this world,
    Corrupted minds and voices unheard,

    All the sacrifices being made,
    It's a genocide they're being slaved,

    Wake up now and open your eyes,
    Before your inner self's demise,

    Perhaps they've finished this race,
    Rosen above to a better place.

  • heclamation 38w

    Time keeps on passing
    My hands in your's always
    But there's something still missing
    Oh, there isn't any light in these days

    I keep peeking to see
    Is there something hidden?
    I keep seeking the sea
    Oh, it's the salty watter drippin,

    Words are stuck beneath your throat
    Wanting to come out so badly
    In the sea of life you choose to row the boat
    Oh, running will solve it sadly

  • heclamation 41w

    The month of blessings is here,
    Be close to all those who are dear,
    Leave all the pain in the prior,
    Forgive those who caused you tears.

    Pray for your family and friends,
    But not only until this month ends,
    With Allah make your amends,
    Ask for forgiveness as each angel descends.

  • heclamation 42w

    This is my question to you, The Whole World. Is it just so important to follow your footsteps? Is it really necessary to believe in your beleifs? I dare question your soul, isn't it satisfied enough, from the hearts that are broken? Their wounds they're still fresh, they're still bleeding, a bandage is not enough, perhaps these falling drops of blood can only be sealed through the stitches of love. Ahh, Love, something which you could never have and decided to deprive of it. I repeat my question, World, Isn't your soul satisfied enough, from the hearts that are broken?

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    This confounded heart asks you
    How does it satisfy you
    All these unfaithful hearts
    Bowing in your feet

    This confused heart asks you
    How does it quench your thirst
    All these droplets from the eyes
    Falling on your dry lips