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  • helenloizou 9w

    You do not know my news anymore.
    You know where I work but not how

    You saw me as I become but you do not know how I ended up

    You do not know who is annoying me now

    , who am I whining at anymore?

  • helenloizou 14w

    My intuition is so strong

    I know who I am ,

    I know who you are too.

  • helenloizou 14w

    I am for him the book
    He opened but he never read

    But always in his nightstand



  • helenloizou 15w

    You don’t know my favourite colour now.
    It was red,but now is pink ,
    I changed my mind as I change ink.

    Got a new perfume smells like summer
    Not like the one you smiled when I was spraying myself
    And all my body cover

    My hair colour has changed too,
    It’s not like the red one your loved, either long

    It’s a light medium brown ,
    The reason now I can’t expound

    I’ve changed a lot of things since you left,
    But went back to the same place we were.

    Now you’re not here ‘cause you decide to stay fucking there.

  • helenloizou 15w

    I told the stars about you
    And for the day before

    It was the last
    our last fall

    Time is like a bus
    We never managed to catch

    But don’t forget,it ends with us.

  • helenloizou 17w

    Measurements of time
    ,are funny sometimes .
    We measure by milestones
    and events so,
    I couldn’t tell you the date
    or the calendar or
    What the clock on the wall read,

    But I remember the
    Sun settling on our faces
    And the way water moved
    Over the rocks just a few
    Feet away from us

    So if you’re the the cliff,
    I am the water beneath
    And all our moments were
    The second before we jump.

  • helenloizou 17w

    I could feel the difference in your eyes and your speech.
    -And the increase in the slang you used to address me.
    I saw it in the subtitles.

    It all happened so suddenly.

  • helenloizou 17w

    He stood at the window
    But was he really there ?

    I couldn’t go talk him
    Was I afraid of him ?

    Wild-eyed but not talking
    Haunted shadows of the past

    Time passes slowly if you’re searching for love-

    Talking eyes while she was
    Transpent ghostly

    And she spoke the language unknown.

  • helenloizou 17w

    There is a deep darkness
    And a joyful light at everybody’s heart

    But the darkness of his,was so dark
    That she drowned.

    I don’t know what is worst;
    Drowning beneath the waves
    Or dying from the thirst;

  • helenloizou 18w

    It started out with a “hi”
    How did it end up like this
    It was only a “hi”
    It was only a “hi”