write until I change

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  • hemalihenry 142w

    'Everyone prays in the end'
    -Sam Smith

  • hemalihenry 142w

    Our One and only True Friend in this whole World is the one we betray and rebel against when we sin

  • hemalihenry 143w

    Minding your own business can reduce chances of sinning

  • hemalihenry 143w

    Being gentle in speech
    Not only does it bring harmony to the atmosphere
    But to people's heart as well

  • hemalihenry 144w

    Running on fuel called LOVE

  • hemalihenry 145w

    Commom sense

    If there is something I want to do
    Is to rebuild my character
    Ego,pride and being a pervert have no progress to life
    I want to have some sense for once

  • hemalihenry 145w

    Faithful people do a lot of mysterious things but for me this is one of the best
    Giving to a neighbour or friend
    Without expecting anything in return
    Simply because they believe that the One who sees all will repay them even better
    That is real faith

  • hemalihenry 145w

    My dear friend
    If you hate someone somewhere
    For something wrong he or she did against you
    Just find it in your heart to forgive
    Simply because the sin that overtook them is just the same as the sin that conquers you once in a while
    Hate the sin
    Not the person

  • hemalihenry 145w

    To the realisation of faithful people
    The seven capital sins have a way of hiding themselves
    Even in the good
    I urge all of us to keep a watchful and discerning heart
    So that we may not be overwhelmed
    Or dispose ourselves in a manner that we shouldn't

  • hemalihenry 145w

    Change of the heart

    To my fellow people who we've fallen short of glory of The Most High God
    May we realise that its time find happiness in His mercies and grace
    And to utilize the powerful secret behind faith,hope and love(charity)
    And accept that His son has risen and is seated at His right hand
    Plus we are loved,cherished and treasured
    And the best creation of them all