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  • hemantpuri 126w

    Source : The Weeknd

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  • hemantpuri 127w

    Source: The Amazing Spiderman 2 Gwen's Speech

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    It's easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today, but there will be dark days ahead of us too, and they'll be days where you feel all alone, and that's when hope is needed most, no matter how buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you must promise me, that you will hold on to hope.
    Keep it alive, we have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you, is to become hope, people need that, and even if we fail, what better way is there to live.
    As we look around here today, and all the people who helped make us who we are, I know it feels like we're saying goodbye, but we will carry a piece of each other, into everything we do next, to remind us of who we are, and if we're meant to be.

  • hemantpuri 128w

    “If I thought that I won everything, I have money and I'm successful, I would be lazy and wouldn't work so much. But I prefer not to think about it. Sometimes it's better to forget I'm Cristiano.”

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  • hemantpuri 130w

    Source : The Weeknd

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    Never need a bitch, I'm what a bitch needs
    Trying to find the one that can fix me
    I've been dodging death in the six-speed
    Yeah, I want it all now
    I've been running through the pussy, need a dog pound
    Trying to love me but they never get a pulse down

    Cause I'm heartless
    And I'm back to my ways
    This pain got me heartless
    Low life for life
    Said I'm heartless
    Trying to be a better man
    Never be a wedding plan for the heartless

    Selling dreams to these people with their guard down
    I've been swimming with the sharks now

    I lost my heart and my mind
    I tried to always do right
    I thought I lost you this time
    You just came back in my life
    You never gave up on me
    I'll never know what you see
    I don't do well when alone
    You hear it clearly in my tone....

  • hemantpuri 130w

    Source: MGK

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    Glass House

    All alone in the glass house
    Lie awake till the sun's out
    Caffeine for the heartache
    Never wanna have it my way
    Yeah, I fuck up and lose control
    Burned so many bridges, got nowhere to go
    Life's been hard since seventeen
    I've been through hell, I think I'm somewhere in-between
    Caught in purgatory, I could paint the scene
    Everything turned to a nightmare from a dream,
    Lately, I've been sick of living and nobody knows how I'm really feeling
    I always hated to smile, but it keep what is killing me hidden inside
    I didn't sign up to be the hero, but I don't want to wind up a villain
    Yeah, I should've screamed, but nobody listened
    So I passed out with the blood dripping
    In this glass house, feelin' like a prison
    Me and death keep tongue-kissing
    It's highway to hell and everybody knew
    What the fuck were we doing?

  • hemantpuri 132w


    Detachment is not that you should own nothing. But, nothing should own you...

  • hemantpuri 132w

    Jumping off and ending it all is never a solution. It might end the suffering inside of you but would only cause pain to your close ones.
    Look on both sides of you, there's bountiful beauty. Cherish it, and maybe your path will become easier, steadier someday.

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    Amidst the cloves on one side
    Lilacs on the other, it's a
    Misty morning and a foggy sky.
    Been 24 years that
    Seldom such paths gets discovered.

    Look closely at those feet though;
    Shriveled and chapped
    They've turned, by being
    Amidst chrysanthemums on one side
    Roses on the other
    And thorns in between.
    He was;

    By, gales along the way
    That spewed dust
    And pollen, across
    The sky
    Almost stopping him then.
    When once he was also;

    Amidst the hills on one side
    Valleys on the other
    Would have been easier to
    Just jump off
    Rather suffer.

    But today
    Though it's colder now
    The sun thaws the frost on,
    Cloves on one side and
    Lilacs on the other,
    With his feet treading on
    The steady path in the middle.


  • hemantpuri 134w


    On clumsy days
    Whilst the frost kissed panes
    Whisper, Et tu, Brute?
    to the waltzing evening breezes
    We put on our misfit hoodies
    And get cosier in our personal space
    And sip on our Bohemia cups
    That mismatch with the masks we wear
    Or with the green strands of hair
    That roll deep down your neckline
    Like the roots of an immigrant soul
    In wistful hopes of finding
    Not a house but a home
    You quote to me,
    “ We accept the love we think we deserve”
    And the next day you’ve replaced
    All the tulips with plastic wallflowers
    Cause love, love is a misnomer
    And you, a perpetual ghost town
    You say you like the sunsets
    In its vermilion glory,
    Much like the sanguine threads
    That run down our palms
    Determining our destiny
    I quote Nietzsche to you
    "He who fights with monsters
    might take care lest
    he thereby become a monster."
    Like the blush of dawn
    That corny poets romanticise
    In itself every dawn holds
    A universal language
    But then, my dear
    We, gullibles are good snitches
    Are good at whims and muses
    Yet so poor interpreters
    of thy sub conscious richness

    Am I back?
    No. Probably not

  • hemantpuri 135w


    The feeling of being dissatisfied and unsettled about certain feelings they have for each other, that feeling is this. Sometimes, that feeling is the important for the survival of the two people, like a relationship survives on that feeling, not their physical proximity or absence.
    In that way, that thing you feel is alive (between them). They are not together. They were never comfortable in the same space. It wasn’t that they were together earlier and then parted ways. That feeling has survived. This is a relationship, staying together is not a relationship.
    ‘Sab poora hoke khatam hua, jo aadha hai woh baaki hai.’

    सब पूरा होके ख़तम हुआ,
    जो आधा है वो बाकी है।

  • hemantpuri 136w

    Source : ttt FB page


    Dear Ved,
    A lot has already been written about you before. After all, there is a lot to write. You were as complex as the whole movie. You were as complex as Tara's love for you. You were as complex as the epics you had heard in your childhood. You were as complex as life itself.
    You were ten year old me, hiding comics between school books to read after lights out. You were the sixteen year old me, telling my parents numbers didn't speak to me as loudly as words. Yet, you were so many other people. You were each auto driver who tells us stories on the way and strikes conversations about ghazals. Each housewife who sings in front of her mirror. Each father who curses himself for not being able to spend enough time at home. You were so many of us who chase mirages in our lives so much that we become a mirage ourselves. An illusion of what we set out to become.
    Yet, you were also a reminder that you were just a character, not a universal story. And my biggest takeaway from you is: everyone's story might not end with them bowing down to someone. We might have to rescue ourselves. We might not get a standing ovation the first few times we perform on stage. And no, we might not always get to forget our names, and let loose in the streets of European cities.
    But, we have to be there. Writing, editing and re-editing our own life stories. Because as you said, ending achi nahi lage toh change kar deni chahiye.
    A friend.
    ~ Shruti Sonal

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