Write it out, until what hurt you heals.♡ p.s I don't use Personal Notes. Dm in comments.

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  • hharshitha 73w

    Hey! Happy new year!�� Hope everyone is doing great. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ��

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    Sapphire skies,
    Lenticular clouds;
    New dawn,

    Novel wings,
    Revived soul,

    Luster flush,
    Gold rush,

    Warbling to the
    Rhapsodies of ataraxis,

    Muse of my own.

  • hharshitha 80w

    my unprecedented #truth :)

    #random #qoutes #diary

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    In this folktale,
    you were my favorite veracity.


  • hharshitha 82w

    Hey dolls! I'm home! I hope you not mad at me for my disappearance act without any note. My deepest apologies if didn't reply to your comments and messages. <3

    P. S. And for those you commented on my link anonymously I hope you know it's a one way communication and thank you for those sweet messages. Thank you so much for sticking by my side like always. I can't thank you guys enough.❤

    P. P. S I hope everyone is going great!? How're y'all?
    Please lend me some time to read your tags.

    Oh! And lastly,

    Don't forget to be kind to yourself and others. <3

    By Yours Truly,




    1) rantipole- wild and reckless.
    2) reminiscences- memories.
    3) razbliuto- someone you once loved but no longer do.
    4) eternal sleep- euphemisms for death.

    #random #love #life #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Chirping melancony that roared through the carmine tides return with rantipole reminiscences of a razbliuto;
    lead the cause of my an eternal sleep.

  • hharshitha 96w

    We're one step away from killing our inner demons.
    #random #thoughts #mirakee #hollow

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    Toxic tricks of a baneful moral that
    buried inside me dominates my body,
    aesthetic blindness that jeopardizes
    the redolence of redamancy,
    spiritual vampire pining to suck the blood
    from the hollows of my sanity,
    My soul only yearns insatiable
    thirst for the chalice of solace;
    Hidden 'neath thy veil of valiant.

  • hharshitha 97w

    My friend, My little sister, My constant supporter, what do i even call you as, you play so many roles in my life. If I've learnt one thing from you then, how to laugh at problems. You may not have solutions to my problems but you sure do know how to make me smile. Our little conversations, you're favourite nail paints to "do minute meh Maggie jokes" you always know to balance friendship and relationships making time with everyone you love. I hope you make some time to yourself to breath and relax. You have a beautiful life ahead of you and don't make anyone dim your sparkle. You shine like the radiant sun, spreading smiles and joys all the way. Don't you ever let the strom crush you down. YOU'RE A WARRIOR!! Never forget that! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    I'm always here for you no matter what; I'm just one call & text away. I love you so much my little munchkin!! I've written a small poem for you. I know Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy. Don’t ever change! Happy birthday gauru!! ❤��

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    A glimpse of the moonlight on her;
    looked like a angel from a sweven,
    her aura was so iridescent;
    Like she's from another realm,
    A Lily soul with a ludic spirit,
    anxious mind and her heart;
    A happy place.

  • hharshitha 98w

    Haunted like the
    ghost of my past,
    Broken down by
    the tales of the castle,
    My mind is submerged
    under the sea of blood,

    A wooden board that
    spelled 26 alphabets,
    With numbers & yes or no
    at the both top corners,
    It's inception of joyous game
    turned into a bad omen,

    A lump in my throat
    as i pivot around,
    The Glass on the ground
    starts to spin quickly,
    And that's how I knew
    i'm not alone anymore,
    The walls were never
    thick enough to hide me,

    Unspared by her mercy for
    every time i tell my secret;
    someone's waking up dead,
    Shook hands with the satan
    for a forbidden daylight,
    All i know is i revolted
    with a cursed life,

    Human souvenirs was one
    of her favourite collections,
    She hunted down souls like
    a hangry wild boar,
    Forger smiled & malignant
    triumph in her expression,

    I don't see the shadows
    walk beside me anymore,
    As i glance the curtains held still
    and the door stopped creaking,
    I breathed a loud sigh of relief
    assuming she had left me alone,
    At last i go to bed before
    the dawn arises,

    I open my eyes to hear a
    stranger calling out my name,
    They're filling my bed with
    my favourite things,
    I scream my lungs out
    Only to realise that,
    My body lays in casket
    like a corpse holding
    a daisy against it's chest.


    Y'all ever played the ouija board? In my experience let me tell you that it didn't go as planned. Specially if you're playing near a cemetery.

    ~~ Fun facts behind the scenes ~~

    1. While writing down this poem, the empty glass did spin quickly idk how but I'm trying to convince myself that it's because the fan was rotating at a high speed.
    2. The door does make a werid sound when someone trys to open it maybe since its made of wood 15 years ago.
    3. If you're asking me if i played the game then yes, i did played the game with my school friends. It was definitely not a great experience, and I wouldn't want to do it again, those memories still haunt me till today.
    4. If you're interested in playing the game and your asking me for the details then I'd very much like to be EXCLUDED from this narrative. (please don't ask me)

    P.S you're not the only one who's sleepless after reading this ( i am too! ) *_*

    I hope I'm not the last person to submit this challenge!? My deepest apologies!!

    My special thanks to @crying_skiies for insisting me to post this piece!❤

    Thanks for stopping by!

    #cees_ghost_chall #supernatural #ouijaboard #themepromt #mirakee

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    The Ouija Board

  • hharshitha 98w

    In a world filled
    with tainted glory,
    You we're a
    shooting star;
    One could wish for.

  • hharshitha 99w

    We are different things to alot of different people.

    #mirakee #poetryquote #random #thoughts #diary

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    You were a prose to many but
    a poetry to a few.


  • hharshitha 102w

    Hey! Hope everyone is doing well. I know the world is getting scarer and crazier. But let's not forget to be human. You never know who's screaming for a silent help. Call your love ones and check up on the people that matter to you! Lots of love.♡ Peace. :)


    Their could be places or people that makes you stay. You don't have to stay where you're not valued or respected. you can't change the way they feel about you.. all the time.. letting go is difficult but sometimes you just have to leave when it's about your self respect. Know your worth. Cause You Deserve The Best.

    #random #qoutes #life #inspiration #diary

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    Don't wait upon me;
    I can't stay where I don't belong.

  • hharshitha 103w

    Sometimes in life, you gotta learn it the hard way. The lessons will keep repeating until you learn them.
    Hold on to it if makes you happier. And once it doesn't just let it go. Let it all go. And watch what stays. Trust me it only gets better from here.

    P.s I don't know what I'm writing these days. I'm losing my senses. But Thanks for sticking around always! ♡

    #mirakee #thoughts #life #diary #qoutes #random

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    To love life,
    Is to know when to hold on and
    When to let it go.