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  • himayan_writes 4d


    Impermanence haunts a grieving Fool,
    Wearing its dark shroud of despair.
    It slithers around unseen, unheard.
    But feels like a sudden chill in the air!
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Reminds the Fool of all the good times he had.
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Tells the Fool, "All that's left is bad!"
    The Fool shivers and shudders and sighs.
    Is the end nigh? An untimely goodbye?
    Down on his knees, the Fool wonders how could it be so?
    That he's been holding on to it, all this while, only to let it go?


  • himayan_writes 5w

    Lachrymose Lullaby

    On a silent winter's night,
    In the company of sparkling stars,
    Thinly veiled by a purple haze.
    I sigh.

    Lost in the landscape,
    In some forsaken corner
    Of my twisted & cruel mind,
    I sigh.

    I dip my toes into the porcelain pool
    Filled with the greasy fluid of nothingness.
    As it shoots a jet of numbness up my legs,
    I sigh.

    Suddenly I find myself sinking in,
    Unable to move a muscle or a joint.
    Overwhelmed under the influence,
    I ask.

    I ask myself out loud,
    As the fluid rushes in down my throat and floods my lungs,
    "Who's gonna come to save you now?"
    I ask.

    Shunned the friends. Failed at love.
    Abandoned the family. Lost enough.
    Asked enough. Sighed enough.
    I cry.

    I gulp the grease and choke and drown.
    Can't see. Can't breathe. Can't hear a sound.
    And a sudden peace rushes in.
    I smile.


  • himayan_writes 8w


    She draws wings around her bewitching eyes.
    Wings like pretty butterflies,
    And with each "fluttering" blink she takes his breath away!

    He sits down on his balcony
    With a cup of tea to his company
    And with each drawn out sip he hopes to see her winged eyes another day!


  • himayan_writes 11w

    Few years and counting...

    Look at me now! I'm still broken!
    It feels like a dream and I'm yet to be woken.
    I don't want to but I still remember you,
    Holding my hands, kissing me too.
    I've tried to forget how your smile made me feel.
    I've tried! I've tried so much to heal!
    But it seems like I can't let go of you.
    You're gone but you're sitting right next to me too!
    Come back? Come hold me? Just tell me I'll be fine!
    Tell me You have been, you still are, and you'll always be mine!


  • himayan_writes 16w


    It's been ages since I heard from them.
    It's just the autumn breeze now, whispering their name.
    Sometimes I wish I'd run into them down the street.
    But then I wonder "Would they be pleased to meet?"

    I dream up scenarios in my head,
    I speak up and say things that I never said.
    We sort things out and we start hanging out again.
    My chest feels lighter and I'm free of pain.

    I miss my friends. I wish I stayed in touch.
    I wish I hadn't left and they loved me so much!
    I guess this is the price to pay,
    To be The Doctor from Gallifrey!


  • himayan_writes 30w

    Lost Lover of Mine

    And there I was, not to be seen,
    Though breathing just fine.
    Invisible to everyone around
    Including the sweet Lover of Mine!
    I kept breathing silently
    As the crowd chattered on.
    And before I knew,
    Lover of Mine, had left me all alone.
    There she danced, twirling and swaying
    In the arms of someone else.
    There she danced happily,
    Cheered by the crowds whistles!
    I looked in awe at the dancing Queen.
    She's nothing short of Devine.
    But deep within my heart sunk in,
    For I had lost the Lover of Mine!


  • himayan_writes 32w


    How good is a mind,
    That can trick itself?
    That tends to go blind
    Instead of crying for help!

    How good is the mind,
    That dreams up the dead?
    That reads between line
    Where there're no lines to be read!

    How insane are the genius
    who can con themselves?
    They keep playing stories in their head
    Pretending that helps!


  • himayan_writes 35w

    Oh Summer

    Oh Summer, you used to be so kind
    With your cool gentle breeze, so soothing and sublime!
    And those sweet scented blossoms, blooming everywhere.
    Oh Summer its not like I didn't care!

    Your bright blue skies throughout the day,
    With cotton candy clouds, floating away.
    A million sparkles on your clear night skies
    The twinkling stars and the twinkling fireflies!

    Oh Summer, a lot has changed since then.
    Oh Summer, did I fail you?
    Oh Summer, I wish to meet you again.
    The sweet, sweet Summer I knew!


  • himayan_writes 38w

    Wish we were in Love

    Whispers from Paradise,
    I've seen them through your eyes.
    The sweetest sensations,
    I've felt them from your hands.
    And the dripping love from your tongue,
    Reminds me of the love song.
    The one where the lovers were
    Mountains and oceans away.
    The one where the lovers dare
    To meet each other anyway!


  • himayan_writes 38w

    Counting my breath;
    I have only a few left.
    I'm slowly fading away.
    And as the lights starts to flicker
    And the breeze stops to blow
    I close my eyes and let go.
    As I exhale one last time
    The world stops around me,
    And suddenly
    A faded memory flash before my eyes.
    I'm 21 again on a beautiful afternoon.
    Faint music playing in my room.
    I remember I had forgotten that beautiful day
    And the warm hands that I held in mine.
    I see that smile through the haze,
    That beautiful face,
    I feel the love I felt that time.

    I wish one more chance
    To dance one more dance
    In the arms of the one I loved true.

    I wish you were here.
    I miss you my dear.
    I wish you had loved me too.