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  • holisticskepticism 189w

    The Miraculous Mind

    Analysing the life we life while living it is the only way to make sure that we are actually living the life we want.

    Mind is a magnificent tool that can help us to analyse our life from an holistic perspective if and only if we realize that each thought is an collective interpretation of various informations

    Change the information you feed to change the thought pattern you generate.


  • holisticskepticism 190w

    The Eternal Journey

    Detaching oneself from all the self constructed identities is the first step towards the journey of "seeking thyself", leading to the unravelling of oneness among everything at the end.


  • holisticskepticism 192w

    6 x 3 = 69
    Will remain wrong until we realize
    F(x) = (A * 10) + (A + B)

    Our lives are also like this simple maths equation, where A and B are our parents and the result is us. All we need to do is find the F(x) with the help of constants like ten

    Yet we spend most of our lives recalculating the result in order to fit into predefined F(x)

    It is important to make sure that F(x) is logically correct. It is even more important to find our own F(x)

    P.S : F(x) = Function of life(x)

  • holisticskepticism 194w

    Divine Numbers

    Synchronicity is an expression of order in the chaos known as the novelty of life.

    That is why it's perceived as something divine by the human mind, which works by the grace of pattern recognition


  • holisticskepticism 194w


    We can talk about love
    We can write about love
    If we are lucky enough
    we can even feel love

    Chemical reaction in our brain may mean that we are experiencing love, but that does not mean we understand love.

    Love is an emotion that transcends the perceptions of human mind and that's what makes it so special.


  • holisticskepticism 194w

    Life is an illusionary experience imprinted in our brain through our perceivable senses

    || design @yuryfrom ||

  • holisticskepticism 195w

    Vegan kills species with single sense
    Non-vegan kills species with multiple senses
    Both of them kills species with six senses
    Understanding this requires common sense


  • holisticskepticism 196w

    Patriot or Nationalist?

    Patriotism is not about blindly supporting your government. You are confusing with nationalism.

    Patriotism makes you love your country for what it is.

    Nationalism makes you feel proud about your government's Version of your country.

    Know the difference.


  • holisticskepticism 206w


    So Many of us choose our path out of fear
    disguised as practicality

    -Jim Carrey-

  • holisticskepticism 208w

    Technology has made us to believe that the illusion of being independent is a comfortable thing without realising the underlying truth,

    The more comfort we get through technology the less social we become and later depend on the same technology to be social.

    It's like technology has become the intervention in human evolution.