Don't see language, try to understand feelings behind language.

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  • honey1334445 59w


    हमारे जीवन में सबसे ज्यादा महत्व रखने वाला कोई है तो हम स्वम है
    स्वम की खोज एक बड़ा सवाल है जिस पर.बहुत से लोग गोर नहीं करते
    हमंने अगर अपने आप को जान लिया
    अपने आप कों जित लिया
    तो इससे बड़ी कोइ जीत नहीं

  • honey1334445 59w

    The most important person

    The most important person in life of all of us is oneself.
    In whole life how much we hurt our self
    How much we neglect ourselves
    How much we gave nonsense people more importance than us
    What r our achievements
    What r our our mistakes
    Which type of evil. Exist in us
    What type of qualities exist in us
    How much we have to progress or improve our self
    We never think about that but all these things is more important for us anything else.
    The main mistake is that we never care about all these things.

  • honey1334445 59w

    Good night

    Good night
    Enjoy your night with future dreams
    Positive thoughts
    With feeling of greatness
    Love n care yourself

  • honey1334445 59w

    Good Night

    Good night
    Sweet. Dreams to all of u
    May God bless u a very healthy sleep to all of u

  • honey1334445 59w


    Yoga is a kind of exercise that not only fit. Your. Body but soul also. There r different kinds of yoga like pranayam etc. Through yoga many persons cure diseases also. So if we want to keep ourselves fit from both inner n outer side than we must do yoga regularly.
    Happy international yoga day

  • honey1334445 59w

    Happy father's day

    Father is one , whatever relegion whatever caste he hold, but he cares at same level about his child.
    Happy father's Day to all.

  • honey1334445 59w

    Imotional infection

    Imotional infection is a very serious diseases. Why because when we get imotional , we blind about many things . We think everything at imotional level. In this case, someone trying to hurt us, we only pained ourselves and affected by his or her action. But actually we have to think on practical level.

  • honey1334445 59w

    फिक्र मत कर बस कर्म कर
    चिन्ता ना कर चिन्ता को खत्म कर
    दूर नहीं वों दिन
    जब तू जीत लेगा
    जब तू असम्भव को कर लेगा सम्भव

  • honey1334445 59w


    आखिर मे एक हीं सवाल गल्त क्या था सही क्या था
    और सहीं को सही और गल्त को गल्त बताने की हिम्मत चाहिए
    और आज बहुत से मामलात इसिलए बिगड रहे है क्योकि वो हिम्मत नहीं है
    क्योकि मानसिकता कुछ और है
    तो निस्कर्ष यही है मानसिकता के बजाए
    सही और गल्त बोलंने की हिम्मत रख

  • honey1334445 59w

    Thinking n implementation

    Be flow like a water
    Don't worry about anything.
    Just think solution
    Try to implement things not only thought about that