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  • hopenotes_here 13w

    Hey everyone ��❤�� hope you all doing fantastic.
    Its been long since i posted an interactive post.
    So here it is " A compliment can soak million cries"
    Sometimes saying something beautiful to someone can actually uplift their self confidence and boost their moral to outperform even themselves.
    We writers are not just restricted to the world of words and metaphors there's much more than vocabs ,rhymes that a poet pours over the paper.
    There's life story lying beneath the verses, there is heartbreak leaking in oneliner, there is a story suffused in sonnets, there are scars sketched in their stories.
    Its courageous enough to wear our heart on sleeves and put forward our true self to the world.
    Be kind. Be brave enough to appreciate others.

    Tag your loved ones and say something genuine to them today.
    Lets have a not so small talk
    You ready? ❤
    -hopenotes_here ��


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    Small talks

    Pass a genuine compliment to your fellow writers.

  • hopenotes_here 13w

    Day 13

    Dear stranger,
    You know lately i was having a conversation with my dad about same old generation gap and i said "you know papa the world has changed now, its too tough here society sucks and you were lucky to grew up in good old days " and after i was done blabbering he said "world has never changed even a bit, its all the same people have changed society is nothing but us at the end of the day, we have became insensitive towards others, we ourselves are responsible for making survival tough, there was no such thing as golden era it was always about golden hearts " He smiled and left the conversation. And today I'm thinking about it over again and again thats yes that's how things are really. People around us, with us they make our world sometimes happier or mostly hell. You know all my life till date I have seen people come and go. Some merely promised to stay and some really did.

    You know there could be no divisions in homosapiens for sure but i still think there are two types of people first those who claim to love you and others those who really love you. There's no in between. Family friends relatives partners colleagues cousins omg!! So many people out there are actually taking up space in our lives and we are knowingly unknowingly actually shaped and nurtured in certain way under their influence. But i guess there needs to be a fullstop, an actual realization of who's important,
    Today look around and see who is still there, still there to hold you in your weakest moments,to cry with you to celebrate with you, to live laugh with you. Look around they are your people and don't be disheartened if you can count those numbers on your tips cause those who left were never meant to stay. They left and it was their choice, they could have stood with you, fought for you but they never did and that's how you should remember them.

    We're actually growing up in era of heartbreaks the more sad your pfp, playlist and feeds are the more cool and happening your life is. Happiness and smiles are underrated and its truth. No offence to anyone but its high time we start cherishing what we have, we start caring for the people who cared for us, adore the people.
    All the times when we said the meanest things, did the rudest things ever, throwed tantrums, cried our heart out, or spilled our secrets,all the times when we revealed our worst demons when we trusted them all those people who really stood with us in all those times are real ones, rare ones. Its high time we appreciate their love.
    Its high time we stop crying for ones who left, its high time to actually move on. Take love and spread love someone out there is really wishing for your good.
    Go adore them before they choose to abandon you!!

    Zindgi ek safar hai suhana yha kl Kya ho kisne jana ��❤
    -hopenotes_here ❤ #strangersays


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    Dear stranger,
    What's one selfless thing you did for others and really felt good after that?

  • hopenotes_here 16w

    You say you're hopeless but deep inside you know you're still waiting for someone to hold you tight and grant you one more reason to smile, you're ready to let down your guards and melt all your secrets over the tongue, you're ready to shed the tears but you're afraid to do it right now.

    You're afraid what if nobody ever gets what you feel, what if it doesn't make sense to them. I have even seen people being guilty to admit that they are upset with certain things cause they feel their pain is no more comparable to others, big or small the problems are problems accept that it exists, if it hurts then say it loud .

    You know life will have their share of moments, moments which will change you as a person, which will make you more stronger, mature, responsible, kind or sometimes more insecure, reserved, weak too. If you feel like taking a break from all it , if you feel like crying do so please.
    There's no harm in being yourself. There's no harm in having a hope of better tomorrow.


    If we ever get a chance to help someone , if our presence could bring a change, if our words can console someone
    we should do it without thinking twice. Coz life's too short to wait for the perfect timings. But before healing others, one should mend their own broken pieces.
    Today write a hopenote to yourself!! All the things you ever wanted to hear from someone , write about best things in you. Write about how strong are you.
    Do it for yourself.

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    Today, write a hopenote for yourself !!

  • hopenotes_here 17w

    Day -12


    Dear stranger,
    You know even if you spend a thousand nights roaming under citylights, even if million giggles escapes the curve of your lips in the crowd, even if you feel a daily doze of adrenaline rush but when the night comes and the crowd is gone we all are just an abandoned child craving for home. You know there's a difference between home and house you can rent a house anywhere where nothing resides except the materialistic luxury but a home is the place where love waits for you to come back, where you sleep without any concern, where you feel no boundaries and choose to be just yourself, where your dreams greets the reality , home is where your family resides . Family ~
    You know in childhood we all must have heard that stupid phrase that friends ends with "end" and family ends with "ily"Which means i love you.. So even if no one stays you will always see your family holding your back in each phase of life. It might be meaningful to some or maybe a silly interference to others no arguments on that but i always do wonder how important is someone's family in
    the process of hope and healing!!

    Family members are the lead characters of your every lifestory, they know the best and the worst of you. And just to be clear i don't agree with the fact that only blood relations are crowned with tag of family, for me anybody who just acts as a bridge between your hope and life, with whom you feel like home is your family . A friend, your lover, someone younger, someone older anybody can be your family in this world.

    But the more i think about it, i see the other side of the coin too which is not so silvery its dark, day by day as we are forgetting our values in name sake of modernisation i see the fading importance of family . At days i witness the parents dodging the bullets of their dreams, expectations, rules upon the shoulders of their young lad and sometimes its other way round, children being ashamed of their own parents, hiding their life problems from them, disrespecting them. I see the blood bond being devasted with green cash, the property papers are becoming more valuable than peace and unity. Some of families are supportive and some are just bit stiff I guess
    What do you think about this?

    Ok but even after all this i believe family is your forever escape from all miseries, not sure about others but your mom & dad they will always be a strengthening pillar for you. When you feel life's being too much instead of suffusing the invisibility cloak over your problems, for once try to talk about it, discuss about what's hurting you
    I believe and surely believe your family will help you out if not today then tomorrow for sure. Your success stories should be the happy moments cherished along with family. Coz obviously it's true there's no home without family and nothing feels like home in crowd ever!!

    Sending all warm wishes to you and your family ��❤
    Until then take good care of yourself!
    I believe in you always and forever!!
    -hopenotes_here ❤��


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    Did anyone on miraquill ever made you feel like home? Mention them.

  • hopenotes_here 17w

    Day -11

    Dear stranger
    Have you ever felt that life's been so unfair to you like
    someone has literally given your address to all miseries and mundane moments, it feels like the trouble and uncertainties of life are knocking upon your door, the crowd is shouting and screaming and your heart's frozen stuck, numb at a place, you crawl around the bathroom floor to seek a breath of fresh air, you choke your head under the bedsheets to shut the echoes of negative thoughts, you just smile and cry and even fear your own shadow at times, no sunlight or silver moon grants you a ray of hope, failure is a big word and expectations is even bigger than this, it crushes down your chest with endless cries, you feel the nights are longest, the most fearful nightmares are blooming in your eyes, you feel the fear of missing out that even if you're present here does it even matter? And if you have ever felt so can i today say
    Hey buddy same pinch... !!

    Well i know your problems and mine problems are far apart but truth is we all are at war with ourselves on daily basis. But what makes a difference is " hope" Yess, i think the perception of looking at your problems makes a whole lot of difference one thing my father always quoted was that the mere difference between coal and diamond is the determination to shine and patience to suffer, to stand strong against all the heat and pressure, if you need to climb the cliff of success at times you will surely loose your breath, the avalanche of agitation, frustration will surely pull your body away, you may even slip few times but tell me if you just stop taking a further step over again how would you ever succeed right?

    They say if you never know how bitter is the failure,the sweet success will never quench your soul then it requires sweat and blood both to fulfill a dream,i won't lie by saying when we miss a hit and we feel we just let everyone down, the sinking expectations in our loved ones eyes doesn't ache much yes it hurts, it hurts insecurities self doubt are bound to creep in but the choice is yours to decide whether you just failed once or you're failure for life. Its always better late than never, its always better to take one step at least rather than being stuck at some pool of thoughts don't tell me i need to remind you about hare and tortoise now!! You know it, take your time, self analyse, shut the crowd and set your goals, hustle hard its just one life make it big. Hold on to bad days and trust your hardwork. Take motivation from expectations not get devastated by it ever.

    I believe in you��❤. Hope wait breathe and live.
    Take care until then you got me :) Always!!
    -hopenotes_here ��
    #strangersays (use this hashtag to read other letters of this series)

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    Dear stranger
    What's the biggest failure of your life and how did you cope up with it?

  • hopenotes_here 18w

    Just a gentle reminder :)

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    Hold on

    The thing about pain is
    Its more like an unwanted weed
    It grows upon your skin and
    feeds upon your insecurities
    It licks the venom of lies and
    Gulps the shine of your identity
    It keeps count of your each breath
    And suffuse sufferings in silence
    It hurts and hurts and hurts..
    It hurts till the day you feel numb
    It spreads its roots in your mind
    It talks of the devil and death
    It romanticizes rage and festoon fury
    It stabs your spine and makes you crippled
    To the extent you crawl upon to seek help.
    The best thing about pain is
    Just like everything else its temporary
    It fades just like vague promises of forever
    The happy twigs swirls when it rains for sure
    And weeds get uprooted by the angelic hands
    Just like the rainbows smiles glitter upon your cheeks
    Just like every other broken thing
    Your heart gets healed
    Just bear the storm a lil more
    Just take a nap under grey clouds lil more
    Just cry a lil more, just smile a lil more
    Just breath a lil more
    Hold on, hold on, hold on
    Will you?

  • hopenotes_here 18w

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    My fav ones here!!

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    Tag your fav writers below and even those whom you read secretly but never dared to talk.

  • hopenotes_here 18w

    One day it just clicks
    That a long sight at scillinating stars in the welkin and soft touch of blowing winds on your cold nerves as your lips taste the last drop of tepid tears is more than enough to survive another night suffused with nightmares. The nocturnal whispers of fireflies and maple leaves are the melodies to pacify all your muffled self doubts. As you sniff the silence and take a step towards the crowd , you realize your sixth sense liberating strength to survive and hope for a better sunrise.

  • hopenotes_here 18w

    Trust the universe and let true love greets you someday very soon (❁´◡`❁)

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    One day it just clicks..
    That it was not your fault that you failed in love.
    It was not your fault that you had to greet some ugly farewells. Some people are simply never meant to stay, they are like sea waves,fiercely coming into your life and soothing your soul for a while and just as you feel to get attached with them it goes away leaving you all shattered. You crave for them but ultimately you make peace with reality.
    You choose to walk away from seashore to find
    new beginnings. Just like that. You did your best
    and that's what it matters. Love was love .

  • hopenotes_here 18w

    New series * ahem ahem *

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    One day it just clicks..
    That soon you will be gone from this world, you will no longer be a part of happy hours and you won't be able to lend your shoulders when somebody cries someday. You realize nothing stays forever and you're running out of time. There's so much still to achieve ,to dream,to live.
    You remember for how long you have been chasing it all and have never looked back at the people who started this journey with you. You never took a long breath even...
    So before it all happens just stop for a while and cherish all happy, sad moments, smile, cry, dance, eat, sleep, repeat before that day knocks you out.
    If you ever get a chance to spread kindness, to bring smiles, to simply take a stand for someone
    just do that. Just simply do that right now. Don't wait for best time,best opportunity cause life keeps on going. You have no idea how others are suffering silently, your one step together could help them find their destination. Little things do matters..