another love I couldn’t get to stay.

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  • horrpe 13w

    Where did we go wrong?

    You ask me...
    I don’t know when you did
    I knew it was those days which I was missing you but i didn’t place a call on my cell.
    I knew it was the moment I stopped looking at you like I did the first day.
    I knew it was the day before that day I left for school.
    It was the unending argument we had on our socials.
    Never would I forget the cold nights we spent in different cities.

  • horrpe 16w

    As long as forever never ends I’ll never forget you.
    I still find the words to say to you, perhaps this time my words will be pithy.

  • horrpe 16w

    Forever is too long to he unhappy ☹️

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    Forever is too long to be unhappy, that’s why i left.
    Your potion is stronger miles farther, that’s why you never kept me close.
    I thought loving from afar was your thing, not knowing you were trying to sting.
    But, thanks
    For letting me not to trust anyone i meet.
    Leaving me to doubt everything i feel
    How could say we the same?
    Yes we breathe same Air
    But just like day and night we don’t collide, and after we collided, we are forever strangers again.

  • horrpe 16w


    Had a dream last night ‘bout You
    But we both held hands
    It was so cold, we were hugging each other tight
    No poem to write, no tears on the cheek
    You and I was happy, it was love when we speak


  • horrpe 17w

    True love never dies, maybe ours first

  • horrpe 19w

    The memory lane

    How about the memory lane?
    Like the wind, nowhere in sight yet so crucial.
    I was addicted to her fragrance, i had to gulped the nights and chew the the fragrance.
    Now, no addiction in sight but yet nothing changed.

    Memory lane, that’s where i numbed through the pain
    I remembered my travail, made me prevail
    Follow me down the lane, for which course you may learn.
    Morning brings endless battles, when I wake up to them, totally clueless her name rest between my lips like a prayer
    Her name were my daily prayer, I yearned for change so that I could break the chain

    Many thoughts, I was in misery but I would rather weave poems with her leftover memories than shedding tears of the past.
    Because she saw not the mystery,
    in pain I cried, my best I tried
    Some called me drunkards, for they were dullards
    They saw just the shadow, for their understanding were shallow

    How about the memory lane?
    I promised to love her even when all we have left is the memory lane
    Both life and time, goes on
    Yet I still write about love, lost, dust and pain.
    This my speciality

    I was cool and never a fool, for resources i sort, to sauce my thoughts
    My thoughts were racing through the night, against her name, because when you lose someone their name itself becomes an emotion.

    Tear me not apart; my empty thoughts for I must have an impact
    Let me speak my mind, in time past with pains i was denied
    Now I smile, the journey is mile.

    ©horrpe & moh’d_sahal

  • horrpe 36w

    Not fully back but if you can see this horrpe got his ink back...

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    Hey stranger,
    I know we already had this conversation,
    Which i said
    ‘Just like a stranger I never wanna see you again’
    But we met, just as cold as you were.
    Isn’t about me this time, it’s the nightmare i wanted to talk about
    I almost got blind overnight, it was dark and creepy enough to blind me.
    It’s no love stranger, i wanted to discuss,
    But the thing you lost, Do you even care?
    Do you know what the world is out there?
    Just like you said ‘Never mind’
    I would never mind.

  • horrpe 50w

    I really want to change my life. But, it seems I have been running out of powers. All I could do is keep talking about it. This makes me feel like I have given up. But No! I just don't want to go hard on myself.
    I feel like I'm less of the person I was before and this sucks. This feeling isn't from me; it's my anxiety. I just don't know why. I feel like this me isn't enough to be me.
    I'm emotionally scarred not because i am alone. Everything just don't look like what it was before.

    Honestly, these are my thoughts on my own.
    But why do i feel empty?
    This isn't me. I know my powers; I know the way I was.
    Can I really get back? Okay! I'm done with this. I really need to free my mind. Maybe just like the moon, i must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.

  • horrpe 53w

    Your Spite was too much to fit into a single verse so I try to write it in stanzas

    When I said I wanted to gift you my love in poems
    I never thought it'll end so soon
    I was hoping to read them to you on a full moon night, when we are lying on the grass, looking at the sky.
    When I said I wanted peace and it'll be forever
    I never thought it'll end so soon
    I was hoping I found my missing piece.

    When I tasted your lips for the first time
    I almost passed out after tasting, something so sweet yet bitter at the same time.
    It's fine to hate something you've never tasted
    It's different this time, just like Alcohol sweet yet bitter.
    Soon as your name used to pop on the screen
    the picture of Mine laughing with you used to come to my head on it own
    I remember nights are for rest they say, and for the first time I realised there is someone worth more than Sleeping on the bed.

    When I heard your story i tried to run away from everything from I felt for you.
    I tried not to love you too much as hard as i could
    but deleting the days spent with you from head is like taking my skin off my skull, the pain was so unbearable I almost gave up.

    So I write about all the things
    from speaking to me with love to speaking to me so coldly as if it isn't me
    Just like I remember you not just in a single verse but in multiple stanzas.

    Nothing was deeper than your horror

  • horrpe 60w

    Dear self,

    I remembered our first conversation,
    I'm sorry for the things I said.
    I remembered the first time we kissed,
    I'm sorry for tuning to the tune of Love.
    I remembered we were strong like the walls of Jericho,
    I'm sorry we crumbled.
    I remembered our days led to weeks, weeks led to month.
    Dear self I'm sorry for the time wasted.
    I remembered how much love we shared,
    I'm sorry for some strange reason we couldn't be the same.
    I remembered the pain,
    I'm sorry for feeling sad as death.
    I remembered I tried to escape from whatever I felt for you.
    I'm sorry for scary nights of letting the memories we made escape like the smoke from the blunt.

    You think you understand I know...
    Maybe or maybe not "I'm burning bridges so we won't be together"