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  • hoshi 85w

    It's been a while, hasn't it?

    I didn't know if I would want to write again, everything felt so different. Yet, the need for closure for the Old man made me write again.

    Autumn is here, and a lot has changed. Days are getting shorter and colder. The leaves are orange, roads covered with them.

    Someone recently told me that I remind them of autumn. That's nice, that's warm, yet it's what mirakee is.

    I hold warm memories for all of you. For this platform. Yet, in a way, it doesn't feel like home anymore.

    I made some beautiful friends here. Friendships, which are way too important and close to me.

    Perhaps this is the end.

    Or a new beginning.

    Someday, I just might write again, on a blog or a different platform.

    And I might peek in here from time to time.

    But, as I close another chapter, I hope you go through his words again. :)

    With warm regards,

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    Teatime Recollections #7 -Finale.

    A letter dropped in the mail today.

    A letter. Not a text, not the instant messages. Heck, not even an email. A letter, with yellowed parchement on a Sunday afternoon, with mist in the air and flickering sunlight from amidst the clouds.

    With trepidation, I opened it.

    It read,

    Good evening, Lad.

    I hope you're doing okay. I'm writing this with a heavy heart, barely getting anything down my throat.

    Before I get into anything, will you grab a cup of tea for me? I don't think I can offer it to you from here, so please acknowledge my wishes for one last time?

    I hope you got that cup, lad. I hope you did.

    Lad, it seems that the end is here. It's difficult to explain, complex emotions rage within me when I think about it. A certain premonition of my end coming soon, I hope it's during my sleep. That does sound peaceful, doesn't it?

    It's amusing. For years, when I was younger, I craved for my life to end. In my teens, I used to chuckle somberly and whisper about giving up. In my twenties, when the war broke out, I woke up every day thinking that it was the end of the line.

    I always craved to give up, to just lie down and never get up. Now, that my time seems to be coming to an end, I don't want to let go. I want to have you over for one more time, slurping your tea while spilling crumbles from the biscuits all over your lap.

    Do have a sip, lad.

    Heh, even in a letter, I seem to be doing all the talking.

    I don't want to go, yet, I must accept my fate. So, I'll share with you a story, a story of how my entire world-view changed.


    It was the second year of the war. I'd been drafted with my pals. War, lad, is funny business. Your orders are usually simple, yet, difficult to uphold.

    Ours was to hold the line. No matter what. Our lives, our dreams, our thoughts came second. The country came first.

    I didn't mind that.

    The food was meagre, the water was brown and dust kept falling due to rampant bombings. Trenches were filled with bodies and it was left to us to let our comrades pass on to heaven.

    Look at me rambling, please bear with me for one last time?

    It was the seventy fifth day of my deployment when the enemy charged. We lost. Somehow, underneath the pile of bodies of my comrades, I survived. Cowardly? Yes. Even though I wished for death each day, I didn't go with my mates. It felt wrong to just walk to my death when they had given their lives for me.

    So, lad, there I was, surrounded by enemies, underneath a pile of bodies. Looking back at it, all I can think is, "Devon, just how did you survive?!"

    Heh. Perhaps I'll never know. But I did.

    I don't know how long it was, whether it was day or night. I was woken up by another man, just one look at him and I knew that it was the end for me. It was an enemy soldier, probably ten years elder to me.

    With his hand on my shoulder, taking me towards an alcove in a grove of trees, he sat down beside me and offered me some food and water.

    No names. No tears. Nothing. At least, not at first.

    I, lad, am ashamed to say that I did burst into tears at his act of kindness. It felt surreal and magical. It still does.

    He only said a few words to me. I don't even recall what they were, apart from his last words.

    Walking away after providing me food, he just turned back and said, "Go. Go and live your life. Make something out of it. You couldn't hold the line here but you can hold it for your own life. Kid, all the breath in your lungs is stronger than the tears in your eyes. Don't give up. Go."

    Those words, lad, changed my life. It was another chance for me, with the most unbelievable story. I don't know his name, where he came from, but he saved my life.


    That's my story, lad. The story that changed my life. Gave me the will to live and do something with my life.

    No fancy words or phrases as before, lad. I can't muster up the will for it. Just make this life your best. Hold the line, even when the world seems to be falling down. Become the old man for someone else. Carry on, when the paper houses come crashing down, when winds ferry the ghosts from your past.

    Just. Hold the line.

    Now, I'll place this letter into the contents of my will. I hope you do receive it. I want you to live out your life and make it a wonderful one. Gather stories, memories over money. Do anything which makes you smile and laugh.

    As that wishy-washy wand waving kid once said, "Death is but the next big adventure."

    It's my time to experience that.

    - Hoshi

  • hoshi 112w

    A/N: Perhaps this is true. Perhaps it's fiction. It's easy to be sad, easier to just drown in it. It's difficult to get out, and like every other advice, you get there, somehow. Until then, hold on to hope, okay?

    Someone recently said to me that it's the little things which make my posts unique (I still haven't replied to them, for it still has me shaken to the core. :( )

    Yet. It made me think that perhaps it's time to reveal a little more. Do something out of the box.

    This post is something we've all felt. So take it as yours. It's okay. You're not alone.


    It's easy to get lost.

    I've always looked up at the stars to seek for the one. I don't know who that is, or who it will be. I am not aware of who I want it to be, but somewhere deep down, it feels as if that person would know me best, understand me and make me feel complete.

    There are days when I lie down at night and just stay up for hours, looking for answers in hidden patterns. Everything feels awkward, disjointed, as if square pegs are trying to fit within round holes.

    It's difficult to find reasons to be happy, things which kick the dust from the corners of my heart. It seems like it's a little too much to ask to unearth something to make me feel alive. Sometimes I wonder, am I on others' mind as much as they are on mine?

    I'm aware. I'm aware that the first step to mental health begins from loving yourself, and just like that, everyone seems to love you. The key, in itself, sounds magical. So simple, yet, so unique.

    But, even when surrounded by so many people, it always feels lonely. And perhaps, that's the crux of this matter. Loneliness. I am basking and drowning in it, praying for a hand yet never really recieving the right one.

    I am in a relationship, doing well in studies and have wonderful dreams of floating away in a hot air baloon while enjoying a kulfi, bizarre and unique. There are enough reasons to be happy and complete.


    Yet I feel incomplete, lonely and broken on some nights. Maybe, I have to keep on going a little longer, but it really is difficult.

    All I know is, I'm looking for someone, something. In stories, in words, in the local alley hidden underneath the grove of trees, in every call of my name.

    I'm always looking. And supposedly, I'm happy too.

    But, I want to feel complete, maybe someday, I will?


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    I am in a relationship, doing well in studies and have wonderful dreams of floating away in a hot air baloon while enjoying a kulfi, bizarre and unique. There are enough reasons to be happy and complete.


    Yet I feel incomplete.."


  • hoshi 113w


    Life is short. Please live it as best as you can, no regrets. It might hurt, it might bring you pain. But at the end of the day, it'll be okay. :)

    I hope you like this.


    A snake biting it's own tail, that's where we began.

    Ouroboros, neither a beginning nor an end, we were living the ironical life from the beginning. I had been stuck in a boring 9-to-5, without any splash of colour in my life. From wearing tones of grey to finding solace in the torrential weather of London, I felt right at home.

    But life never goes along smoothly, does it?

    In a place full of people, loneliness was the crux of my being, the emotion hidden behind my pained smile. No one ever noticed, until you came along. A sentence full of mystique, wasn't it?

    "Ready to begin this life, all over again?"

    As far as pickup lines went, it wasn't one of those overtly torrid ones which were usually spouted off. You always went for that, magic and mystique, even amidst the troughs of regular life.

    Drunk till the very top, barely aware of what was occuring around me, we ended up with that. A snake biting it's own tail, as if marking the beginning of our own tale. For in the hidden infinite loop, I found the joy of life within our bond.

    You were a stranger, and then, you were not. I liked watching golf on the telly, before you scoffed and made me shift over to dancing with you in real life. Change, I'll admit, was terrifying in the beginning, shaking me down to my roots. Yet, the joy was inescapable, alive and thriving with something which the entirety of my soul craved for.

    We were poles apart in our personalities, but that never stopped us. You learnt how to love stargazing, and then teaching me how to live. It was with you where I took my first trust fall. I still recall once at how we were caught in the alley because of our scandalous behaviour. No regrets, eh?

    You, you looked beautiful in white, as we walked outside the chapel on a cold January morning, our tattoos out in the open as we excahnged our vows.

    Life, as we knew it, was perfect. We didn't know how to come down from the high we were floating on. We were everything the movies claimed about, yet, more. For movies never talk about the small things, do they?

    Our love, in a way, was simple. For we were everywhere, together. From giving each other haircuts to chuckling at lewd jokes made in a prim and proper bookstore.

    Everything was perfect, until it was not.

    Neither of us believed in the old adage of good things coming to an end. Yet, they did. They did for us. Seven months in, you went in for s checkup, the bulge showing our child.

    No one knew. No one could predict. But barely a few days later, in your sleep, an arterial blockage caused due to a heart attack. It was painless, or so they say.

    But no. It was not. It. Was. Not.

    I'll be selfish here, Allie, for the pain on some of these days makes me wonder about living. Everything has lost it's edge. It's shadow and sorrrow, everyday. And it hurts. It hurts so much.

    I have been trying to find a reason to get up, to start moving again, to accept. Yet. Yet. I can't. Some days, the loneliness gets to me, a sudden blanket draped over all the happiness we'd had.

    I painted the wall blue, just like you wanted. With golden accents on our couch, hoping to find a semblance of you in the place you claimed would look as heavens.

    Allie. We began with ouroboros. Neither a beginning nor an end.

    But then. But then.

    Why did it have to end?

    - Hoshi

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    "..You were a stranger, and then, you were not. I liked watching golf on the telly, before you scoffed and made me shift over to dancing with you in real life. Change, I'll admit, was terrifying in the beginning, shaking me down to my roots. Yet, the joy was inescapable, alive and thriving with something which the entirety of my soul craved for.."


  • hoshi 114w

    It all began with a bike ride.

    Your arms wrapped around my back. Our hair being gently ruffled by the wind. I could feel you smiling against my back, savouring each moment as we cruised through the empty streets. Tinged with silver underneath the moon, it felt like you were an angel who held me close through every moment in this life.

    Walking back down the lane from where we began, I can still retrace our steps. Crossing a street, where our eyes met, it was the most innocuous of meetings. We both were strangers to each other, yet felt as if we'd walked a mile in each other's shoes.

    I recall how we built the blanket forts and spent the entire day within them. Ever since the beginning, we held a warm affection for invisible things. From beliveing in Hogwarts being real to Frodo dropping the Ring for us. Invisible things held us close, for that's where we found our home.

    In promises without fear, secrets with hidden emotions, the warmth in our hearts when we were near each other, those were the things which held us close in this tumultuous world.

    Often we noticed odd things around us. People stared as if we'd gone against the rules they stood for. They termed us as freaks, not being natural like the rest of them. Yet, we didn't think about it twice, for it was us against the world, always.

    Joyce, you were and still are my entire world, with your rugged smile and warm, crinkled eyes. With a penchant for being faded and forlorn, we shared each other's sorrow, for I could never see you sad and broken, with with pearls of silver dropping from your eyes.

    It took me a while to realise, what the people murmured about, what they were going on about. You never pointed it out, yet I noticed the little signs, from not feeling overtly hungry to barely feeling the need to sleep, I remember you slipping away, bit by bit.

    And it all boils down to the bike ride, where with a heavy feeling in my heart, I head towards our destination at four in the morning.

    It all starts to make sense now, Joyce, how you always had a reckless abandon for your own safety, how you always took care of me yet never about yourself - just feeling grateful that I was there.

    For this was it, wasn't it, Joyce?

    I see your name engraved on the stone, today's date from a year ago. With a sorrowful smile upon your face and tears rolling down mine. I realise now that even after you were gone, I never let you go, did I?

    For all our love of invisible things, I made you one.


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    "..Ever since the beginning, we held a warm affection for invisible things. From beliveing in Hogwarts being real to Frodo dropping the Ring for us. Invisible things held us close, for that's where we found our home..."


  • hoshi 128w

    (Jam biscuits would go well with this.)

    "Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, lad."

    "It's been long, hasn't it? Come sit, the snow is melting today, the sun is up high. The porch already has a chair set out for you. "

    "I'll put on the pot, some biscuits too?"

    "Good lad, though I can't even begin to fathom how you drink it without sugar. Why, when I was your age, I used to adore the intoxicating sweet taste."

    "You don't like Christmas, do you lad? For I can't fathom any other reason for you to be here on such a wonderful day, away from your family."

    "I gathered as much, fighting will get you nowhere lad. Come, listen, I'll tell you a story about time, Christmas and trees. There's a reason why our entire generation and the god up above loves this festival."

    "Come on now! Don't make the face, here, take a bite from the jam biscuit and settle in."

    "The truth about time, lad, is that it passes. It doesn't matter how hard you try to clench your fingers around it, it'll always slip through, letting you be just a passerby."

    "Lad, I wish I could see ghosts, I wish I could relive those old memories again. I know, I know that you are here, yet, as time keeps passing by, even you'll move on. Everyone has."

    "Sixty years ago, I decorated my first Christmas tree. It was along with Annie and Josh. Three of us, barely entering double digits, using various chairs and cushions to hang shiny decorations from a humongous tree."

    "No need to scoff, lad. We were kids, enjoying the first time we got that privilege. It was a bad time, war was dragging on and the entire nation was floundering. Christmas time seemed like a bleak ray of hope back then, providing a reason to hold on and not let go."

    "Isn't that enchanting? Just holding on and not letting go? A promise to yourself, for everything. Love. Life. Relationships. It comes at a cost, of course, but it ends up being so beautiful."

    "Biscuits? Tea? Anything else, lad?"

    "Where was I? Ah. Yes. The Christmas tree."

    "Do you know of the beautiful feeling budding up in your heart when you come back home? That's what it was for us. It was our bonds pushing us close together, clutching on and just collecting our little pieces of magic."

    "Needless to say, we were very bad at decorating. There had been a massive fight over candycanes, Annie and I wanted it at the top, whereas Josh wanted to hoard it all up."

    "Ah, don't grin now. Even though we fought, it was a good natured one, lad. We decorated the tree with chuckles, squabbles and memories."

    "It was bad, the candycanes ended up on one side, with all the shiny red baubles surrounding them like a lion's mane. It wasn't good, nor could it be called beautiful."

    "But lad, it was a brief, fleeting moment of peace, warmth and love. That's what Christmas was for us. A small, weird time to just hope, hold on and wait for the best."

    "I know that you like the stars, claiming they make you brave. Christmas is like that for many of us, lad. It's full of small rituals, making our heart feel brave again."

    "It's us, all of us, allowing ourselves to love a little more, to trust a little more."

    "Even now, lad, I wish I had the ghosts of my family here, the ghost of Annie and Jack. Someone, anyone to sit with me on this beautiful day. They can't be here tonight, and I have made my peace with that. They'll live forever in me, and I'll decorate a small tree in the evening. For us."

    "If you don't want to go back, join me for it. Love with reckless abandon, lad. You'll never regret your life if you do."

    "My shoulders are warm now, I hope your soul is too. So, what will you do?"

    "Ah. Going back to your family? That's good, lad. That's good. Give them a hug from me. Christmas is a time to be with family. I'll be here. I'll be here. Go on now. Don't be a stranger now."

    "I'll be here. Always."

    - Hoshi


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    Teatime Recollections #6

    "...Isn't that enchanting? Just holding on and not letting go? A promise to yourself, for everything. Love. Life. Relationships. It comes at a cost, of course, but it ends up being so beautiful..."

    - Hoshi

  • hoshi 129w

    "Can I cry today?"

    Words tumbled out of my mouth as tears streaked down my face, imagining the words you'd have said if you were here. If I close my eyes, I see you here, embracing me in your warm, wrinkled arms, murmuring the same words you uttered the first time you saw me, held me.

    "Cry, child. Cry. There's a freedom in breaking down. Let your hidden tears flow, calm down the ugly storm raging within you."

    Grandpappy, you took me in, an unknown child of six left at your porch, on the light of beginning his seventh year. You didn't ask questions, you considered the situation a sign from destiny.

    I was just the beginning, wasn't I? You took out all your life savings and converted your home into an orphanage, deciding that it was your turn to give back to the society. Well, you were always like that, weren't you? Taking large leaps for any unknown things tossed towards you.

    Before long, it was seven of us, all of them younger than either of us, yet trudging on through any challenges thrown towards us. You kept us up till two am sometimes, taking us to fantasy lands with your tales, letting us believe that we were destined to be the magical, shining knights to save the beautiful damsel in distress. You made us believe again, in magic, in love, in hope and in people.

    You made us open up to you, at our own pace, letting us trust again. We all cried together, when Jamie ruined the batch of hot chocolate on that blistering cold winter night. But you didn't, did you? You swooped in, boiled water and made us drink that, letting us learn the lesson of making the best from what we have.

    Grandpappy, none of us had a family, yet you created one out of us. From the two of us to seven, then expanding till twenty, you considered everyone of us as yours, providing a home to our broken souls, healing us with sprinkles of your magic.

    You were everything to us, Pappy, from a grandfather with his mystical tales to a mother when we were quivering with sickness. You became our world, and we, hopefully, yours.

    Soon, it was us along with you, allowing for more children to come. Many left, yet they all came back to give more. Pappy, you defined each and everyone of us.

    Today, thirty years from that fateful day, even the heavens are tearing up, and we, all seventy seven of us, are murmuring the first words you said to all of us, breaking down and letting our tears run down.

    For you began our magical journey with those words, Pappy.

    "it's okay to break down, child. It's okay. Cry, and we'll create a fairy tale together."

    - Hoshi.


    It's been long, hasn't it?

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    "..You were everything to us, Pappy, from a grandfather with his mystical tales to a mother when we were quivering with sickness. You became our world, and we, hopefully, yours.."

    - Hoshi.

  • hoshi 159w

    When I was a kid, yellow had always been my favourite colour. It always signified the warmth all around. The glaring sunshine, the blooming flowers in the fields, everything which was warm, a safe haven, was always yellow. It had begun slow, with a yellow plushie in the beginning, ending up with yellow in everything.

    It's certainly weird, how abundance of anything could lead to a shallow hatred. By the time I hit my teens, a genial loathing for the colour settled deep in my soul, vying dearly to set itself free from the encompassing presence of it.

    It was a hop, skip and jump from there. Only a little ways down the road, with a few years notched in achievement, yellow had crept out, sneaking away from all the little bits and pieces it existed in.

    I turn twenty five today, and barely anything is yellow now. All that hatred had mellowed out sometime in between, acceepting that colours would always be there, and it's only my imagination fueling the presence they exude.

    It's five minutes before I gain another year, five minutes full of hopes and wishes, with my entire soul yearning for a better year. It's been dark for a while now, settling into the backseat of my own life, being morose in the happiest of situations. Everything has started to feel like a dream which I can't seem to escape from.

    Everything seems bleak and pale, washed out, lacking all the vibrance which it should have. Many might say that it's going to be okay, whispering their promises to stick through, helping in their own way to pull me towards their own tomorrows. Yet, my soul just doesn't want to be dragged towards that, settling for abstaining from everything until the world stops shaking.

    I've sought out salvation in little activities. I've had splotches on my shirt with agressive painting, drawn tattoos with a sharpie. I've sought out peace in numerous bodies, only to realise that redemption and warmth never arose from changing body parts if my heart never opened itself up.

    I'm two minutes away from gaining a year, two minutes for a new promise. I'm tired of being sad through everything, and twenty five seems a good number to change things. It adds up to seven, after all, just like all the good days in my life seem to have. It was a seventh when I had my first kiss, a sixteen when I graduated with honours. It's never disappointed before, I believe it wouldn't do the same now.

    A meagre hope, I think, but it's all I have for now. I'm tired of my thoughts keeping me up through the night. I want to let the vocies fade away, the voices murmuring their own thoughts of telling me to give up. But, no, not anymore.

    It's time I opened my heart up, opened up to the warmth which I knew existed once in the world. I want to take back the people I pushed away once, making it through to a tomorrow of my own, with all of them present in my life.

    I want to take control, love recklessly and jump with joy again. I want yellow in my life again. I crave the warmth I knew I had back then. I want to go out on picnics, read amidst flowers and dance with everyone when the new year rolls around.

    I know I can't roll back time to make changes, yet this seems a good time as any to chip away the ice which has been forming along the walls of my heart, to not drown in the numbness of pain anymore.

    I have ten seconds left until the phone starts ringing, and this time, I'll reply with a smile, accepting everyone with a warmth. It'll be my own beginning, a new one. A warm one. With my heart on my sleeve, a new promise engrained my soul, I've got all the time in the world, a new night each day to begin afresh. I've got nothing left to lose, only to walk forward from here.

    And tomorrow, when I meet everyone, I'll don something yellow. I'll accept the past I've been avoiding, the vibrance I left behind.

    But for now, I'll change the wallpaper to yellow and accept the first call.



    Let's wear yellow today, feel warm and fuzzy, pushing away all the sadness, shall we? Mental health is a real thing, along with depression. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to need others.

    It's okay to be trying to get better. It's okay to just do everything to scrape through one more day.

    Everything will be okay, I promise.

    But until then, let's wear yellow today?
    Make that promise to me, will you?

    And you'll find me there. :)

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    "..I've sought out salvation in little activities. I've had splotches on my shirt with agressive painting, drawn tattoos with a sharpie. I've sought out peace in numerous bodies, only to realise that redemption and warmth never arose from changing body parts if my heart never opened itself up.."


  • hoshi 160w

    There's darkness all around, encompassing and overbearing everything in its vicinity. Twinkling from high up above, stars seem to provide a brief respite from the deafening silence. There's no wind out here, even the wilderness stands still. Amidst all this, with red, raw eyes and a shattered heart, I embrace the sorrow to fill out the void left within.

    It's difficult to come to terms with a broken heart. It begins at a timid pace, sneaking in through the chinks of the armour we've constructed around ourselves - only to make every wall come crashing down, snatching away any semblance of life we held dear.

    I'm in the woods tonight, only with my phone and music to keep me company, along with the stars and memories. Twenty five years, that's how long our marriage lasted, with its own ups and downs. We'd created stories and moments, picked up our misaligned puzzle pieces and tried our best to make it fit. It might have been a vain attempt, yet it was our very best.

    The gold band lies heavy upon my finger as memories begin to sprout up. Memories, that when spoken about, felt as if an invasion of something beautiful, something private. Memories which had been held so dearly for the entirety of the quarter of a century, never been shared with anyone else apart from the two of us.

    We'd never been a believer in the fantastical notion of soulmates, settling for two imperfect beings going together on a journey to gain our own semblance of perfection. It was a cold December morning when we'd finally decided to open up, share our soul and shudder along the daunting fact that we weren't going to be alone again, ever.

    Through cooked up fantasies and irrational dreams, we were held together with promises and wishes. Within our mummured, hushed up conversations, we shared our soul with each other - allowing ourselves to be weak in front of someone else for the very first time. Trudging through all the bad days, beaming through the joyful ones, we slowly sculptured up a wall around our bond, sealing merry memories within to keep us warm on the coldest, harshest of nights.

    We weren't perfect, each built up with our own flaws. Always embracing each other, we knew that there was always something or the other left to uncover about each other, an alluring mystery which sought us out, leading us towards each other like heeding a siren's call. Emboldened by the people around us, claiming that we had it, the unknown, magical factor which was dearly sought out, we braved through all the challenges thrown our way.

    In our own way, we wrote down our own story, only to close it shut yesterday. As I sit here, wallowing in misery, barely holding myself up, waiting for peace to settle in my bones. Having spent more than half of my life with one person, there seems to be a gaping hole left behind.

    Our marriage had been crumbling for a while, a forgotten promise here, a disastrously went wrong wish on the other, the very things which brought us close seemed hell bent on destroying us. Stretching our bond each day, being held through sheer will and the enormous time spent together, it was only a matter of time before it snapped - and, as foreseen, it did.

    Everything seems devoid of colour, less vibrant and warm. It's suddenly colder, with a heavy weight on my chest. And even now, as I look back upon us, I know that we weren't perfect, yet we were good in our own way. We cared for each other, walked down numerous paths to keep each other happy, did everything we could to cling on, to bring back the passion of old. Alas, it probably was never meant to be.

    As I come to terms with my own broken heart, I realise that even if it's unfair, beating down upon the very notion of happiness, there are days when good things just seem to fall apart. Days when everything seems to fall apart, shattering the very world we'd settled in.

    Yet, time seems to heal and numb even the most perilous wounds. Blindly placing my faith in that, with a smile upon my face, I'll dearly hold on to the notion of a new beginning arising from this end. Maybe, just maybe, everything will be alright.



    It's been a while since I wrote something, been a while since words found their way again. I felt like writing this yesterday, regaling back to the saying that pain demands to be felt.

    Drowning in sorrow, with red rimmed eyes, I'll quietly put this up here. I hope you find hope from this, just like I did.

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    "...It's difficult to come to terms with a broken heart. It begins at a timid pace, sneaking in through the chinks of the armour we've constructed around ourselves - only to make every wall come crashing down, snatching away any semblance of life we held dear..."


  • hoshi 179w

    Dear young me,

    It's been two years from that day, and I can imagine you right beside me, sitting on the bed with your socks underneath the covers for they had holes in them, just like your soul did. Even now, after all this time, I can see you floundering about, hoping to find something to believe in. I still remember how joyous you found writing here, silently sending out prayers of gratefulness to the mystical universe out there.

    I know how you feel and I know what's coming up. There will be days when you'll be scared and alone, when you'll face heartbreak because the bonds you believed in didn't come through. Even after all that pain, you'll find yourself trusting others again, because you want someone with whom you could relate to, with whom you could whisper, "The books had it right all along."

    Life might seem dark right now with suicidal tendencies welling up within you. I know you'll end up reaching out to the one bond you hold close, seeking to find home and comfort there. It'll keep you warm and sane, it'll give you a reason to live. I'll not mince words with you, it's going to be a difficult road from now on. You'll stumble and fall, you'll end up curling into a ball with tears falling on the duvet.

    I know you find this hard to believe, but good times will come, just like mother promised. You'll remember all the stories which lifts your spirit up. You'll find love where you least expect it to come from. There will be days when you'll feel like a child again when father tells how we were small enough to fit in his arm only to have outgrown him now. That's where you'll find your first home, in their arms. They'll always be there, with their endearing warmth as they'll always stand in your corner - being your rock whenever you need them to be.

    But, I know you best. You'll always be in search of a home, for all the happiness you've known always had a sense of sorrow lurking underneath it. I know that you associate joy with upcoming pain, weary of the battle which has been going on each day within you. I know that you still go for walk at midnight, with only the moon above you and your own thoughts making it difficult to breathe.

    It breaks me to say this, but there'll be a day when it'll seem unbearable and difficult to wake up and you'll find yourself questioning the purpose of life. I wish I could say that it'll get better from there, for the moment you end up there - everything you know will fall apart, fear will grip your heart, days will pass in a monotone blur and even your tears will dry up for there'd be nothing left inside.

    Allow me to step in here, allow me to instill a few words for you. I know that there'll be a weight on your chest and nothing I say or do would make it easier. Yet, I want you to know that I'll be there every step of the way. You'll know when you reach there and for that time, I want you to promise me that you'll try to pick yourself up. That's what I'll ask from you, a promise that you'll never give up.

    I'll confess, barely months after that time, you'll find believing in your past and present again. Stories of those good times yet to come will begin in earnest and you will find someone to hold on to. You'll learn what happiness is, unabirdled with any other emotions this time. It'll be difficult reaching here, but you'll be grateful for everything which has occurred.

    For all the heartbreaks which might ensue, all those people who'll walk in and trample on your heart - this is the reason you'll be living for. I won't spoil the surprise by revealing everything here, just trust me that good things are on their way. They always are.

    I've learnt one thing during these past two years, and I'll tell it to you now - because you'll be walking the same journey. The same paths that I took and fell down upon, only you'll have me this time round.

    You've always been on the search for a home. You thought you had it in a friend, only for him to betray you. You thought you located it in your own journal, and it hurt the most when it went up in flames. You think you have it in her, with her promises and warmth, that'll go away too. Everything you've known, it'll be for naught.

    Yet, it'll be the reason you'll end up where you are. And maybe that's what we need from time to time, going through the motions to make us into who we are.

    I know you're terrified right now, shaken and broken. Two years, give yourself two years and you'll have everything you wished for. A home, a family, warmth and love.

    And I'll all begin from here, the first write on this platform. So, take a deep breath, believe in me and begin.
    You'll find your peace in your finale, and you'll be right here along with me. You'll still have a long way to go, but that'll be for a different letter.

    This is from me to you, a message full of pain and promises.
    Words full of love and hope, for this will happen, and you'll live.

    Believe, and you'll be everything you dreamed to be.

    Two years elder self.


    200. This has been a long time coming. Mirakee has changed, I've changed. In a way, we all have grown up a bit. I found a home here, people I'd miss if they weren't here.

    Without this app, I'd not have turned into who I am, I wouldn't have found happiness. But, as always, all good things come to an end.

    I'll keep on writing, I'll always write.

    But sometimes you need to close the door at a happy note. For it's just that time.

    Let this be an indefinite hiatus, for who knows what the future holds.

    Thank you for everything, all of you.

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    Dear young me,

    I know you're terrified right now, shaken and broken. Two years, give yourself two years and you'll have everything you wished for. A home, a family, warmth and love.

    Two years elder self.


  • hoshi 181w

    I got a box of donuts for myself today, from the same place that we used to go to. The same place that we'd met for the first time, all those years ago.

    It was amusing, looking at you trying to barter your way through fixed rates, your nerves frayed and hair frazzled. Dressed in a sundress, with spectacles drooping down your nose, grey hair tied up in a bun - it was almost hilarious to see you waving your arms about. Your hands were clenched into fists, devoid of any articles.

    You'd tried to rope me into it, perhaps to gain the virtue of numbers. There always was a power in majority. That's what you taught me. It was the first time we interacted, two old people squabbling with a young lad over a box of six donuts.

    Ever since I went through my first heartbreak, I'd learnt that love occurs at varying speeds, and I was always going to be the one who's make a fool out of himself before the time was right. Now, I'd also taken precautions to not go through that rigmarole throughout my life, in particular, I'd pasted those pesky sticky notes on my fridge, reminding me about the speed.

    All those thoughts, all those precautions of keeping myself in a safe zone - they went up in flames the moment you smiled and offered to share those donuts with me in the park. It was a sunny morning that day, with the sunlight sneaking in through the leaves, dust motes dancing in the beams which surrounded us.

    Ploping down on the ground and dragging me down with you, it was where we had our first conversation. I'd never forget that one, for it was where we found our love for sugary confectionary. Toffees were my pet peeve, while hers revolved around licorice sticks.

    This became a routine, every Friday morning, a box of donuts and us in the park. It was on the third visit, when we blabbed about our kids, and how they were a menace when they were growing up and how retribution felt sweet to see them struggling with their own newborns.

    It was on the seventh meet when you whispered about the pain lurking in my heart. You could feel it, you said. It had stunned me right to my core and left a part of me wondering if denial would work. Apparently, it didn't, for you were stubborn and didn't let go.

    Two months later, I knew about the insecurities lying within you, where you starred as Robin in your own fantasies - being terrifed to step in the shoes of Batman. I knew about how you felt about the tides being against you, how you felt you weren't good for anyone.

    It was then I'd wished I could show you what I knew, how wrong you were. It was then I knew I had to stay, to be there when things went wrong. A promise to my own self, which ripped all the post it's to shreds and burnt all the journals from my younger self to a crisp.

    I'd never been a fan of fantasies and dreams, nor did I believe in fate - it felt rather fickle, to place the blame in fate when the going for rough and to steal it away and claim it as our own, when the world glowed with happiness.

    Yet, a line from my childhood creeped up to me, whispering to me as the wind in the park ruffled my hair, "The universe paves the way for love to occur." That's how it felt with you. A misguided, mystical emotion raging deep within my heart, proclaiming for me to confess.

    I remember, walking with you, on a Saturday morning to the local fair which had been set up. It was the first time we'd broken the routine, where we'd set another day apart for each other, where we'd taken another step to know each other. I remember you, demanding for a stick of pink candy floss - only because you'd taken it upon yourself to make my face sticky with it. We took the Ferris wheel together, sitting beside each other and pointing at the park from where we were. It was the day when we'd taken part in silly games, where you ended up winning the teddy bear and gifted it to me.

    It was two months from that day, when we'd started spending each day with each other, slowly getting over our the guilt of our conveniently dead partners. It was amidst this, when we shared our first kiss underneath the tree, where your lips tasted like glazed donut and snowed sugar.

    We slowly shifted in with each other, battled the social stigma which surrounded our bond. This is where we started to learn the little things about each other, where we instinctly did the things the way the other liked it. I remember holding the gate for you, for you loved being treated like royalty. I remember you waking up numerous times during the night, muttering about how you were like a toy who needed winding up to sleep again.

    I know you knew about my fondness for chicken soup, my absurd obsession with singing in the shower and an OCD to stack the paper towels in a particular way. I remember making you try wine for the first time, handing you one of the paper towels when you coughed at the burn it left behind, muttering curses at me amidst my muffled laughter. The retribution you took for that wasn't pleasant, for, baking appetizing muffins with salt is not the way I would prefer to begin my day, ever.

    That's how we were, performing antics with each other. Sometimes we placed oily fingerprints over the spectacles of each other, sometimes it was about the last bite of a delicacy. There were days when the road was rocky, where long talks about our pasts came forth, issues which plagued our hearts for eons.

    We've talked about numerous things since then, from the desires we've always had, the experiences we'd already crafted. We've accomplished a few of those since then, namely staying behind in a cinema till the closing time reached us, watching movies on repeat. Screaming out our names from the top of a mountain, hearing it echo.

    Then there were the little quirks, where you fell asleep while we were talking, trusting everything you had with me. It was then I knew that it's not living if it's not with you.

    Ever since then, all I have ever done is sit and think about you, everywhere, with warm emotions coursing through my soul. It's been over a year and a half since that first day, the day we met. And right now, as I stand in the donut shop, I know you're waiting for me in the park, a band of gold glinting on your hand, this time round.

    - Hoshi.

    It's been a while, I hope you all are doing well.
    A story, straight from my journal, I hope you like it.
    For this is a Friday morning.
    Happy new year.

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    "A line from my childhood creeped up to me, whispering to me as the wind in the park ruffled my hair, "The universe paves the way for love to occur."

    That's how it felt with you."