just try, don't shy, you cry, just buy.

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  • husnachikwela 4h

    Sun and the moon,
    One night other afternoon,
    Light everyone have seen,
    Going on and in,
    Knowing where to begin.

  • husnachikwela 9h


    January in twenty one, I have one programme,
    The birthday of someone, Who have his username,
    How can I combine, His last user sirname,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    You have not determine, Than saying about schooltime,
    You want to decline, Because of having fearsome,
    You are wondering anyone, Can cause you troublesome,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    Just accept your outcome, Do not be offline,
    This is your flavorsome, Come out and undermine,
    Visitors you must welcome, Do not stay alone,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    This is your dreamtime, If only you examine,
    You can get income, If you follow guideline,
    It can be supreme, If you not define,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    Forget about your pastime, How you have done,
    You could not overcome, Not worry their tone,
    You have an extreme, All will be fine,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James

  • husnachikwela 2d

    EXTRA PLAYER chspter10

    In the morning Rebeca was ready prepare herself, but sport master came and pick her at afternoon. When he come and check out her properties, he found out alot of them were not good for wearing at where she will be. She told her told left them and she will get new properties. When they reach at the town, sport master send her direct at suppermarket and buy all wanted materials for her. Rebeca was only having eleven years old. Sport master was thinking on her age at now she was support to be in which class when they were going home. He get idea that Rebeca should studdy at home for a year inolder next year to be with her fellow pupils. In writing it take her two weeks to turch a pencil well and write. At the side of knowing all alphabet and differentiate them it take her for one month and know how to make some sentences. In all that year she have know mathematics, language and history. Her teacher tought her addition, subtraction, division, decimal, percentage, fraction, all numbers, roots, geometric and algebra. At the side of language, he teach her tence, singular, plural, reading stories and poem to answer the question. And at the side of history, he teach her only a history of their country. Everyday Rebeca was having home work for doing all three subjects after she have ready know how to read and write. But before knowing only one subject was giving her a homework. After he have tought her one subject, other subjects was only introducing her slowly like to count number and small introduction of their country.
    After her all year studies and homeworks, Rebeca went and do a test at one school of class 3 and perform well. But his teacher ask for her to try for class four if she can perform well. After a week she went again and do, mathematics and language performed well but not in history. This is because some of question she could not know them. Due to she was only start class three inolder to know and other subjects. Only after she have finish her school studies, Rebeca tuition was waiting for her at home. Her teacher was helping so much inolder to be like her fellow students. At now he was not giving her alot of homeworks, but school was doing that. He was only questioned her in what she was studying and if not undetstand well, he was giving her another task. Everyday he was teaching her one subject. Sport master could not consider her in doing home activity untill she have finished homeworks. In all her test Rebeca was continue to perform day to day. But in class three upto five she could not ever being in top 10. This is because alot of time she was wanting to learn more and ends in top twenty upto twenty five out of 65 pupils in their class. At the side of all class A upto D she was among of top 30 students who perform well. At end of class six studies Rebeca was among of top 10 pupils who performed well in their studies. At the side of a good students in every subject she get only three gifts, and remainder they get other pupils. The best pupils who were performing well in their all studies was Neema, Bright, Claverian and Abdallah.
    But before all those task at the first time meet at home, sport master introduce himself his name was Brian.


  • husnachikwela 2d


    In how days go Kiri husband was not even to sleep at home and if sleep, he was coming with other girls inside the and Kiri was being chased in the room. When she was speaking, she was being beaten and sometimes went at hospital. Due to that Kiri was not speaking anything than watching. Her husband in other days was not left money for her to cook and if she have cook while he could not left the money, he was shouting to her that she have ready get other man. Kiri told her aunt in how she was suffering, but her aunt just answer in short "That is a marriage just sit on it" (while going or continue doing other business) And after she have being told about that, she was going and tell her husband. When her husband turn back, he was speaking while beating her "Are you not eating inside and succified? Untill you Are going to tell your sister? Go now to tell her if she can help you anything"
    In her marriage some of women could not like in how Kiris husband was doing. Due to that, three women want to help her when speaking in their groups. But in how discussion continue from 45 women only three remain. Because in two of the there was other women walk with Kiris husband another women were afraiding of their husband and want to save their marriage, other they were having husband but they have power to help Kiri, but they could not want. Also women who could not have husband. In those three women, two were having husband and one could not have. At the first, one of them who have husband could want to go aside and not have confidance in that and there she went by hope of her friend who have husband.


  • husnachikwela 3d

    EXTRA PLAYER chapter9

    Rebecas sister was angry at him since Rebeca knows him. Sport master came in that village at the period when Rebecas sister was at the process of marriage to be brocken. She could not ever see him than hearing about him.
    Sport master: Why are you giving the child marriage at this time?
    Rebecas uncle: Can't you see she have ready grow up!?
    Sport master: But she have not grow enough
    Rebecas uncle: That is our culture and not me. So she must get marriage
    Sport master: Ok. But the girl is not willing to be married, why are you forcing her? Can not you listening her filling?
    Rebecas uncle: Who is her by the way? She must listen her elders, especialy a man.
    Sport master: Ok. What if I want to take her and be educated?
    Rebecas uncle: Why her? Are not you see other people like Edward her cousin there?
    Sport master went to Rebecas mother and speak with her. He told her about caring of her daughter and the days when she will come and visit her. His brothers tryed to refuse him for many times and the point which was speaking every time that " He is are visitor and not known well" But at that time she could not ever listen his brother again and add "How can she stay here why she have ready give as ashaimed? I do not know even who will mary her. In the village she is a history now. How many times her sister told her but not listen? Let her go away."
    His brother was tired and leave in angry at home.

    Rebeca was very exited, but mother was not like the behavior which she have show on that day.
    Sport master: Can I leave her here for how many days in older to prepare herself
    Rebecas mother: Even tomorrow (answering while going in her room and not in good mood)
    Sport master: Prepare on yourself day after tomorrow I will come and pick you up (while wanting to move at that place and Rebeca answer him with head to agree)
    Only tomorrow evening all villagers and a leader who was rooling that village get the information. Due to that alot of family braim on him to do not come again near their child. But children after hearing about that, they refuse and not wanting him to be chased out, while other were still aqking themselves how they have allowed her to go with him. They only speak out and say all girls they must be at their home every day and not support any girl at the play ground. Only after she have four years no any brother to come with his young sisters and if she will be sawn they will deal with her themselves at the way home. ( And their ideas were being accepted.)


  • husnachikwela 3d


    When looking at night sky,
    Star shine and not shy,
    Moon light will try,
    Black dark to dry.

  • husnachikwela 3d

    Kind of the market,
    Free services they select.

    It have good arrangement,
    Like jacket and plat,
    They shaped in sweet.

    No any socket,
    Camera they set,
    They will only direct.

    Thing which I hate,
    Cost which they promote,
    They can not delete.

    No any discount,
    Everything have amount,
    Computer will count.


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  • husnachikwela 1w


    If I was a house, If danger I could announce,
    If I was a house, I could have enough noice,
    I could be like horse, that could be my choice,
    I play part for shoes, when thief get a chance,
    I know they could abuse, they do not get price,
    In how power I use, they will base my chance.

  • husnachikwela 1w

    EXTRA PLAYER chapter8

    After Rebeca allive, a man who was consisting with sport saw her breathing high with her backet, he was wanting to going home because the mission it was end. Only few remain but alot of them went away. Some guys ignore when she was there, some have a small shock and wanted to scream. Some think maybe she had met with Noel, but alot of them could not know what was going on. Even a case of her and Noel they could not know, think is because other were still young and other were in other nearest village.
    Sport master: Whats going on? There is any problem?
    Rebeca: At home (while still breathing) She told him everything and how she was not interested to get marriage.
    Sport master shock and speak himself "You are still young. Not they know that you must be at school now? And you are under 18 years old!"
    Rebeca was just looking at him.
    Sport master: Lets go home.

    They went at home and see people were wanting to disapear. When they saw Rebeca with her empty backet with avisitor, some look them and continue going but other were continue looking.
    Rebecas sister: Why have you spend alot of time there? And Why have not you come with water which you went to fatch.
    Rebeca: I have ready told you I do not want to be married.
    Rebecas sister: What are you speaking about? (While wanting to slap her, but Rebeca run faster at the back of sport master) Visitors were just watching and who want to go remain and other turn back to watch.
    Rebecas sister become ungry want to follow her where she was but she could not and just show one step and stoped herself and speak "Is think visitor do you to unrespect on me infront of people!? ( while showing the finger in that man) Mother have you see how your daughter she is at now?
    At now mother was only suprise and fill shamed in how her daughter have done. She could not think so if one day she will do that thing. His uncle come to that man and ask him in polite and ask "Sory why are you here with our child? Are you the person who our daughter want to be married with?
    Some of the boys who know him suprised, because they usualy see him at play ground.
    Sport master: No. But your daughter has follow me at the play ground and tell me everything about marriage.
    Rebecas sister: What!? Rebeca you have went again at play ground while I have ready warning you for the many times!(her sister was not speaking again than sitting down)
    Sport master: But the girl is right, why are you want to do marriage while she is under 18 years old? She must be at school now. ( He then turn back to villagers and look at them)
    Then Rebecas uncle speak and allow villagers to go at home and they will be informed other day.


  • husnachikwela 1w


    At the collage I was having an idea of having my account, but I could not know how. I was trying to search in google but it could not give me exactly point where I need. Due to that I become to remember a girl who was a poetry at school. When she was at holiday at most I was forgeting to ask her, this cause me to fill sad. I was not knowing where can I publish my poems. Due to that I came with other idea of using stationery to have my poems like how the teachets usually make Vitini to them. I got one stationery, but she was not caring about my work. When I was giving her an idea she could not listen at all as if I could not pay to her. She was only like to simplify and she was very lazy. Although she was having an offer if you made alot of books the money will be little expensive than how you remove one each per different days. Due to that I take only three works to her then I went in another stationery.
    When continue with other stationery. I took only one sample although I was mixching both english and swahili poems but he tryed to arrange as how needed. Those three books I divide to my two fellow classmet in free and one I gave my brother when he came to visit me. This brother he is son of my uncle, but since we were child we were calling him brother and our parents could not teach us and could not take care on how we called him. Those two books which are like kitini and not official books I kept them in my room. I could not give anyone. When dividing those three small books they comment they are good, but some who were commenting there was good I see on there face there is some ignore. This usually happein to know if truely is a good work but they don't support you in how you work hard, and sometimes it shows they only see a bad work in arrangement but they have only give their heads back and not tell you the truth.

    I came to know about my work it was not good in arrangement, after I have submit my poems to one of my sir who was in the collage and tell me to distribute both of them, English to be themselves and swahili poems to be themselves. Also at the side of arranging he want words to be equal at the end side. But I could not accept in head that they can not be the some line at the end. This is because poems have different verse, stanza even amount of words weere different in every poem according to different types of poems we have. At that time I was remembering last year I gave onother sir he could not read about them, even him he could not read them too. Also last year I follow different sir and madame who were not more than three, but after I have seen no help, I could not consatrate with them again. Sir who I met with him and shows my work is only after I have went in one of my fellow student who were in other levil and not mine. This is because he was teaching in our class which we usually use it at most. So when we were at the break other student they were comment and continue with other timetable. Because in collage every corse and class have different timetable for studdying.