~Be you.The world will adjust~����

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  • i_shukriya 1d

    My childhood smells of
    my stupidity, my stubborness,my childish talk
    which is now in gallery only...


  • i_shukriya 3d

    The "One"..

    I know one,
    Cute, innocent, very caring
    Kind and trust worthy,
    Easily believe in others,
    Always smile, even in the dark cities,
    the smile never shed off.

    But now, is gone,
    No more you see,
    Yes is there, but not there.
    Seems very confusing, I know
    But what I say,
    Yaar..is not there.

    Every time she be the part of others prank,
    She faces the fun of others,
    She was silent, silent but afraid
    Afraid of what next,
    If tomorrow she will go there again,
    the same she used to face so afraid.

    But what to do,
    One day, the complete "she" scattered
    Scattered rubishly,
    Just can't tell you why,
    But yes because of her nature, she break..

    &.......leap.....(as in dramatic serials)

    now she is new,
    a new mould but the same
    The funky, fizzy, dramaqueen
    Idiot, LOL again .... same

    Guys, why to change yourself for others,

    Want to know who is she...??
    It's me

    Make them kick who making you to change just don't kick the real you for others


  • i_shukriya 5d

    In our generation, love is like a couple of magnet, as the friction get over the two will never meet again....


  • i_shukriya 1w

    Depression is a mood, don't make it disease.


  • i_shukriya 1w

    The moment...the next..??

    The moment I feel okay.
    The next I feel no, I am not...

    The moment I feel I can do it.
    The next I feel how should I....

    The moment I feel everything will gonna be alright.
    The next I feel how?..

    The moment I feel I am strong.
    The next I feel not every time yarr...

    The moment I feel "even sky is not the limit for me".
    The next I feel till had just not crossed my rooms too...

    The moment I feel I am quiet lucky.
    The next I feel hopefully so...

    The moment I feel I am genious.
    The next I feel may be am wrong...

    The moment I feel my future will rock.
    The next I feel it not seems so...

    The moment I feel I am done with my syllabus.
    The next I feel may be not...

    The moment & the next
    Literally ....


  • i_shukriya 1w

    The aroma of his soma.
    The restless I, feel quiet in his arms.
    My every favourite place is,
    just aside by your around.
    The paradise I feel in your side.
    The touch of your's,
    seems healing my every stripe.
    Because this is the love that I realise...


  • i_shukriya 1w

    Dear sky,
    Cover me with your warmth
    I am tired, hold me tight & hug me once

    Quiet 'm randomly going with the flow,
    But there is buzz inside making noise, hard inside

    Do rainfall so as to overtake my inside noise,
    Do rainfall so as to wipe my tears,
    Which is now invisible but is there.

    Yes I am teenager, you think m only writing, sky
    She is small how she feel so depressed now?

    But sky,
    Depression doesn't mean only for being in depression
    Some are happy but sad inferior.

    Do twinkle one, so as I see a sparkle
    Do twinkly one, so as I see you are there.

    I can't tell you the whole story now
    Simply, yarr
    My contents were shading down
    The preface were shiverring &
    Books were erasing now,

    Do one favour sky,
    Please come & hold me the way I standing inside....

    #poetry #dearsky #poetry
    #miraquillpost #morningpost

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    Dear sky...,


  • i_shukriya 2w

    Life is that novel
    whose preface seems very exciting
    but get scared when switch towards index,
    & what to say about contents:
    Some sounds boring, some tough, some loving & some gives burden too.

    But that is why it's called novel not a comic book...


  • i_shukriya 2w

    Everyday I ask a question to myself,
    Why to believe in others,why to depend on others??
    & yes I do, but when it's about you,
    It can't happen, & I melt....


  • i_shukriya 2w

    Windows of memories just opened,
    Gleam of those minute just went in,
    Since got his whiff...
    Don't know why this grit turns pithy.