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  • i_write_what_i_feel80 7w

    It's the worst feeling in the world
    That the person you adore the most
    Treats you like a trash!

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 7w

    It's okay,
    Sometimes the people you love the most
    Doesn't love you back!

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 7w

    Hey listen,
    It's not necessary that every love continues
    Some fades with time
    And some continues and end up writing the perfect one sided stories.

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 10w

    I'm a mess
    I just mess things up and regret later
    I distance myself from the people I love and regret later
    I'm just a mess
    A mess who makes things messier and regret later.

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 10w

    2021 is the year in which I lost my dear nani, my khalu, khalu's sister. I've lost these people like forever.
    They were so freaking close to my heart that I can't explain in words also
    Whenever I think of word childhood at nani's place, my mind just strike me at the moments spent with them.
    I loved my nani and khalu so much
    And I still love them , it doesn't matter wherever they are.
    And I hope they've got peace❤
    Not only this, I've lost connection with my best friends . They are the best people I've ever met . But maybe it's my fault that they are no more my friends.
    But I wish the best for them❤and I will always welcome them with my whole heart whenever they'll need me. I hope someday they does.
    Ya it's been a rough year, so does everybody's.
    But there had been good moments also, this year's birthday was the bestestttt till now. I can't forget that daylike never....
    There was ups and downs
    But that's the meaning of life right???
    There will never be always good days or always bad days in life, there will be both . That's the balance of life.

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 21w

    It's not,
    My life doesn't exists without you;
    It's better with you in it.

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 24w

    3.00 A.M

    The world fell asleep and you lay awake imagining a life with her.
    As old lovers and as best friends.
    And how in your favourite coffee shop, with first rain of the summer coming down on your favourite old city, she'll be talking about her hobbies, about her interests and you'll be... well, watching her.
    Watching her and be amazed of the little details of the face, you cherish the most.
    You'll be amazed at how effortlessly she tucks strings of hair behind her ear and how the world gets cured a little everytime she smiles.
    How you'll silently say,
    "I've only one heart, you know and it's already yours".
    But She won't hear it.
    She'll keep talking and you'll keep watching... her.

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 50w

    Bitch don't run after beauty, have a good heart and chase a pure one .❤️

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 50w

    Vo ek parindey jaisa hai
    Use baandho mat
    Use jaane do , aur use jeene do
    Use mat kaho ki 'mere sath raho'
    Uske jane se daro
    Par usko roko mat
    Ekdin tufaan ayega
    Aur vo udna chahega
    Par mt bolo ki vo hawaein use kahi kho dengi
    Tufaan k bahaaon m vo udta chla jaega
    Aur tmhara dil phirse baitha reh jaega
    Par wahi tufaan use tmhra yaad dilwaega
    Aur vo wapas ayega
    Par vo ek parinda h
    Use baandho mat
    Use jaane do!

  • i_write_what_i_feel80 64w

    Yes You!

    Tum itne ache ho ki
    Meri aankhein bus tumhe dekhne k liye hamesha baqarar rahengi
    Tum itne ache ho ki tumhein paane k liye meri zindagi hamesha intezar karegi
    Tum itne ache ho ki
    Mere shabdon m kami padjaegi kahi
    Par tumme nahi!