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  • iamaselenophile 1h

    Maa❤ jaise duniya mai aur koi nhi.
    @fromwitchpen @inked_selenophile kyu hm ne sahi kha na..

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    Duniya ki sb se special dish..
    Maa ki daant .
    Duniya ki sb se unique dish.
    Maa ki hawa m audti chappal.

  • iamaselenophile 4d

    The Moon taught me to give light even when, far from full. Never loose hope ,We can't be happy each day .
    #life @writersnetwork

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    Sometimes life seems like the Sun ,
    in between
    The orbits with anguish, problems and joy
    Which gyrate around.

  • iamaselenophile 2w

    Outside~ for everyone...
    A paradise on earth,
    Green Valley like heaven,
    Surrounded by mountains,
    Looks more beautiful with snowfall,
    With beautiful flowers blooming everywhere,
    With an attractive look,
    With a beautiful culture and calmness.

    Inside ~for us...
    This is a red valley like hell,
    Colourfull due to blood fall,
    Blooming stones everywhere,
    Afraid of violence.

    Here the hearts are bleeding, fresh blood of young ones over the roads is bleeding.
    Demolished dreams of every daughter, every father, every mother , every son are floating with blood..
    Tears from the eyes of Kashmir ..

    Once with the fresh air and water
    Nature with sweet fragrance, where the morning started with the songs of birds..
    BUT NoW..
    Here the blood flows, morning starts with bloodshed and evening with funeral prayers (janazah).
    Here the children,
    Waiting for their father's to come back home with a new toy ..with a happy life...
    But they come with their eyes closed ..with the weird life..
    Every day, all we hear are the innocent cries of the innocents." BABA BABA OPEN YOUR EYES, BABA PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US, BABA PLEASE COME BACK"..
    My beautiful kashmir is now a bleeding kashmir.. And
    This was the glimpse of my beautiful (bleeding) kashmir....

    Kehtay hai ek insaan ka qatl kar k puri insaaniyat ka qatl hota hai baba,
    Lekin yha toh subh shaam qatl hotay hai..
    Kahi sapnu ka toh kahi apnu ka..
    Yeh kaisa waqt aaya baba,
    Mar kai bhi marnay nhi detay,
    tohmatein itne laga kai , jo jee rhay hai unko jenay nhi detay...

    Note: all this i wrote is not for any kind of violence here,
    Miraquill is just like a family, so i shared true incidents of my place..

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    Kashmir is Bespattered with blood,
    Then ,
    Why this always seems weird..

  • iamaselenophile 3w

    Initiate positrons, broad visions and class ...
    Man looks into deep seas and oceans when we talk about grief, sorrows, adventures and more.
    The importance of mega _motivation lies in just a single word.... |~TIME~|.... Which is often ignored and valued in the market of self being and existence!..
    Except those who had specialty in using it and made a stamp on mother earth.
    ~make a pledge with your being from switching several four letter words to a single four letter word..
    Which makes our circle in era..
    You are familiar about several four letter words:
    ^LOVE //~^ Seizes our mind, minima power of thinking, loosing to rule our life and gradually leave self court.
    ~HATE\~^.A cheap feeling which don't let to proceed.
    ~FAME//~^.Reach a great point leaving behind all line and finding deserted.
    TIME°° USE it and visualize your broader terms.
    But unfortunately we want it the most but use it worst.
    The only thing which is same among all is time.
    We brought nothing in this world and it is certain we can carry nothing.. But the time is precious.. If used properly, obviously we not but our name would always remain alive.
    @writersnetwork #TIME

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    Moon a four letter word, which heals my soul.
    Moon a four letter word under which I shine.
    Moon a four letter word which I want to be mine forever


  • iamaselenophile 5w

    Sometimes all you need is "yourself"...

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    Sometimes you need to be alone, sometimes you need to change the directions , sometimes you need to walk alone, sometimes you need to let things go, sometimes you need to feel yourself and sometimes you need to start from the end..

  • iamaselenophile 6w

    Just live a little darling ��
    #livelife @writersnetwork

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    Somebody asked , "How is life"?
    I said ... She is fine...
    She is breathing...
    Ahh! Look her wings are unfolded..
    Hiding her tears.. She is just smiling...
    She never fails to be beautiful..
    She is now like the moon nobody can touch her, shining in the darkness with its deep scars..

  • iamaselenophile 7w

    What is black?
    For me black is the colour of hope,colour of dark night sky which makes the moon visible, black is limitless , black is indefinable.. The colour of the scars of moon..
    What is white?
    White is the Colour of peace , the colour which we wear when we sleep forever..
    And may be the colour of moon..

  • iamaselenophile 7w

    It has been said, 'time heals everything, every deep wound.
    But no, i dont agree...
    The wounds remain, the scars remain..
    We never heal, neither the pain abate with time.
    With time being the consistent patron of problems,
    We only know how to manipulate the situations , we become mature with time..
    But the wounds still remain, the scars still remain..
    With time we know how to camouflage our anguish by the fake smile,
    But when it's night we know how to unwind our heart by wailing, under the moonlight.
    ||~i never did heal, I just forced myself to forget the shit that happened..
    I never did heal, my deep wounds stopped bleeding now.
    I never did heal, but yes I picked myself back up and wiped my own tears....
    I have grown from things that meant to break me ~||
    I get stronger day by day,
    But those wounds are still as fresh as yesterday..

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    Every night moon tries to plant healing shine in my wounds....

  • iamaselenophile 8w

    50 posts done��.

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    It just started the way I lost myself while finding her but she had locked her in that mirror; before which I stand and she holds my reflection.

  • iamaselenophile 9w

    You are my that wish,
    For whom I stay up all night..
    To ask you from the falling star.