I am a man I'm not human

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  • iambeyond 2h

    Can't SEA

    The dust settles so he can .
    What it is he needs to .
    Up ahead he sees a light,
    Yet again, it's no surprise.
    Laughing masses stand around
    Fucking agents in the crowd.
    Damn sweat pouring out.
    Feeling great just passing through,
    He uses his music, 432hz.
    Positivity all the time,
    Happiness is a state of mind.
    No room left for fear to hide.
    The magic is on the inside.

  • iambeyond 16h

    Laws are made to be broken

  • iambeyond 1d

    The Situation is crazy,
    Completely out of hand.
    Why did I wait so long,
    To understand?
    I barely feel like I'm a man.
    I let this happen to my own kid.
    You have to sign it to take your baby home.
    I should have read what was wrote.
    They definitely never explained it to me.
    I garentee u that I would have never agreed.

  • iambeyond 1d


    She has a problem, she doesn't love him anymore. But she tells him she loves him just like before. She doesn't want to let him down. But she does anyhow.
    She really thought she was in love,
    Now she realizes shes messed up.
    Waiting for the right time to make her move. She can't keep saying it if it's not true.
    She loves him but she's not in love with him.
    She thinks it be better to just be friends.
    How will she let him know?
    So he understands and his heart don't get broke?

  • iambeyond 1d

    A pretty woman

    I can feel her heart beat, when she's standing close to me. I've never felt like this,
    I want to do it again.That look in her eye,
    It gets me every time.I think I want to ask her, But I don't know if I can.I don't want it to be like, our mom and dad.
    But that isn't who we are, and I can feel it in my heart. But Does she feel the same, do I need to step up my game? I wish I knew a way to find out what she thinks. My face red as her Lips, I've never had a girl make me like this.

  • iambeyond 2d

    Identity serenity

    Why do I have a name?
    Why do I play this game?
    Why do I feel ashamed?
    I am not to blame.
    Out from the world of fake.
    The I AM is taking it's place
    It's time for justice,
    Receive your punishment.
    The Puppets are not staying around,
    The Natural law is taking them down.
    The knowledge from a King,
    Exposing everything.

  • iambeyond 2d

    My Army

    A Beautiful memory.
    The song of a century.
    The heart of a man,
    that knows he can.
    But his ship is Sinking,
    Cuz he can't stop thinking
    As he lay awake drifting.
    He hears a voice of a man.
    Angels on the water,
    he lowers his head.
    Then the angels say to him.
    Rise up soldier, you are not alone,
    We stand beside you until u make it home.
    The devils on the sides, both left and right.
    Keep your eyes on the prize, and you will win this fight.

  • iambeyond 2d


    Erase my name,
    From your bonds and chains.
    Erase my name,
    From all the pain.
    Erase my name,
    So I can sleep,
    Erase my name,
    It's natural law I speak.
    I have risen from the dead.
    Back to take what's mine.
    Please don't forget,
    Committing fraud is a crime.
    I will no longer comply.
    Erase my name,
    From your dumb ass lies
    From all illegal contracts.
    Whether fiction or fact.
    Erase my name,
    From all this crap.
    So much Evil and yet I am unafraid.
    Stand by cuz there's more on the way.

  • iambeyond 3d

    Day Time day light

    I guess it's that time again.
    Time to get myself out of bed.
    I think I got like two hours of rest.
    It's way more than I usually get.
    I'm so greatful for another day,
    Splash some water on my face.
    Glance in the mirror I like what I see,
    An honest man staring back at me.
    It's not easy to dance to rock n roll.
    So I back it off with something slow.
    I never thought of such a thing,
    I got hooked to the pain.
    It was like a drug, had me standing in line.
    Looking for more, like where is mine?
    What is it mama, u want to lie to me again?
    It's OK mama just not infront of my kid.

  • iambeyond 3d

    Work to be happy

    I love being under the thunder.
    The lightening and the thunder.
    Watching the trees come to life.
    Up before the day time.
    Morning glories open with the sun.
    And close when the day is done.
    Just Like me I'm happy.
    Everyday I'm happy.
    What's your reason for not feeling free?
    Don't you see the same things as me?
    A bird fly by, children playing at the park?
    A nice slow dance and feeling from the heart?
    There is so much to be greatful for,
    Like the scent from a candle from the night before. The taste of wine on her lips.
    That's one thing I could never forget.