Kuch aadhe adhure lamhe liye,dil ka ye sheher saja rhi hu..

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  • iamv49 185w

    Seriously I love mirakee

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    Happy diwali to all the mirakeens ♥️♥️

  • iamv49 187w

    Teri baate h ya, huzoom h?
    Meri laash ka ye sukoon h
    Teri yaad humko dila gya
    Or fir se mujhko tabah kiya

    Teri chuvan ki talaash hai
    Teri hasti khud me utaar lu
    Tujhe pa k, ro k, chor du
    Tujhse lipat k mar jau
    Vo judai manjoor h
    Kaash mae ladka hoti fir zada accha likhti

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    Ye jo khaabo ka dastoor h
    Ye jo khamakha ka fitoor h
    Mujhe sharab pina sikha diya
    Or nashe ko has k rula diya

  • iamv49 188w

    He played with words and her heart,
    His brutal insensitivity tore her apart.
    Love denied, eyes cried, her spirit died.


  • iamv49 189w

    ���� ok to be serious you should write this, not just read it if you're going through this.
    Or mera pyar uski bewafai se bada q h? Koi aisi cheez h jo pyar se badi ho?

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    Dear heart, I'm begging you. Please let him go. He'll never care for you the way you care for him. He doesn't think about you. And I can't keep living like this. Thinking about him all the time. Please. Let him go. There's so much I need to do in life and atleast doing. And I can't do any of it if I keep on drowning in the ocean of misery every single day. And please help me to sleep because I get lost in the daytime sometimes. So please for my sake let him go.

  • iamv49 190w

    ये इनसां के दुश्मन, समाजों की दुनिया
    ये दौलत के भूखे रिवाज़ों की दुनिया
    जहाँ एक खिलौना है इनसां की हस्ती
    ये बस्ती है मुर्दा-परस्तों की बस्ती
    जहाँ और जीवन से है मौत सस्ती
    जवानी भटकती है बेज़ार बनकर
    जवां जिस्म सजते है बाज़ार बनकर
    जहाँ प्यार होता है व्यापार बनकर
    ये दुनिया जहाँ आदमी कुछ नहीं है
    वफ़ा कुछ नहीं, दोस्ती कुछ नहीं है
    जहाँ प्यार कि कद्र ही कुछ नहीं है
    ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाये तो क्या है
    तुम्हारी है तुम ही सम्भलो ये दुनिया, ये दुनिया ...Sahir ludhiyanavi #crossfingers
    Last line is not mine I guess bcus it was in my mind from a long time so maybe u kno

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    I don't write because I'm bored
    I don't write because I have no one to talk to
    I don't write because I'm physically alone

    I write because there are words that need to be said,
    But they can only be said on a paper with no address.

  • iamv49 192w

    1:30 am
    These tears sing lullaby for me every night. Btw women have 6 times more tear glands.and smaller tear ducts so maybe that's why

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    Maybe love

    is just a too great thing

    For us

    plain humans.


  • iamv49 193w

    You can be loved more than any guy on this planet,
    You're worthy of all the happinesses despite of your faults,
    You're a great guy,
    That I wholeheartedly loved with all my heart.
    The rainbows in your eyes were there to disguise my colorblind heart.

  • iamv49 194w

    Dying in the pain you left me with
    Still hearing your voice echoing in my brain
    Still bleeding from where you ripped me apart
    I am really not able to describe my pain
    All my screams, my dreams, ny hopes.
    All went in vain.
    And oh how I had wished to kiss you in pouring rain
    Trusted you with all my heart, and never knew you would so cruelly tear it in 2 halves
    Then you light up my phone at the middle of my life
    And ask me whether I'm okay
    What's still left to write and say?
    Tu jo keh de toh jeena chor du
    Bin soche ek pal saans lena chor du
    Chor diya shayad
    Guys I'm sorry but I'll start reading all your poems after 2 days, and that's a promise.

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    ज़िन्दगी का लम्हा लम्हा ज़िन्दगी तलबगार है
    जिस तरफ देखती हूं रास्ता दुष्वार है

  • iamv49 198w

    Exude- release in drops

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    Incense shadow of your memories;
    Falling on the canvas of my mind,
    Streaming thoughts of mine
    Exude transparent ink on my heart as tears.


  • iamv49 198w

    Lame. And guys you all can tag me with #rawpen for reposts. Bcus mirakee shows latest 100 notifications only.

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    My dead little rose
    Was once something high
    Bought colour to the skies
    Now an impression of demise
    Will be me soon indeed, if I try
    My dead little rose
    is so much like me
    Once happy and pretty
    now dead and dry.