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  • ilakshi 120w

    She survived many sleepless nights with a heavy heart ,
    But their memories always kept her alive ,
    She was left with nothing but some pieces of old memory treasure...
    And she found herself again someday ...
    But their memories has become a mere tale now ,
    Everything has turned into cold and shallow,
    Is something pushing her again into a deeper grave but this time without mercy ...
    All those days she survived have become a sugar coated lie !!

  • ilakshi 127w

    That fragrance of yours as of fresh petals I inhale,
    I stare at you as of assuming the depth of ocean and suddenly all my words are dried up,
    The air outside yours seems to be a cage ,
    And the warmth of your embrace reminds me of bonfire in a serene winter evening!!

  • ilakshi 129w

    In the graveyard of memories , a tint of discomfort wrapped unresolved emotions,
    Those blurry nightmares kept her reminding the imminent chaos,
    The shy flower keeps on trying to bloom once again ,
    But without the rain and sunshine ,it's all in vain ...
    There's too much hatred dripping from the blood, clots of agony in the soul ,
    But what about those half written pieces of poetry screaming of Love ,
    Everything around her melts in his presence,
    His smile traps all her discontent and turns it into ashes ,
    She met herself for the last time in his embrace,
    She lies to herself , fakes a smile in front of the mirror ,
    She knows it's difficult when she's gonna feel the real ....

  • ilakshi 131w

    Her solitude lost its way in his chaotic wilderness,
    Her love engrossed in the way she took his name with her lips and expressed with moist eyes,
    His enchanting eyes lured her ,
    But some unforgivable desires baffled their destiny just to immerse her in him forever ...

  • ilakshi 153w

    She locks herself in the darkness,
    Too distant from the hustle,
    Just to undress her soul , to feel every bit of pain she has suppressed with a faded smile,
    Outside her window, the citylights are beaming,,
    Reading emotions in his eyes is somewhere equating the ecstasy ,
    But the adrenaline rush between them can create magic but can't erase reality ,
    The escape is not easy,
    Snapping all the bonds ,she's setting herself free tonight ,
    Perhaps shedding tears for the same reason won't be allowed from tomorrow...

  • ilakshi 154w

    Her thirst for love was immersed in his ocean of thoughts,
    She was a wanderer with no destination,
    But suddenly she found it in his eyes !!

  • ilakshi 163w

    Mohabbat ka khaamyaza kuch iss tarah bhugat rahe hain hum ki ,
    Raat ki karwat bhi aapki aur Subah ki ibadat bhi aapki,
    Aur unke beech Jo khwaab ki duniya hai wo bhi mukammal hai sirf aapse hi !!

  • ilakshi 164w

    Don't leave the shore ,
    The waves are telling you a tale,
    The tale of my fears,
    The rain dried when I was dancing in it,
    The sky turned dark when I was still wondering,
    They say, "Love is like a beam of moonlight",
    But, I can perceive nothing but the Eclipse,
    Tell me some of your favourite lies if not the promises,
    I penned more letters than I spoke to you,
    Let me reveal everything before I turn numb,
    Let me exhibit those paintings of silence before I ask for death in your embrace..

  • ilakshi 165w

    Ittefaq ki baaton mein kyaa jeete hai aap,
    Humne arso se apne zehen pe yaadon ko zinda rakha,
    Agar ittefaq hotaa ,toh aapke gam o ko nahi,
    aapse jawaab maangte !!

  • ilakshi 165w

    Un khaawishon pe kya bandishein lagayegi duniya,
    Woh sirf khwahish nahi , kaaynaat si thi humaare liye ,
    Ab chaahe yeh dil ruswaah ho ya phir ye mohabbat,
    Dard bhi toh ab dhadkan banke dhadakta hain unke liye..