pain is an old friend �� if not me, who? if not now, when?

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  • im_mudasir11 43w


    Let's keep everything aside,
    And lose our pride.
    Come let's walk and talk,
    Because together we can Rock.

    Let the hatred disappear like vapour,
    And Don't worry about the latter.
    Let the love shine and grow,
    Love takes no less than everything, Do you know?

    Our hearts are meant to love,
    And make the world full of dove.
    Why to plan How to start?
    Let's follow the path shown by the Heart..

  • im_mudasir11 43w


    I was born a prisoner,
    With no acquaintance of the world.
    I was sent here by the divine force,
    Nor was it my choice to be part of this place.
    I was shackled on my First day,
    So that I could be nourished in a dangerous way.
    The first lesson of my life was Freedom,
    And it's first topic I learned was slavery.
    Everywhere I looked were cunning hearted around me,
    With no love and fear of their Lord.
    Their sole purpose was to be their own God,
    Greed for Money was their main cause.
    The only thing I found common was "Injustice"
    And Dead ones shouting for justice...

  • im_mudasir11 47w


    "Zindagi ka har lamha apne khaab ky Saath jena Seekho,
    Kuch karna hai toh khud par Wishwaas karna Seekho,
    Duniya ko Nahi, Khud ko Badalna Seekho,
    Auroon par nahi khud par kaam karna Seekho,
    Zindagi mein modh aayenge mushkil,
    Bas tum apni ghadi ko Sambhalna Seekho,
    Zindagi tumhe Sataaye gi bohot,
    Bas tum apne iraadey pakke kar ke Betho,
    Paana toh chahte ho bohot.
    Magar khona aur karna nahi"
    (Woh kehte hai na)
    (Khawahish sy nahi ghirte phool jholi mein
    Waqt ki Shaakh ko mere dost hilana hoga
    Kuch nahi hoga Andhairoon ko bura kehne sy
    Apne hisy ka diya khud jalana hoga)

  • im_mudasir11 48w


    The Crimes are at its Peak,
    And the Blood is so cheap.
    Here brotherhood is gone forever,
    And love seems to be found nowhere.
    The Moral Values have evaporated,
    Like it never existed.
    Greed and Money has made people so Blind,
    That they are unaware killing an innocent is killing the mankind.
    Here every law has been approved for Oppressors firmly,
    And weak are being oppressed Ubiquitously.
    Everyone here is moving in the wrong direction,
    Oh Lord! You are the one who can make this correction..

  • im_mudasir11 48w


    Why you held my hand,
    If it was going to disappear like sand.
    Why you promised to live with me forever,
    If it was going to nowhere.
    Why you left me alone in the midway,
    If it wasn't love but Betray.

    You broke me down,
    And I endured all my pain without any sound.
    You came in my life,
    And left me alone to strife.
    You broke my Heart,
    But I still love you with all the pieces you hurt.

    Will you come for the sake of mine,
    Without you my Soul isn't going to be fine..

  • im_mudasir11 49w


    Whatever is destined comes about, Neither can it be changed nor Stopped, So why to bog ourselves in it.
    Let's Spread happiness and Celebrate this beautiful moment with our fullest potential.
    (Wish you a Happy Eid Mubarak)

  • im_mudasir11 52w

    Life is SHORT, So Make Your Existence Better

  • im_mudasir11 52w


    What if you die,Now!
    Can you explain your life, How?
    Will The World forgive you,
    Or Will they curse you?
    Will you be remembered like Bad,
    Or They will forget you like Good?
    Will you lose faith in Humanity,
    Or You will be proud for being Humane.
    Whatever Good you do for this Nasty Place,
    They will try their best to throw dirt on your Face.
    So Play this game by your Heart,
    Not always with Mind..

  • im_mudasir11 54w


    Yesterday I had a Dream,
    I found myself on an Island,
    Surrounded with the mesmerizing beauty,
    And creation of the Creator.

    But Still, my heart wasn't ready to move,
    Neither was it amazed by it's beauty,
    Cuz, it had been broken into the pieces,
    Beyond it could be repaired.

    It is in such a pain,
    That you can't endure,
    You can't see it,
    But it hurts every time.

    It melted over you, like a baby on cuddling,
    You cleaned it, but like a Flood,
    It is still waiting for you
    So you can vanish the pieces, left.

  • im_mudasir11 54w

    "Whatever comes to me, I call it life"