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  • im_your_hazel 59w

    White coat freak

    You were a bizarre sight for a sombre day.
    I took to you as my tutor, oh how better could we have met? ( Sarcasm intended )
    You looked intimidating as fuck, but I straightened my socks and played myself into putting up with your sway, Lest all the warnings that were thrown my way.
    But how else could i have saved my failing chemistry grades.. my ego had to deflate
    I begged but you were tough to convince, like Adolf Hitler obeyed.
    You coldly spat your 'no' like I was the only person you detest but i stood by my words waiting for the "you will only be taught by myself". If the teacher had decided to be stubborn, his student was no less.
    With a sigh here n there and a stone gaze beheld, we came to an agreement.
    I to be your lab rat and you , my focal point of gaze....,

    You were just a 'white coat freak' before me,
    but you've been 'my white coat freak' since then what you say??

  • im_your_hazel 62w

    Glassy polished windowpane
    It oozes comfort, I gave vent to my ache
    No matter how subtle, the pang came to an end,
    I bled out infectious blood, waiting for the next day

  • im_your_hazel 74w

    Every person gets to be a moron in their life for once, but people like me put that privilege to shame.....��

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    Squidward Rocks

  • im_your_hazel 75w

    # @this_username_exists -a shout to u..

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    He's the last of his kind

    A guy, just a man
    This is the facade you put on display,
    But trust me I know you better.
    You face the world stretching your arms out, sheltering us from the flinging dreads; I promise I won't quiver.
    While battling these clashes
    Of the sin against us,
    you were forever facing the world;
    In all this we couldn't spot
    the face of the hero amongst us

    Happiest Father's Day, Dad!!!

  • im_your_hazel 75w

    Hey, I'm just promoting my WP book

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    Light olive skin tone to ogle over for hours, Black messy hair fallin' all over the place, but looking so purposefully disarrayed to give girls mixed feelings in the guts; sharp nose but not too business-like-sharp; in other words,

    perfect. Soft pink lips turned up with interest and I bet they could be crisp talking; the eyes the hottest to handle, so finesse with intimidation that they might make Mary Virgin swoon over ; But his stance and second to none body held all the glory, full of himself

    But lemme tell you, calling this man perfect would be a fluke, ppl.

    The patched up heart still surprisingly there in his chest, ripped apart by a thousand wounds but still somehow intact with my single hearted love brings his perfection notches down. And you blatantly call him grave or what stingy?

    *Ever had to look at the ceiling for a hook to hang the rope to choke yourself but then instead gulping down pain and forcing yourself to believe that destiny might have something in store for you? Then you'll know what pain is*

    Good Looks don't lend a helping hand then, they leave the chat....

  • im_your_hazel 77w

    #i call it 'love'

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    When you meet the one
    who changes the way
    Your heart beats,
    dance with them to that rhythm
    for as long as the song lasts


  • im_your_hazel 79w

    # trip over, bitch

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    Moody girls are stark similar to
    Flirty bartenders.
    You'll never know when
    they've spiked your drink

  • im_your_hazel 79w

    #Let's talk life, no matter how shitty it is

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    Any normal feigning act
    lasts till an extent
    Besides that, every person sticks
    to his core conscience.
    It doesn't matter if you're the very infamous Tom Cruise or a 'ran over by a pick up truck'. Instead the possibility of your being a Tom Cruise matters.

  • im_your_hazel 80w


    That's a clingy fact,
    that we got detached
    for no good reason.
    Help yourself with that,
    though it's no more than a tract
    with recession.
    Pass your life with that;
    similar tact,
    Yet it wrecked us.
    You and me, we both
    Know the hails in our minds
    that urge us to reunite.
    Thursday goes, Friday blows,
    Saturday, Sunday close the doors.
    What's left is the vague slit
    my heart's entry kept for you.
    Still decide
    To come inside
    And never again close the door

  • im_your_hazel 80w

    #if they cry, then **** them all

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    Tranquilizers 'round the clock,
    Sedatives are stuffed in mouth,
    gulp some water; push them down
    Or might distress you north to south.

    Scalp, forehead, arched eyebrows;
    They have their personal sorrows.
    Scalp loses sanity, clock ticks to twenty

    Still in slumber, stupefied?
    Scrolling 3:14, petrified?
    Religiously dignified,
    What's the use, you can't confide

    Brisket on a silverware,
    Turned out in a ball gown flare,
    Look into my hazel glare.
    Jazz with me? You wouldn't dare!
    Remember that cool nightmare?

    *Evil winks*