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  • im_your_hazel 90w

    #Where comes respect, there comes love❤️

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    Love your country? Then pls don't ignore this

    I couldn't put a finger on what it was,
    But it culminated my core roots.
    Want a citizenship in South Korea?
    Just fly through.
    Thundering was my heart against rib cage,
    this feeling grew more true.
    Could a refugee sweat for the country,
    Like a patriot could do?
    A flag waver knows the occasional shiver even wearing an Armani,
    Would it pass through a traitor's thick skin,
    despite wearing a bikini

  • im_your_hazel 91w

    Bloody angel Delilah

    Terrain by terrain she crossed,
    Sophomore year it was.
    Naive was her mind but her heart had teeth.
    Unknowingly known was her hand to spike a dagger clean.
    Mother Janet taught her to shoot a film but eventually her hand curved to snap down a head, no one had seen.
    Girls grow balls to kick Shawn in the groin,
    But so off was her spirit, she unattached his knee and shin.
    What the heck?
    Is she fake?

    She's left us hanging on her words forever,
    Stiletto in your back, she'll make you crave an ending. Not just any ending but the ending of another helpless victim.

    Stabbed a knife , stabbed a knife

  • im_your_hazel 91w

    I've probably read a thousand novels,
    Known probably a thousand Charming guys through them. And probably fell in love with each one of them.

    Although I noticed a trait that they all were the same, with new eyes but the same perspective.

    From Romeo Montague to Hardin Scott, they maybe bad guys or humble dudes. They've done only a single job, rule every lady's heart.

    They've induced their Charisma on us people so much that it pulled us to revolve around their life bubble instead of ours.

    Works of literature made me hate normalcy and laugh in the face of those who call 'people who have lived a thousand lives' - bookworms.

    Little Do They Know What They're Missing Out. A salute to all the readers out there and a very happy

    'World Book Day'!!

  • im_your_hazel 93w

    If you are going to build the Empire State building, dig a deep hole and pour a
    strong foundation.
    And, to build a home in the suburbs,
    All you need to do is pour a 6 inch slab
    of concrete.
    Most people, in their drive
    are trying to build an Empire
    State Building on a
    6 inch slab.
    They would be successful
    But not for a long time.
    More the chances of it falling down not long
    after it is built

  • im_your_hazel 93w

    I'm a freaking adolescent,
    Nobody knows what it does to a person inside out.
    Can't deny if it made a priest lose his temper,
    Or the Christ to come overboard,
    Then why not make me (the jolly persona)
    feel depressed?

  • im_your_hazel 94w

    Touch him once n I'll kill you twice
    Unholy as it can sound,,,

  • im_your_hazel 97w

    Like conjureres , they do it with mirrors.

  • im_your_hazel 97w

    The Third Reich

    There, there, hideous colours
    and rusty planks, it's unquestionably your type;
    What about the cranky soul that claims to be your wife.
    Retain your joy to be a father whose son walks on the line of business.
    'cause if you won't,
    You'll have to spend your entire life with Hitler's governess.

  • im_your_hazel 101w

    #embrace the flaws #get up and go #life #life

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    I'm tactless

    My self critique is
    my carelessness,
    Refining the noble chunks
    In me,
    'cause not all my bones are indecent;
    But some are too brittle
    To last.

  • im_your_hazel 101w

    #Samuel Cahill, love you #life #love

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    I love the way you lie,,,

    Never let the -whatever thing Between us-
    Let die.

    'cause your my jerk and I'm your hazel,

    The ray of sunshine, a contrast to your stormy soul