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  • in_thy_arc_ 23w

    Former to for , the benign December

    flustered December rebukes shrinking
    saudade regarding eleventh season
    with frozen hands lying with sheet inking
    learnt lessons to bloom with fancy reason

    Dark bellied bounded words beats gilded leafs
    But the Eclipse overrides epoch
    Days in downtown dwells with doubtful belief
    Time hallucinates the heart of clock

    Marking serenity in silver code
    December wiped her blues to welcome Jan
    Carved apt bridges to cascade by abroad ;
    Two winters held hands and new time began

    Illuminating iris imprinted
    And Bedecked belonging snowflake tinted

    ~ snowman soaring high in eyes of her .

  • in_thy_arc_ 39w

    Pearl can personify humans too .

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    Each pearl glimmering under the shade of earth is precious ,
    And becoming priceless beneath throne they remain lacking their price ,
    Found in yet another marine .

    ~ in womb of calcium carbonate

  • in_thy_arc_ 39w

    As long as nightingale fly , it'll be trapped as festival of melody
    And when it'll become no more than a lifeless fauna , inhumane cavities will still celebrate
    And green panther shall beat with the died heart

    ~ wingless

  • in_thy_arc_ 39w

    As long as you remain as music in my soulful song
    I'll blossom being enigmatic and empty lyrics, lifelong
    Rhyming with casts of a hope , being adorned in eyes of throng
    And if lost between thorny bushes , some hearts shall beat with gong

    ~ beneath pen of another poet

  • in_thy_arc_ 39w

    Sorry'for troubles carried out by you' all .
    I M " WRITERSNETWARK" not writersnetwork .
    You can simply block me if I'm looking worst in it .
    Thank you .

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    Muslin mufflers were zealous cause he wore her smile for warmth .

    ~ immigrant winter

  • in_thy_arc_ 40w

    Countless droplets dripping from the oceanic pairs
    Unitary hands of clocks stare the elflocks in hairs
    Eighth autumn assembled in collar buttons of August
    Limit unbeatable ray to touch a skin melted and frozen in unseen layers

    Alike the engima of old English , extinct without being alleged
    Glimpse drowned and dusted in dust of time as an art ledged
    Flowers grew in mud of delta of beating the bottom , scent left edged
    Dancing drizzles with its troop dreaming cosy lap , gets dumped then dazed .


    •Synecdoche :
    Flowers , delta , old English , layers , droplets , autumn , drizzles and lap .

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  • in_thy_arc_ 44w

    A call to the newly old metaphor
    May roam through the streets of February .

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    Store separations
    Of scars in sleeves of dusk
    Mending sanguine smiles

    ~ uncoloured petal