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  • ink_drops__ 60w

    Your scent is so soothing that I can live around it for years.


  • ink_drops__ 64w

    When everything will be
    again back to the normal?
    When we'll again be with our
    friends laughing out harder?
    When we'll again get to bunk
    those boring lectures?
    When we'll again go out for a
    break and make weird memories?
    When we'll again meet our partners
    and blush over the stories?
    When we'll again got a normal
    income as it was before?
    When we'll again meet our
    loved one's, safe and alive?
    When? When? When?
    It's the never ending loop,
    But I wish, the day come soon,
    When we again rejoice and
    make memories to remind.
    Because, believe me,
    there's still a magic in hope!


  • ink_drops__ 69w

    I want to be a child again,
    With that real smile on face,
    With that little innocence,
    Which never fades the grace.

    I want to be a child again,
    With that tension free mind,
    With that soul which is kind,
    Which never gets sad.

    I want to be a child again,
    With that uncontrollable giggles,
    With that blubber cries,
    Which was never being judged.

    I want to be a child again,
    With that uncaptured smiles ,
    With that little, silly moments,
    Which was never being fake.

    Unfortunately, I can't be that child again,
    But within me, therein,
    Still lies, tiny parts of it,
    Which will reside, till eternity!❤️


  • ink_drops__ 79w

    Sometimes when he's all busy,
    He still finds out time for you.
    Even if it is for 10 minutes of a day,
    Doesn't it define his love for you?

    Sometimes when he's all asleep,
    Ignoring the calls of everyone,
    But picks up when the call is from you.
    Doesn't it define his love for you?

    Sometimes when he's all frustrated,
    Shouting on little things to others,
    But still talks calmly to you,
    Doesn't it define his love for you?

    Sometimes when he wants to be alone,
    Doesn't want to have a word with anyone,
    But still on your little wish ,
    He is there for you.
    Doesn't it define his love for you?

    Does it take more,to show what's fonding?
    If you're still afraid of being in it.
    You're just mad at this point,
    Because, he is the perfectly perfect man,
    You could ever wish to have!❤️


  • ink_drops__ 101w

    If she talks frankly with you,
    Doesn't mean she's into you.
    If she goes alone with you,
    Doesn't mean she's giving a sign to you.
    If she wears the clothes she likes,
    Doesn't mean she wants attention from you.
    If she trusts you as a friend,
    Doesn't mean you can break it on her back.
    She know, people will see what they want to see,
    People will say what they want to say.
    But leaving it apart, she'll rise like a beautiful star,
    And she'll be gleam in this eternal dark.

  • ink_drops__ 102w

    Kuch baate tujhe kehna chahti hu,
    Unhi baaton m apna pyaar jtana chahti hu.
    Har subah teri aawaz sun kar uthna chahti hu,
    Bhle hi nind m hu pr ye ehsaas,
    Mehsoos krna chahti hu.
    Kuch dino k liye din bhar
    Sirf tujhse hi baat krna chahti hu,
    Or apne life k kch crazy kisse tujhe sunakr,
    Tujhe hsana chahti hu.
    Kuch raatein tere sath chat pr bitana chahti hu,
    Or un raaton m bs chup rh kar,
    Tere sath chand or sitare niharna chahti hu.
    Kuch pal k liye tere samne bethna chahti hu,
    Or teri aankhon m dkh kar,
    Tere ankahe lafzo ko smjna chahti hu.
    Tera hathon m hath dalkr chlna chahti hu,
    Or kuch waqt k liye tujhe gale se lgana chahti hu.
    Tujhe apni god m sulana chahti hu,
    Or us pal m tere baalo ko sehlana chahti hu.
    Tere sath hi hsna or rona chahti hu,
    Or zindagi ka har pal tere or sirf tere sath hi bitana chahti hu.

  • ink_drops__ 107w

    Yaar Nahi, Jaan Ho Tum❤️

    Har choti choti baaton p ldne k baad bhi jo sath rhte ho tum,
    Har baaton ko jo isharo m smj jate ho tum,
    Unkahe lafzo ko jo aankho se parakh lete ho tum,
    Ghrwalo se kabhi kabhi hme bchane k liye jo jhut boldete ho tum,
    Purane kisse yaad krke jo ghrwalo k samne hi hsne lg jate ho tum,
    Kisi bhi jgh p jo bezzati kradete ho tum,
    Pr hmesha mushqil samay m sath rhte ho tum,
    Isliye yaar nahi, jaan ho tum.

  • ink_drops__ 107w

    Day we last met,
    Roadside under the mild sky.
    Sat facing other,
    Eyes rendering the shy.
    Shaking hands
    With wandering eyes.
    Inside my soul
    There's fondly vibes.
    Your pleasant strives,
    Gave a curve to my face.
    Feels like blooming,
    Thankful for the grace.
    And those warming hugs,
    In that cold evening.
    Aroma of yours,
    I'm still recalling.
    Am I in love ?
    Or it's yet to begin,
    Under that beautiful sky,
    Hoping to see you again.

  • ink_drops__ 111w

    Darkness taking room in her mind,
    She's feeling unconscious all the time.
    Thousands of thoughts fighting inside her soul,
    She's feeling left out every time.
    Some are judging her character,
    Though she helped them from many troubles.
    Trusting someone is dumb now,
    When they stab her back any how.
    Loving someone with the depth
    Of the heart is superior,
    Though if someone leave then also,
    Their is pain which is difficult to heal.
    Feeling so weak and numb,
    Yet a beautiful smile is must to live up.

  • ink_drops__ 111w

    When you chat continuously,
    I get lost in your face.
    When you smile contagiously,
    I get lost in your dimple.
    When you sleep peacefully,
    I get lost in your eyelashes.
    When you hold my hands,
    I get lost in your touch.
    When you hug me tight,
    I get lost in your scent.
    When you fondly stare at me,
    I get lost in your eyes.