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  • ink_me_in 4w

    ...............Skin touch
    Blood rush
    Voice hush
    Finger brush
    Building tension
    Sparking sensation
    Too much
    Not enough
    Quickened breath
    On and off
    Quickened breath
    Skin so soft
    Our full attention
    Time is tossed
    In you I'm lost.............


  • ink_me_in 4w

    In the shadow of November

    I drown, exploding,consumed by stillness
    And upheaval. In the most astounding way
    the world is black today. A hue well defined
    And crisp around the edges. An apple core

    Sitting patiently with my closed mouth.
    May colors embody the combustion. Darkness is miserable miser, a shadowy
    Receptacle. The Frosts are paler
    in sadness, the autumn.

    Much colder, laughter more of an obligatory
    Absolute. Refined as a triumph, categorized
    As important, joy is a hunger; a light within,
    Vast as tommorow is who yesterday becomes.


  • ink_me_in 7w

    You said,
    i should just leave.
    I'm a liar,
    shouldn't speak.

    You said,
    i make you sad.
    Stain your name,
    just make you look bad.

    You thought.
    i'd submit.
    Accept what i'm taught.
    But i cannot.

    Not for you,
    cause you're wrong,
    you were so,

    It kills me.
    That you never said
    what you knew i knew.
    What was in your little head.

    If it comforts you i'll say,
    that I am great...
    No problem lying to your face.
    But know, i think...
    I'm not in your heart!!

    You're watching me...
    try a different vice each day
    cause things don't change.
    While i'm not there
    you say it feels so strange.
    I couldn't pay for a phone,
    used a landline to leave,
    you alone.

    I'll go away...
    You were right, i'm always lying
    to your face...
    Don't watch my lips move if you think
    you want to save...
    yourself from some heartbreak.


  • ink_me_in 7w

    After decades I heard
    You married another
    Moved to new house
    You bought with him,

    After decades I heard
    Your child was married
    He was kind, funny
    and handsome like you were,

    After decades I heard
    You got old and hurt
    Then saw your name
    On one of the pages,

    After decades I went
    To the place you lay
    And bid farewell to all things
    That we left unsaid.


  • ink_me_in 7w

    Why are you so cute?
    Why are you so arrogant?
    Why are you so beautiful?
    Why are you so stupid?
    Why are you so silent?

    Why are you ..?
    Why are you ..?


  • ink_me_in 7w

    Poetry is my last hope
    to share my emotions,
    Poetry is my last hope
    to share my words,
    Poetry is my last hope
    to share my emptines,

    Poetry is my last hope
    to share river flowing
    Inside my heart,
    Poetry is my last hope
    to share life behind
    my broken heart,
    Poetry is my last hope
    to share broken
    Cryons in my bag,

    Poetry is my last hope
    to share my life,
    If my poetry doesn't rhyme!!

    What will I do ...?
    What will I do ...?

    --- ink_me_in

  • ink_me_in 7w

    The boy
    In the dark
    all eclipsed
    Was actually
    bathing in the
    Drizzle of
    She Poured
    Over him.


  • ink_me_in 7w

    Death is beautiful
    they say...
    and yet are afraid,
    I am not
    for it's not life.

    For a long time now,
    all I've been thinking
    is death.
    The more I think,
    the more I want it.

    Wherever I go,
    wherever I look,
    a little distant but...
    I find it with me
    with arms wide open.

    Oh, I am a dud
    with trust issues
    holding myself
    from embracing it,
    for I am afraid
    it will leave me too,
    for I confuse it
    with life.

    I want to have,
    for one time,
    the taste of ecstacy,
    Oh, death is so beautiful,
    they say...
    and yet are afraid,
    I am not,
    for it's not life.......

    ---- ink_me_in ----

  • ink_me_in 8w

    A world without boundaries
    A world without lies
    A world without haterd
    A world filled with all colours
    A world filled with joy
    A world everyone matters.

    No matter what you eat
    No matter who you workship
    No matter how beautiful you're
    No matter how rich you're
    No matter your origin
    No matter your attire
    I wanna see a world where
    Every single person matters.

    The blood is same colour as our
    They feel the same way we do,
    So how are they different from us?

    Will a world like that every exist?
    Or it just a silly dreams?


  • ink_me_in 8w

    I love little talks with you.
    I love little walk with you.
    I love little fights with you.
    I love little moments with you.

    I love little...
    I love little...
    but it's not
    a little things
    for me....