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  • inked_selenophile 3h

    When I first met him,
    I could hear the melody softly sung
    by the cold winter breeze

    when it tried to caress his hair,
    the blowing wind made me a little jealous
    as it tried touching him softly before I could!

    And the moment, I stared into his eyes
    I lost all my feelings for a while!
    My breathings were capable
    of hearing the numbness I was holding!

    All of his words coated with softness
    were paralyzing yet they secretly attached
    my heart in the nest of love!

    I found slipping silence of strength
    when every inch of my forehead leaned
    and found home in his arms

    When I held him tightly with little warmth
    and half fear I felt cosmos in my soul!

    I was never aware of the feeling and
    I truly don't know if I have to label it as love
    or my longing to fulfill a desire!

    Today, For the first time
    I experienced something different
    merely felt falling for him madly
    was destined for me!


    #first @writersnetwork ♡☽


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    Today, For the first time
    I experienced something different
    merely felt falling for him madly
    was destined for me!


  • inked_selenophile 19h

    I feel like I took breaths on rent to live these days!

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    Each day every minute and second
    my soul is tired, to hear the voices behind
    the silent cries of the heart.


  • inked_selenophile 1d

    Just a rant!
    Remember me in your prayers ❤

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    I don't want someone to tell me that
    I should live with more courage for the acceptance

    I don't want someone to give me
    unsolicited advice

    I don't want someone to tell me
    that I am similar to the moon

    I don't want all such things
    for my survival

    All I want is to breathe and
    endorse my life from within myself,
    all alone without someone!


  • inked_selenophile 3d


    1. Drench in tormenting ink hues-
    Drizzle grief chunks of ink
    as rain on a crisp winter day
    to give them the sensation of being in the void!
    ~Even love can't fill the void~

    2. Permit them to touch the wounds-
    Make them touch the unbearable wounds
    of love which refuse to dry as scars
    ~The haunting stare of wounds will never allow them to think of the love~

    3. Enact poet's pain -
    In between breathing and smiling,
    slowly raise the curtain and
    act out the cold abandoned hidden
    feeling of the poet!
    Bleed the sequel until their hearts are choked
    ~The sequel will bring the envelope
    of flourishing hate~

    4. Narrate heartbreak poetries
    Fill their tiny lovable heart with
    imperfections of heartbroken poetry
    for them to hold the traces of hate.
    ~Hate makes a person too lifeless to feel anything called love~
    //If you want to unlove someone then darling walk in a poet's weeping heart!//


    #howto @writersnetwork @miraquill I missed you ��
    I am back

    Thank you for EC love ��❤

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    How to unlove someone

    If you want to unlove someone
    then darling walk in a poet's weeping heart!


  • inked_selenophile 3d

    29 November 2021
    9:50 pm
    Everything ends here ��

    The pain in my heart is real


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    Woh ishq mei lut gaye insaan ko dekh
    puchte hai ki kya woh kamzor hai!

  • inked_selenophile 1w

    Andhere qalb mei,
    shama anjuman ki qhumaar lagti hai,
    Ishq ke dastaan ke sukoon raton
    ke mehtab ka izhaar lagti hai!

    ~ with love from dush ��❤

    I Missssssssssssss youuuu
    I miss our papeetas bey ����

    Note- I will be back soon. Take care ♡☽

    @fromwitchpen kuttie hai tu ��

    Pakistani wish ��

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    a soul
    made of sky
    golden magic
    of sunset!
    a soul
    made of sky
    touch of
    the hopeful star
    a soul
    made of sky
    pretty whispers
    of the fireflies
    a soul
    made of sky
    the whiteness
    in dark clouds
    a soul
    made of sky
    weaved hums
    of the constellation
    a soul
    made of sky

    the only
    moon on earth!

    relic of
    poems and love!


  • inked_selenophile 1w

    When I think about you
    I can't help but smile
    Smile at the strength, which your words give!

    Never a single day goes
    without thinking about you!
    The charm you hold in my heart,
    in my whole little world is inexpressible, Sanam
    I always feel blessed to cherish our bond!

    At times when it is hard for me
    to put me back together,
    I always sought your help and
    you have been very supportive!
    Thank you for understanding my silence too!

    If there is anything that
    I have learned from you a lot is kindness!
    You do seem hard
    but when a person talks to you
    damn you can melt their heart man!

    You leave the feeling of love and strength
    which drives the corner of hope to heal!
    You provide moments of
    deep encouragement my love!

    Today it is your birthday,
    my special one my dush

    I wish you a journey of love, healing,
    happiness and health!
    May Allah demonstrate unconditional love to you!

    All I wish just once in my life is
    to meet you hug you and tell you
    "you are special to me"

    And I want you to remember one thing
    I am always with you
    And I know you will stick with me too!

    I moooooooon you, Dush,♡☽

    Embedding molten rays of hope,
    tangling it with the clouds and
    growing petals even in the harshness
    the SUN delicately indicated your birthday

    Resting softly on the horizon
    bidding a bye, the sun fell in love
    while glimpsing stars which
    whispered about you to the moon!

    When darkness stirred the sky,
    the moon holding your everlasting
    poetic essence enlighted a shine
    and expressed blessings for you!

    ~ with love from moonie

    THIS MOON GIRL LOVES YOU ♡☽ @fromwitchpen

    Bhai bhao bhaiiiii aur ek baat yeh teko pata fir bhi sunle tu AAAAAAAAGGGGGG likhti hai bey ��
    12.00 ko neendh lag gayi thi ��

    Indian wish lol

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    To equally pen a poem,
    about the beauty of your heart,
    I must ask the moon to wrap itself on the blank page!


  • inked_selenophile 2w

    Every time I think of you, I smile and I just say "blessed to have such a person in my life"

    I find the best of me when I talk with you
    You are among one of them with whom I can be the raw me

    I don't know how you always manage to understand the worst situation even for the one which I find hard to understand myself

    I wonder how only you have the power of consoling me!
    The reassurance, the strength I gain are immeasurable.

    The way you always bless me makes me cry ocean at times, I don't know how can someone be this kind, Bhai

    Thank you always feel less!
    All I want to tell you is stay with me forever
    Guide me as you always do!

    A very happy birthday sweetu bhai @_astitva_
    May your life be as wonderful as you are!


    You are a kind of poem that comfortably resonates with breathing and beating love

    A kind of poem where letters begin to unfold the truth of healing

    A kind of poem in which verses are traced from the abode of the moon and stars

    A kind of poem that fills the corridors of heart with hues of love

    A kind of poem that plays with dawn, dusk, and night

    A kind of poem which is raw and peaceful!


    Here is the universe wish ishhhh...

    Holding the tenderness of your kindness, the sun laughed while oozing the rays

    The sun filling the pocket of clouds and stars with your aura crouched below the horizon gently

    Wrapping around the clouds and tasting the warmth of your poetic hues in this cold night,

    The moon sitting next to the bunch of stars
    wished Happy Birthday Rajeev (sweetu bhai)

    ~ with love from moonie


    Note- I am not back but surely one day I will/:)
    Take care

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    Even if entire moon phases are stitched together
    in the form of poetry to define elegance,
    it would be less in front of your heart's beauty!


  • inked_selenophile 5w

    #leaf @writersnetwork

    Let's meet in a bonfire again

    Okbye now

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    Parched and dusty
    I swaying on the ground
    in the hope to meet,
    to get shattered in the fire of love with you again!

    ~A leaf fallen due to gust of love


  • inked_selenophile 5w

    I just love the moon ��
    End of discussion

    I am taking a break of one month maybe
    I have my exams,
    pray that I should at least pass ��❤
    Take care ��

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    How can I fall asleep now,
    For the stars and I have read moon
    as poetry today!