Art is not what I create. What I create, is chaos.

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  • inmyownlittlebox 85w

    Let you go once

    Let you go once,
    not gonna let you twice;
    not ever again.

  • inmyownlittlebox 85w

    Lifetimes of pain

    How many lifetimes
    of pain
    can one man endure?

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    She could be anywhere

    She could be anywhere, with anyone;
    and yet she's here, with him.

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    To my brother and his girl

    God, even if I never find happiness,
    please let them do.

    -to my brother and his girl,
    for they deserve the world.

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    365 days in a year

    Yesterday; gone.
    Today; gone.
    365 days in a year and it
    feels so long.

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    End it where it all started

    "At least let's end it where
    it all started, that's the only way I'll
    be able to forget."

    Tell me, why did we choose to start it
    in a place (in a time)
    where (when) it would all end?

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    The voice says

    distance yourself from
    everything that you love" The voice says-
    and it would say anything to protect
    itself from getting hurt, for it thinks
    rejection is the end of the world,
    The voice is weak.

    And yet I stay;
    I reveal my true- even disgusting, to some,
    self- ;
    I give my love generously.
    For I'd rather get hurt than never ever
    have the chance to love or be loved at all, since rejection is natural, just
    another step on the road.
    I am strong.

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    The way she looks at you

    "Haven't you noticed?

    "Noticed what?"

    "The way she looks at you,
    as if she's looking at ONLY you."

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    From time to time

    It's okay not to feel okay,
    from time to time ♡

  • inmyownlittlebox 86w

    If I keep sleeping

    "Wake up!!"

    "NO!! If I keep sleeping, I may
    dream of him again."