Puppeteer ,in the world full of puppets. here to spread words. Be a voice not an echo.

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  • insight_of_me 23w

    I know black is not a color (technically), but I believe art flows beyond the boundaries of technicalities. So here I have tried to ink my perception of it. Mysterious nature of this color has always awed me.
    #kaal #black #end #start #color #wod #pod
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    Who am I ?

    I am the color of space,
    I am the color of darkness.

    I absorb every energy and light around,
    I am the color of nothingness.

    I am mysterious, I am easy.
    I am empty but still I hold everything inside me.

    I am the color of end,
    I am the color inside which everything is living.

    I signify destruction,
    I am that has clutched together all the creation.

  • insight_of_me 23w

    Often we expect alot of things from people around be it loyalty, support, kindness etc, but how much of this do we have for ourselves?
    Point is
    Are we loyal to ourselves before we go around looking for loyalty from someone??
    Do we believe in ourselves before we go out there to seek certifications from others??

    There is alot in us that we can serve to ourselves, its just sometimes we are repulsive of the idea of being
    friends with our own self.

    Here I am trying to tell me about myself.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld
    #me #myself #tell #wod #pod

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    Telling me about myself

    Tell me the tale of your silence,
    Introduce me to your resilience.

    Tell me about the chronicles of your struggle and scars,
    Take me through your dilemmas and wars.

    Tell me about the beauty of your dreams and fantasies,
    Paint the picture for me of everything that brings you to ecstasy.

    Tell me about everything that frightens you,
    I want to have your back while u make your way through.

    Tell me about your grievances and failure,
    I promise I won't let you fall, holding you tight I am your anchor.

    Tell me about the swirling emotions hiding behind your hollow eyes,
    Hold your head high and face the reality, denying it is unwise.

    Tell me why you go around looking for things that are already in you,
    Will you be my friend??, "Hey there, I am YOU".

  • insight_of_me 26w


    What is nature's nature trying to tell us?
    Nature's nature is loving, inclusive and magical and it is trying to tell us humans, that we are part of it and we too have the magic in us to be of nature's nature.

  • insight_of_me 27w

    There is so much poverty around. There are so many things we all are lacking. We all at times feel lack of one thing or the other irrespective of the riches we have.

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork #poverty #pod #wod

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    A sick billionaire has poverty of health.
    A loner has poverty of companion.

    Celebrities have poverty of freedom to be themselves.
    Trained minds have poverty of critical thinking.

    A busy bee has poverty of time.
    A success hungry person has poverty of satisfaction.

    A famished person has poverty of money.
    A slave has poverty of identity.

    Someone who has been made to feel unwanted, has poverty of acceptance and love.
    Someone with bad-temper has poverty of calmness.

    A sadist has poverty of humanity.
    An insecure person has poverty of confidence.

    The way a parched land has poverty of water,
    Darkness has poverty of light.


  • insight_of_me 27w

    Hues of hope

    Hope is ambiguous, everyone has their own story ,
    Comes to people at times unexpected, leaving them in euphory.

    For some it is a rope, pulling them forward,
    For some it is an expectation of overmorrow with everything desired.

    Some see hope as spring comes after winter,
    For some it is a helping hand from a stranger.

    Can anyone tell the world, What is hope and what color does it hold?
    Oh! It has various forms, it comes in all shapes and shades or so i am told,

    It is around us ready to be our anchor and save us from drowning,
    We just need to seek for it, its already existing.

  • insight_of_me 27w

    U too

    If anything wrong is happening to u and you are not fighting it then u and every mute spectator present there is as equally responsible as the one who did wrong.

    "Samar shesh hai nhi paap ka baghi keval vyadh jo tathast hai, samay likhega unka bhi apraadh."

    Stand up, be the person u r looking for.

  • insight_of_me 27w

    I have alot to...

    I have alot to express, yet nothing to say.
    I have alot to laugh at, yet nothing to be happy about.

  • insight_of_me 28w

    Walking away..

    Walking away doesn't always means that u don't care, sometimes it simply means u don't wish to be caged anymore.

    Giving up doesn't always means failure, sometimes it simply means the person ain't worthy enough anymore to fight for.

    Letting go doesn't always means loosing someone, sometimes it simply means saving yourself.

    Fight for it, only if its worth it.
    Stay only if, you are given enough space to breathe.
    Hold on to someone, only if it isn't eating u up.

  • insight_of_me 28w

    The empty cage

    The cage is vacant, the last bird has left,
    Leaving me empty and bereft.

    I brought this upon myself, by being uncaring and selfish,
    Cruel of me to take pleasure out of their anguish.

    They all were born to fly, their limit is sky high,
    Thought I could confine them, clearly I was high.

    All of them have left, leaving me in the cage of their memory,
    The cage still ain't empty, it reeks of their misery.

    I, me and myself were my world, I was self centered,
    My today's felicity, my guilt has captured.

  • insight_of_me 28w

    A letter to my childhood.

    Dear Childhood,
    I feel sad that I wont be able to experience you again,but at the same time I am grateful that I had you. You are an integral part of me and always will be.I am glad to have you as starting chapters in my book of life. When life is busy in giving me hardships you were the one who taught me that living life is much more important than wining races. You were the one who taught me that getting expelled from class could be enjoyable as well. You introduced me to the world were "being yourself " was not a taboo,were innocence was cherished,were piggy banks were treasured as the most prized possession. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a memorable childhood. I can't thank my stars enough that though it was for a short period of time you did pay me a visit. You will always be a prisoner of my memories.

    Your long lost friend,